Sunday, January 2, 2011




Anonymous said...

New year resolution: Boycott utusan.

Being a propaganda tool, Utusan is being used, abused and manipulated to fulfil the agendas and self-serving interests of those who control it.

The question to ask is : WHO are the hands ( read : the evil manipulators ) and brains ( read : the monster brain ) behind Utusan?

Apart from the editors, action should also be taken against those unseen hands.

Malaysians abhor and reject such evil doers and propagators of racial and religious disharmony.

Down with the toilet paper. Just do not read them if they do not reform and do what they are supposed to do : honestly and professionally inform and educate the reading public.

Let's look beyond such petty mongers of lies and unproductive nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Change the government!

Anonymous said...

lock up the corrupt politicians
justice for the custodial deaths
more religious tolerance
equal opportunities for all Malaysians

in short, kick out bee end

Anonymous said...

Same old thing every year - eat healthy, exercise and lose weight! But this year, I must do it and lose 4 kilos. BP is fluctuating up, don't want to start any meds yet. Must also look for a job and get back to work, this thing about not contributing to Rosie's shopping wallet is taking it's toll on me.. Must work and contribute to MCLM and take down UMNO.

Anonymous said...

The prophecy of “RAHMAN” have ended and these could spell the end of UmnoBN regime but wicked Jibby is trying to change the fate by all wicked means.

For Pakatan to rely totally on us to win the next GE can be a very difficult task indeed ‘cos we really need a blardy lot of votes to offset all those frauds and cheats that Jibby is planning.
Question is, how are we gonna put a stop to all those frauds and how are we gonna “tame” those EC fellas?

And what about all those votes buying tactics which are done openly as well?

What about the dead who are “coming back” to vote?
How are we gonna deal with it?
So, PR leaders! Please find a solution before it’s too late.

Anonymous said...

Khairy's new year rsolution (or is it a political stunt) is to leave Rembau or Umno?

Khairy is no fool. He knows Pakatan Rakyat will take over the seat of government in Putrajaya come the next general election. The days of securing political power using racist and extremist religious stances are fast fading. The BN system as it stands is too racist, too religiously fanatical, extremely corrupt, etc, to win the next GE and future GEs.

After BN becomes the opposition in Parliament, Khairy will probably then come in from the cold and reinvent BN. Remember, he was the first one in BN to suggest direct membership into BN and doing away with race-based parties progressively.

Who knows, he may be the hope for a new BN that really strives for the interest of the rakyat.

justicenequality said...

PR,MCLM,NGOs & all Concerned & Responsible Malaysians must narrow their Differences and UNITED to Defeat the Evil Empire come GE13.

Wishing & Hoping that BN will be topple easily is just wishful thinking that will NOT come into fruition.

This Generation must make the Sacrifices for a Better & Conducive Future for the generations to come.

Kit Sum said...

Pakatan Rakyat, return UKRC's rights to its recreatinal land.
Deliver your election promise.