Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Is the PM unwell?

My reply: You should ask your former military intelligence colleagues! You always swear you guys were better than the Special Branch!


Did he fully recover from the pox?

Is he missing someone that bad?

HARDEV KAUR should say a prayer, yah?


Jong said...

He sent his fat Mama Penguin to Saudi to negotiate with the Saudis in case a Tunisian situation erupts in Malaysia but, the Saudis warn he cannot escape a Mongolian trial on Saudi soil!

Anonymous said...

Military Intelligence comes directly under the command of the Directorate of Military Intelligence in Mindef. It has no power to collect or disseminate intelligence internally meaning in country. It is strictly meant for the the collection, collation, interpretation of info into intelligence, and for timely dissemination of external intelligence to the cabinet and higher command. You cannot have two competing organizations - SB and military. The agents will have a double income and you get into a buggers muddle. There is no way military intelligence is even close to the thoroughness of the SB.

Anonymous said...

The chicken pox virus has infected his brain. His wife is now the PM and he is demoted to cutting ribbons and making nasi pulut with the Women, Family and Community Development ministry. Well I guess his missus could do no worse than him.

Anonymous said...

From day 1 we dont know what has he contributed.

All we learned is that U hep me I hep u n to get a job screwed by all means..

Not forgeting Rasuah first Bank in now.

Yam siew siew.

Anonymous said...

its the karma things...

right now his physical being is just a magnet attracting all kind of evil energies.

temenggong said...

Unsubstantiated, but what I hear is that he has initial stage leukemia. Like his father had.

From what I know, MI also collects intelligence from within Malaysia and reports directly to the Agong.

Anonymous said...

Bro... is it because of this "Lawatan Najib ke Tenang utamakan Zapin dan Ghazal dari Ziarah Kematian"
Posted on 18/01/2011 by JOHORKINI ?


Have you heard? Is it true?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck you guys talking about? This is another patrick teoh 'opposition' blog buddies that will go on and on about UMNO and their leaders!

Go and get a life la wei!!!

Anonymous said...

That info that you heard is totally false. Any officer doing that will be disciplined. There is a strict rule that only the SB is allowed to collect anti-national or info on internal threats to Malaysia. The SB is funded, thus their agent handlers can meet the cost of info from various agents. MI has no such funding. In any case, MI is not trained to undertake such jobs. MI does possess the data to evaluate the info. There are some liars, you are listening to, making themselves important.
HRH The Agong, if he wants a specific info, he gets it from the PM. He cannot bypass the PM by going direct to the IGP. He does not need any info. A constitutional monach does not indulge in subterfuge. The PM may delegate the Home or Defence minister to brief him, if the PM thinks its imperative that he shud know. The present Agong was Sandhurst trained. He knows the rules well indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon10:16....if you do not know wtf we are talking about all the while, you must have just crept out of your tempurung. Confirm punya lah. Go back to your wet and dark tempurung and stay there. Comfortable is it? Stay there!!

Since when Patrick Teoh is the opposition blogger?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

Now you can also get free haircut while you are sleeping at Khidmat Negara camp!

Anonymous said...

PM Najib must walk the talk and not just pay lip-service to a promise he had made to the late Teoh’s family. How Beng Hock died still remains a mystery to all Malaysians! There must be a closure to this sad episode which should not ever occur again!

Let truth and justice prevail!

Anonymous said...

If Death is calling, PM better do more praying charity and forgiving and ask forgiveness lor.

Those wealth fortunes cant be carried along into the 6' x 3' cabin, 6feet down under lor!

More so, Ching-Ming comes only once a year....

Aiyohhh yohhhh... Sei lor!

Tiger said...

This is NOT an opposition blog!
We're equally concerned about Najib's health.
As our servant, he's supposed to serve the rakyat.
If he's really sick and dies, we need to go and look for another better and capable servant, comprende?
You should get a life and btw, what the hell have you done for your country lately? Other than wasting your time trying to fuck up people's blog?

Awang Tee said...

