Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ummi Hafilda Ali wants to sue to save the country.This a new twist on How to be a Millioniare. People sacrifice their lives to save their country but this @#^*## wants money to save her country. Mercenaries do that, no? She forgot to sue her father for disowning her. Like the pied piper she intends to draw out all the denizens of our sewers . (Aside: Taiping Tiger admonished me for insulting sewer rats in my previous postings.) I lam averse to insulting ladies but this one’s head seems to be as empty as a hermit’s address book! If she is UMNO’s new lifeguard, many in UMNO would eventually drown. Beats me…. If being dumb was a crime, she’d be in jail in no time. In a lying contest, the judges would disqualify her with “No professional liars allowed.” Dang I’m impressed how long some are able to live without a brain. Some women are so fake; they will make barbie look real!

If I hurt your feelings in any way I just want you to know from the heart of my bottom that I don’t care

I’d continue in this vein….… But I was raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged…

You’re lucky!




Anonymous said...

I think she must be in financial dire straits. The monies that she got from Sodomy 1 must have run out.

Now having seen how Saiful makes some quick bucks in the remake of sodomy 1, Umni is just jumping on the bandwagon. Who knows Rosmah or Najib might give her a tinkle for a meeting.

VP said...

U r too kind...she is a f*ckin prostitute,pelacur of the highest order...

Anonymous said...

It's better to let someone think she is an amno whore than to open her mouth and prove it.

Anonymous said...

duit duit duit DUIT....give me , GIVE ME more money in order to SAVE my beloved country , ok !!??

Anonymous said...

A whore will always remain a whore, whether she's a rosy-ma-whore or mommy-whore! This one probably ran out of money, so trying to milk some la..

nstman said...

Umno is a haven for liars, thieves, cronies, cheats, the corrupt and idiotic airheads. Tiuniamahkasifat.

Anonymous said...

I nearly cried with great tears knowing that someone is finally standing up to save the country from 53 years of plundering by an elite group of thiefs.Thank you Madam for your braveness, the people is behind you.

Anonymous said...

Let them bring her on !
It will be fun to watch her in action.
People know that her companies owe a lot of unsettled bills and what better way of reaping a bountiful BAG of Cash.
A lot of people know of her tyrsts and her greed for designer clothers, perhaps she is being handed down from bigmama.
A Suitcase filled with cash to SAVE malaysia.

Got to insert this heading in the GILA GILA mag.
Bloody Whore of the overused kind.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so upset? The only people who eventually will suffer from this crazed woman rantings is Umno. Indeed, she's going to be useful to the opposition to garner more support. She exposes how weak and scared Umno really is of the opposition that they have to sink to such pathetic level by using this tainted character.

Anonymous said...

Finally we found someone that can save our country! Umno is blessed to have Rosmah and Umi be it's savior!

Anonymous said...

She is the one and only 'Aku Masih Dara'!!

wandererAUS said...

I was told that this dubious woman Umi claimed to be a virgin!...if there is any truth in it, all the sex craze UMNO dicks will jump into the sea and commit suicide en mass!
Obviously, no loss to decent Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

Najib’s spinmeisters are going round telling people that he needs a fresh mandate to push through “much needed” reforms. Unfortunately a part of the electorate is going to buy this scam.

Institute reforms first, and then we will consider giving you a fresh mandate. This country cannot afford to take another risk with UMNO as it is.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaaaa nothing is going to happen la. This is Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

BN must review immediately the unfair contract term with all IPPs.

Should the electricity tariff become lower, the cost of production will be lesser and as a result, Malaysians will pay less.

But BN will not do it.
Only Pakatan can do it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news it is. When a corrupted whore realized bigmamma, najis, DUMBNO, the Judiciary, PDRM, the Armed Forces, etc. etc. can't save the country becoming another Zimbabwe of Mamakthir, she has decided to play the role of Joan of Arc of Bodohland. Who is next? Saiful the shithead? Katak Ibrahim Ali?

peng said...

Remember The Joker & Penguin in Batman movies? She's all rolled into one.

Yatim said...

Cik Ummi, what a BOLD declaration!

So, where were you when Pak Lah, UMNO and BN needed you in 2008? Are you stating that, even with the daily demonising of Anwar by the MSM, TV3 and RTM, somehow Anwar could still con people from the five states?

Tell me, in which part did Anwar con us voters?

Was it with the VK Lingam saga?

How did he con us into believing that it was Hishamuddin who dangled the keris before a alive audience?

Or do you mean to tell me that, UMNO's police was spraying perfumed water at the Bersih and Hindraf crowd, and Anwar somehow managed to have us believe that it was tear gas and pepper spray?

Say, just how did Anwar trick us into believing that Badawi fell asleep during meetings? Or that Khir Toyo and company were destroying temples in Selangor?

What you are saying is that you are better than Najib the PM, you know.

Because even he contested when BN lost the 5 states. Oh, if only you had graced the stages set up by UMNO on 8/3/08, what a wonderful 1Malaysia we would be living in now....NO..??

So Ummi, shall I recommend your name to the UMNO crowd as their next President?

Careful though, the First Lady is one who may not tolerate being outshone.

Asril Sani said...

So our aunty has now become the veiled one.
But her behavior still remains the same.
Ooh, this Ali family is something yeah.
There's Azmin the crown prince, Azwan the faggot and Ummi the siren.
Anyways, let's see how much she will get.

