Saturday, January 1, 2011


Your votes counted in 308!

A heist is afoot to rob you of your right to have the government of your choice.

Thiefs, big and small are around the corner.


Start a FACEBOOK campaign, especially those of you who have a good following.




Anonymous said...

BN got bolder after recapture Perak by unlawful means.

People of Selangor please do not let them get away with it again.

People in other states please exercise your votes to deny dirty tactics in politics.

Anonymous said...

The moronic Utusan Malaysia still thinks it could play racial, bias, carry its master balls political propaganda or either wishfully hopes kampong malays and the ignorant ones are yet gullible to swallow all its nonsensical news.

This present day is in internet era that keep peoples and families well informed in and offshore.

I will not buy Star for even 1 cent. I had just registered to make sure my one vote counts to boot this corrupted asshole out in GE13. I’ll do this not out of hatred towards malays but towards the pirated ones(kerala, bugis, javanese n the celup-celup)

Anonymous said...

Utusan is an extremely dangerous newspaper and should be closed down by any right-thinking and sane government long ago. The newspaper not only is capable of telling and spreading lies and falsehoods, but it is also creating and reinforcing racial disharmony and hatred.

Umno, which owns Utusan, should realise that the newspaper is playing the fanatics role for Umno, and to Umno's detriment.

Who are these delinquent Muslims in Utusan who think that they can play God by telling non-Muslims what to wear, eat, drink or behave? Don't their infantile minds know that this country is multiracial, multireligious and multicultural with 40 percent non-Muslims?

All right-thinking and sane Malaysians (be it Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, etc) should boycott Utusan. For the good of the country, businessmen and companies should do the same by not placing advertisements in this despicable newspaper.

Is this what is called 1Malaysia? How bizarre and contradictory!

Unknown said...

Can it be also the mb is sleeping?

Jong said...

How difficult is it for the Sultan of Selangor to pick up the phone to get to Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim? Confirming position of a SS post is no small matter but a very serious one in view of Selangor being governed by Pakatan Rakyat Government, not UMNO-led BN.

The Selangor Sultan may not be a former Lord President but would anybody believe the he is ignorant of the law and Selangor Constitution?

Isn’t it odd that the Sultan gave his nod without even checking it out with his Menteri Besar who is Selangor State No.1 CEO and the people’s elected representative?

Jong said...


Sleeping is not a crime; many slept with their maids, and so did Mr SleepHead for 6 years!

Anonymous said...

The new generation does not know Bob Marley. They only know Mawi or Jay Chou.

zorro said...

Knowing who Bob Marley is not important and it is not relevant here. What is important is they get the message! Did you? The new generation for sure is more exposed than we were and many have surprised me with their depth.

Anonymous said...


Hey dont be a keh poh chee. You already stuck ur nose in Sarawak, now leave the good folks of Selangor alone.

An alcoholic and a drunkard like you should just stay in that Fishermen pub and talk cock.

zarinahtakesapaycut said...

Thank you very much Sir, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

zorro said...

Anon826pm...good people of Selangor will not allow their state to be buggered. Come to Fisherman. I buy you your syrup water and I will give you a free dissertation on commitment to a cause. By the way, a jellyfish can be committed to a cause - like a sting? We can look for some causes for you if you have lived our life without any, except kay poh about others efforts. On second thought, you will have to pay for your own syrup water. Keep well and do something useful.

Anonymous said...


You now speak for the people of Selangor??? Who died and put you in charge of Selangor??

The people of Selangor will decide come GE13 who they want. Not you.

Do yourself a favour, get a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Are you a 'Bufallo Soldier' of 3rd Force?

Did you get drunk in the pub singing 'No Woman No Cry'?

zorro said...

Anon1011am....buffalo is two "f" and just one "l".
Yes a soldier but not a paid mercenary.
You must be inebriated because I was singing Humpty Dumpty Sat On The Wall!
Better to be a soldier than sit on the wall. Careful you might fall, break and everyone will realise that you are just a rotten egg. Keep well and don't fall yah?

JP said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,
Happy NEW YEAR to you & all your blogshere followers here.

I live in Selangor.
I had started a facebook group.

click HERE



zorro said...

Jeff, capital effort that has to be sustained. Syabas. I shall be following you on FB.

Amin said...


Could you please provide the transcript of this RPK's podcast?

Sorry my 'Bloadband' is not fast enough to access to it.

We should spread the message.


Anonymous said...

The world is watching.

Malaysia slips down Democracy - It now stands at the 71st position out of 167 countries, sending the country down to the "flawed democracy" category.

Anonymous said...

Using the twisted logic often applied by Umnoputras, calling the sultan as chief executive is an insult to the royalty.

Anonymous said...

The infamous 30% target under NEP was the start of racial polarization in the country. It has been ingeniously used to legalize corruption, so that some Malays would be able to own inordinately huge percentage of the country’s wealth to do Malays proud. By now Malays must have been proud to see the fortunes amassed by the Children of Mamakthir, the relatives of Rafidah Aziz, Daim Ibrahim and other tycoons of AP fame. Curiously, only those connected to UMNO are great modern entrepreneurs. That serves to confirm that economic participation is the outcome of political power. But the money goes to the owners, not the ordinary Malays who voted UMNO into power.