If you read carefully the front-page todays' NST, Najib is basically hinting to the malays that they should not go to university to end up as a jobless graduates, but they should be Felda settlers to become middle class with RM3000 income a month.

Anonymous said...

Out of total of RM47.2 billion new investments secured by Malaysia for the year 2010, Penang got 29% (RM12.2b, which is almost 5.7 times registered in 2009), Selangor 2nd with 22.5%, Johore 3rd 15.9% (RM7.5b), Sarawak 4th 8.3% (RM3.9b).

It shows that Pakatan government is able to pull in more investment than BN!

Johor's Iskandar region has failed to pull in investment despite massive promotion by BN. This is very disappointing and the voters of Labis should take note!

Anonymous said...

wow , moohedin very happy lo !!??

Anonymous said...

NO , pm is NOT inside the well lah !!

Anonymous said...

If PM has initial stage leukemia....baguslah.

Biar leukemia dia merebak cepat dan biar dia mampus cepat lah.

Altantuya's spirit is at work....she will drag him along lah....only several years since she died....she needs to drag him along definitely.....

you can see Najis has much more grey hair since becoming PM....mana boleh tidur nyenyak, tiap malam Altantuya kacau dia....baguslah.

Muka benci, bangsat....aku geram kat dia lah...biar orang kejam mati cepat!!

Anonymous said...

Please read this interesting article (Malay history: What’s missing from the textbooks) by John Doe to understand the contradictions of BTN curriculum:


Kena Interlocked said...

After the race, religion and royal cards, now Umno is trying to play the “history card”. They know full well that controlling the syllabus of the SPM history subject is a simple and effective way to indoctrinate young Malaysian minds.

Anonymous said...

Ridhuan Tee is now afraid of Singapore's military might.

Jong said...

This Ridhuan Too is bad shingles, often inciting hatred, subversive and treacherous, ...sick and badly brought up!

Anonymous said...

Najis is well. If he was really indisposed he would not go to Batu Caves for the Thaipusam festival. Or was it just a show his love for the Indians?

The easily gullible, death in custody prone, lusting after wealth & titles Indians would easily swallow all the sweet shit thrown at them to vote for BN in the next election.

The Indians have already forgotten that they spearheaded the Tsunami of 08. They have forgotten Hindraf and what it stood for. Now their leaders are negotiating hard with the BN as to the positions and perks they would get if they sold their followers as Semi Value did for his own glory.

Indians never learn from mistakes. They can be bought with a few ringgits and some cheap liquor.No wonder the UMNOputras consider Indians as beggars and don't need their votes to win in an election.

Najis appeared at Batu Caves for canvassing votes. Do the Indians realize that?

Anonymous said...

Be a Felda settlers and become a middle-incomer earning RM3000 per month!

That's the strategy for umno or those jobless graduates!!!

Anonymous said...

Today I saw the shit faces of those sucker Indians in the Star crowding around Najis with a huge garland around his neck.

These morons place garlands around his neck and he in return sends his police dogs to incarcerate innocent Indians and suspected criminals to die in police custody or to be shot with impunity as mad dogs.

These Indians do not have any principles in life. They will their womenfolk for or pawn whatever they have just to be seen in the company of BN politicians.
Given a few ringgit they would threaten, bash up or even murder anyone refusing to vote for BN.

MIC Indians are the great leaders of such Indians as they try to outdo their counterparts in UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, PPP and a host of useless lapdogs from Sabah and Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

There is a new approach to all those misdeeds reported in the blogs that have been committed by the ruling class.I understand from usually reliable sources that there is a plan for them to come ou with a statement just before GE13 that "we are responsible for those misdeeds but we are not guilty".That for you demonstrates the power of the incumbent.

The PR must now work to conceptualise it platform for the next election. Do nort just go for vitory or defear as the BN would want you to do.Let them play chess. But PR strategy should be based on Chinese Chess. There are 185 pieces and you do not have to expose all of them at the start of play. Your strategy should be short and should only indicate the essentals. All the other chips should only be shown as and when necessary. If you go for a strsight fight as in Chess PR you will be unsuccessful because they hasve the power of the incumbent