Kong-Kong Zorro

Your mention of life-guard reminds me of my dad's fave song, Please Dont Talk To The Lifeguard.
I was not even born when it came on.
But my dad played it for us on U-tube and I love its catchy tune.

Anonymous said...

Umno has already lowering its standard to have shithead like Al Katak Ibrahim and Al Anus Saifool.

Now this so-called 50-year-old virgin to campaign side-by-side with Sharizat?

Give me PAS anytime.

Anonymous said...

Bro...."from the heart of my bottom"...that is a goooood one.

Anon9:39...."She is the one and only 'Aku Masih Dara'!!".....with a face like that, I'd say confirmed "dara" punya lah.

She once openned a makan place near my working place which no one would patronize....orang kata muka dia tak bawa rezeki....muka sial.

Bro, me too, "was raised NOT to make fun of the mentally challenged..." but for this one I'll make an exception.

Donplaypuks® said...

Hell hath no fury like a "virgin" scorned!! Ha, ha, ha!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Starmandala said...

I have met prostitutes with a golden heart. Please don't insult them by calling Ummi Hafilda a prostitute. This woman has no brain, no heart, no soul - not even a fuckable body. She is Mahathir's dark angel, serves the Lords of Darkness...

Anonymous said...

Wow..because she did not campaign for UMNO/BN, that is why they lost 5 states to PR during GE12...

Well, we say, come on UMMI and help campaign for BN in the next GE. I think BN will lose the entire nation to PR ..ha..ha..ha..What a joke..!

telur dua said...

UMNO's got more dirty jobs. Seems she is the only taker.

Anonymous said...

She is trying to attract those umno flers to take her as a gundik.

Anonymous said...

and what is your proof of her getting paid now?

And dont forget to include proof she was getting paid in 98 too.

Otherwise you are just speculating without proof.

She has been tailing the trio back in 97 with pics and be presented in court, that is.

And you zorro, got what? fried eggs?

zorro said...

Where did I say she got paid. She will sue for 700mil us dufferent from being paid 700mil.
Fried eggs my favorite.I have met a lot of hard boiled eggs in my time, but you’re twenty minutes!And for the love of God, do you at least remember what you were doing the day they were passing out common sense?If brains were taxed, I’ll fight to the death for you to get a rebate! It’s not that I’m smarter than you, its just that you’re dumber than everyone else. Luckily being dumb is not a crime, so you are free to continue being dumb.

Jong said...

Heaven has no Rage like Love to Hatred turned,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorned!

After all these years this old virgin is still pining for Anwar's attention and not getting even a second glance? Pity her lah!

She should instead focus on Najib, since Fat Mama Penguin has no time for him, busy globe-trotting!

Jong said...

Good one Zorro, love your response to that dumb Anonymouse 8:02, nearly fell off the chair lah!

Anonymous said...

Zoo said "....This a new twist on How to be a Millioniare. People sacrifice their lives to save their country but this @#^*## wants money to save her country. Mercenaries do that, no?"

Then zorro said
"...Where did I say she got paid..."

So she didn't get paid lah!?
She just going to court with all her facts and proof to claim some damage. Mercenary do that ya?

I'll bet you were fooled by karpal too when he exposed bout anwar in 97. And then believed anwar when he got sacked.
No. ?
Which one u believe, then? Anwar? Karpal 97? Karpal 98?

Anonymous said...


Go syiok sendiri with Ummi.

You can pass your juice to her.

Tarzan said...

Who want to take her as a wife????

No money no talk......

Tai Chee said...

Well said Bernard to Anon 8.03pm. Dungu of the first degree with full of rotten eggs in his brains.

Unknown said...

If a villian does not come across as a villian,then either the script writer or director is not up to the mark,
As all is within the will of God who lord over Good and evil and dispenses both,we are mere actors under various masks[personum]to play out the different charecters of good and evil.For a good actor,evil must be potrayed in its meanest form.A great perfomance for the one behind the mask of ummi.Frmm the sliver screen we love and remember the monsters as much as we follow the superheroes.The aim is to entertain and life is nothing but a living movie of GOD to entertain himself.Surprised?Well that is what was concluded in all religious scrptures.Man needs religions and the only purpose for religion is for the salvation for man

Mohamed Aliyar said...

Registration for voting:

1. Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia
Date: 15 Jan 2011, Saturday
Time: 10am-2pm
Venue: Map
Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia,
66, Lorong Setiabistari 1, (Do turn into Lorong Setiabistari 2)
Bukit Damansara.
Contact: 012-3597025

2. Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Date: 15 January 2011
Time: 11am – 9pm
Venue: Map
Concourse LG, near King's Confectionary
Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Contact: 016-2228866

More info:

Anonymous said...

UMMI is UMNO's secret weapon!!!! With UMMI by UMNO's side, there's no way UMNO/BN will lose in any by-erections or general erections. This is because UMMI is the smartest and brightest virgin around. UMMI and UMNO are destined to be together as they both have the same alphabets in the first two letters of their respective names. Heck they both even think big bucks all the time. With UMNO it's in the billions and UMMI is in the hundreds of millions. So how to lose?

Anonymous said...

With that carpetman (who has poor but kinky taste) around Umno, how can she still be a virgin?

Anonymous said...

BN is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel in trying to dish out dirt on Pakatan Rakyat.

Ummi's resurrection by Umno to 'mud sling' Pakatan and Anwar is a testament to the sense of desperation in BN, particularly on Umno's part.

Anonymous said...

She should have offered herself to Taib mahmud.