Friday, January 7, 2011


Thank you for standing up

for Selangor….

but Sir do be wary of

# 2

unless he, publicly, swears allegiance to you!


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Anonymous said...

Petronas ATM

sam said...

Master after 08 tsunami the first thing that pr should have done in selangor was to rotate or transfer the various heads of dept.This was never done and today we see the result of that, the former ss ramli who despite getting a extension stabbed khalid in the back.
Now the mb has another ally who is a wolf in sheeps clothn the state financial officer arrif who today is walloping contracts left n right.Don't tell me khalid cannot see through these crooks or is the rumour that ariff is his cousin true.As i have always said till we have a balanced civil service this napoleans will carry on with their orang kita mentality wherby no one will be blamed by their actions.Anyway just for your info we can't name 5 non malay heads of dept in any state agency now that the state is run by pr.Catch my drift master.

zorro said...

Sam spot on....twas easy going with your drift. Dont know about Ariff being MB's cousin....anyone?

Anonymous said...

The Selangor PR government is doomed simply because the dark forces (DUMNO, royalty, JAIS, MACC, PDRM) have conspired against the state government. It's a matter of time before the state government is declared illegal because it will be charged for having insulted the Selangor palace.

The carTun mamak has already given his one sided venomous comments on the matter. The si-Serpent Ibrahim Ali and his Perkosa snakes will soon be demonstrating in front of the Selangor state building calling for the heads of the MB and his exco. Then of course, the ultra malays NGOs will also jumped into the act by declaring themselves as protectors of the palace and start brandishing their tiny twisted pen knives and parading around Shah Alam with all kind of animal heads (non haram animal heads only). The PDRM will pave the way for the Perkosa snakes and ultra NGOs to march around Selangor and book those innocent motorists who got caught up in the rampaging parade.

Ah, what a great scenario in this never ever ending 1Sagaland.

Unknown said...

The weak link is the mb and yet all the leaders from pke,dap and pas FAILED to see it.For that the rakyats got screwed.Wake up to the fact we must have wakil rakyats and say NO to those wakil parties[crook organisation]

Anonymous said...

Ya...what a fucking country alright!

Anonymous said...

Sadly MB and his Exco have no idea of the type of public service officers serving in Selangor and whether the posts held by these public officers are state's posts or federal posts. If they had grasp the intricancies of these public postings, most of the federal officers seconded to the States could have been shipped out including the former SS.

In Selangor, unlike K'tan & 3 other fmr unfederated malay states, most of the key State's posts incl SS, State Legal Advisor & Local Auth Presidents are held by seconded Federal public officers and their services could be dispensed with anytime the State chooses to do so.

The trouble is Khalid and his Exco doesn't know who are really 'appointed State officers' and who are the seconded Federal public officers.

Khalid is also reported to have declared in the MSM that the appointment of Khusrin is legal. Was Kushrin appointed to the post and was he seconded by the PSC? This goes to show that Khalid doesn't know the difference between appointed officers and seconded officers and appointments and secondment. From the KSN's press statement, Kushrin is seconded by the PSC to the State as SS. How can that be legal when the State has not requested Kushrin to be seconded as per Art.134 FC and he was kept in the dark. Khalid should not only rely on the advice from his State Legal advisor. That fella is also a seconded officer from the AG Chambers. The Judicial and Legal Service Comm has no jurisdiction to appoint him as State LA. The can only seconded him to be State LA.

Khalid and his Exco has much to learn about the Public Service and Public service officers and the various Service Comm to which these offices belong.

Anonymous said...

Woodstock in Bolehland?

Anonymous said...

the problem in Selangor is - hv roadblock every nite when DBKL is the culprit that approve drinking holes...imagine driving 10km to go back only to find the police waiting near your house, kalau nak langgar sude langgar jauh tak payah sampai rumah! the roadblock is to cari makan or save lives?

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Braveheart Abun Sui Anyit (activist and native land rights lawyer) was arrested by Taib's police at Miri airport.

Anonymous said...

“阿忠哥”何文忠 is a braveheart.
We salute him!!!

Anonymous said...

Why the PM met only BN MPs to find out their needs?

Does this mean Najib is PM only for areas under BN MPs' control?

So why is the Inland Revenue Board collecting my tax money?