Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BULLIES: Understanding the BEAST

Have you noticed, of late, the bullying trend of Utusan Malaysia. Like all bullies they prey on what they perceived to be someone weaker, like our Pakatan lady Member of Parliament. They even gave her the front page treatment, hopefully not antagonizing the First Woman.

But YB Teo gave as much as she got. If the muslim community did not like her they would not have INVITED her to participate in the aerobic program in the mosque grounds.

It wouldn’t take much to believe that Utusan, the protector of muslim libidos would prefer Ms Teo in these garbs though ridiculous for an aerobic session. Even if YB Teo had been attired such for the aerobic session, Utusan would still have much to say.

This gutter journalism so angered the President of the National Union of Journalist that he made a straight-from-the-gut tirade against his employers. HERE.
Aside: and they now want to conduct a domestic inquiry on Hata. Bullying again, not realising that he was speaking as President of NUJ and not as an employee! Dang, those nits at Utusan knows little about the Industrial Act.

Would understanding the anatomy of a bully help?

Robert S Drake wrote on 26 April, 2010

The bully ignores decency, compassion, kindness, cooperation and compromise. His methods are disrespect, disregard and disdain for others' suffering, dignity, rights, and cruelty.

What is it about grinding a fellow human being's spirit into the gravel that is so satisfying? How can a bully, for no apparent reasons but the perception of vulnerability and opportunity, inflict such suffering and humiliation that the victim might rather be dead than continue to endure it? How can a bully get satisfaction from crushing the spirit of innocents?

There are two types of bullies: The Wounding-Wounded (common bully), and the anti-social. The first can come to recognize the damage they perpetrate, learn to empathize and feel remorse, and change. The anti-social is incorrigible: their pathology is that they feel no remorse, have, and can have no empathy. They are without conscience or caring. They can't be changed or rehabilitated. The common bully is found everywhere in American society, but true pathological bullies are rare.

Bullies are opportunistic predators who use the illusion of power: posturing, cruelty and violence to control and degrade others, thus "proving" to themselves their own superiority. This behavior gives a clue to understanding the sickness. Understanding can give us perspective to deal with, and perhaps forgive, the bully for what she does. Understanding can help us to forgive ourselves for the weakness and shame one feels as the victim.

The bully is on a mission: Aggrandize the self. The "self" in question is spelled with a "little s," for the bully is possessed of an especially little self. It has long been known that "hurt people hurt people." Knowing the common bully is a weakling trying to prove his strength will not get us back our stolen lunch money; it will not heal the emotional wounds a victim can carry through life; it will not bring back a child bullied to, or beyond, the brink of suicide.


Talk to you people on Thursday. Keep Well


Anonymous said...

Going by utusan's bullying standard, malay girls should not wear kebaya that is not loose fitting?

Is that the reason why the malay ladies wear long-sleeve t-shirts and track pants when 'dipping' themselves in swimming pool?

Why Finas allow malay ladies in tight attire in local malay movies?

Anonymous said...

Must have caught Utusan on a dry day. No juicy story to concoct for the front page on that day, so why not write about someone's dressing.

After all, Utusan is not known for reporting news but writing fictional stories. Their journalists and editors have good imagination and are totally bereft of journalism ethics.

wandererAUS said...

This sort of gutter journalism, practiced by Utusan only reinforced decent minds to be more resolved to rid UMNO pariah bastards!...the low of the lowest lives.These dickheads forgot how they came out to this world.

nstman said...

Zorro, I cant take this fucking shit any more. Pse help me. I am going mad. This country has turned into a cesspit of lies, stupidity, bigotry. I am going mad. He he he.

bumi-non-malay said...

UMNO Racist Bully....You Bully back lah...

UMNO Racist terrorize...You Terrorize back lah....

They don't have the resources to guard all their cawangan, pondok polis, pondok Rela,Utusan Malaysia....and above all these Cawangan Leader Homes....all these Datuk, datin are not under 24/7 SB or Police survillence.....they will only get some ronda-ronda polis after you lontar something Busuk, warna warni into their MEGA Palace.....same like when your house get broken into you get ronda-ronda after the event for 3 days......Your Terror Back UMNO Racist & their Tools like Mat Kilau to keep them on their toes that we rakyat are no more Mr Nice Guy.....that ended Thanks to Sultan Zero of Berak!!.....Spread their resources all over Malaysia just as Zaid Hamidi wants to put special Army base in every state for you know what reason........they think their guns are all powerful.......wait till they see the shape of Malaysia after the event!!

VP said...

Teo should hv an aerobic session infront of the utusan office in Chan sow Lin,Sg Besi with all the ChanSow Lin,salak south inhabitants...dont forget the famous the centre finger move! Cibai!

Anonymous said...

Let it be and as far as I know, come next GE my vote is for PAKATAN.
People! stay focus and change the government!

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, I am sure Utusan Malaysia's intention was to find ways and means to destroy the image of the opposition YBs. In my opinion, whoever suggested to criticize YB Teo is dead wrong. Instead, with such publication, YB Teo get more attention than our PM's wife, the so called First Lady. Personnally, I prefer the pictures of YB Teo than the so called first lady.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.14pm

Yes!!! Photos of YB Teo will be better than the so-called first lady, anytime. Imagine eating your nasi lemak bungkus and you find picture of the FL smiling at you!

Anonymous said...

What do these editors in Utusan know about Islam? They are out there to destroy and discredit the image of Islam!!

Anonymous said...

Utusan's remarks is everywhere these days. I doubt it will help Umno/BN in the coming general election. All I know is: Nik Aziz the discipline MB of Kelantan said everything's fine for YB Teo's recent activities, and I believe him.

telur dua said...

Bullies aka Cowards.

shar101 said...

Hmmm ... FL = Fatty Lardy???

All set for Tenang, Z?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is full of rapists.

We had a constitutional rape in Perak.
We have an administrative rape in Selangor.
There is also the rumour of a Ministerial rape of an Indonesian maid.

OK, the funny thing is rapists have a history of getting away scot-free!

Years ago, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng challenged some other Chief Minister over his rape of an underaged girl, was it not?

And then Lim Guan Eng went to jail for championing the rights of the rapist….oh, oh…oh!

When will the real rapists get castigated, castrated or incarcerated in Malaysia, ah?

Salim said...

How could the concept of JUSTICE and EQUALITY implicit in 1malaysia be implied if ketuanan melayu is till in vogue?

Anonymous said...

Be very afraid.

They raped the maid. They killed the witness. They bombed the foreigner. They robbed the country. They gunned down teenagers. They are corrupted to the core.

I am living in fear.

Anonymous said...



just got sms this morning. dato batu's house got broken in and they stole his french car.