Friday, December 31, 2010





Anak bangsa



de minimis said...

Uncle Zorro, I wish you a HAPPY 2011! Keep slugging, chugging and farting!

zorro said...

Slugging, chugging is within my capability,but farting? That is beyond my control.I cannot do this at will.

Unknown said...

Nevertheless,keep on farting.The chamber is running low on farts.

Au Yong said...

Happy New Year Zorro. May you keep up your good work with as much vigour, commitment, passion and conviction if not more. God observes and will bless those who are righteous.
Malaysia needs you and all to work for a glorious future.

Asril Sani said...

Happy New Year Uncle Zorro
May all of us continue to have peace, happiness and prosperity.
Be a good man okay Uncle.
Vote for BN, can??

Jong said...


A new year we are waiting for, let it signify new and better things to come, year of courage & beliefs.


wandererAUS said...



motherchell said...

The best for the New Year my dear Zorro!! keep your blast on in bountiful tonnages!!

Anonymous said...

am i able to take a motor insurance business to small claims court? The insurance company declined my claim, (I would go ahead and take at fault driver to small claims nevertheless , I have no address to serve them or send a requirement letter). One another driver was at fault however his insurance provider claims there can be a difference in our statements so they have to take the word of their insured vs. my word. I believe they acted in negative trust and did not carry out a proper investigation would this become a valid claim in small claims court? I have to take the responsible drivers insurance provider (not my own) to small claims for any damages to my car.

Anonymous said...

To those who champion Utusan Melayu aka UMNO buntek, UM is actually sending utusan malaikat to all its readers. We all saw how evil this papers, by creating fake stories and spreading rumours. Let them be what they want as Utusan will be burnt in hell soon just like UMNO. Utusan may critize Teo for wearing "super tight "shirt or pant, but Utusan themselves didn't realise that many of their advertisement published in its paper are far worst as most of them promoting sexual propraganda using many tight-fitting sexy girls and up to an extend advertising sexual-aid products. What is the difference?

The case of a serving minister who raped his Indonesian maid several times is more newsworthy. Why wasn't it carried in the papers ??? Not even a single word being said about it. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of Malaysians have done one mistake by not knowing that the government do not own the country, they are appointed by Malaysian voters.

They do not know they MALAYSIANS are the owners of the country.

Malaysians need to wake up from sleep not knowing about their voting power to choose, to appoint the people to serve them not the other around Malaysians to server the appointee by their vote.

Roy Hog Sen said...

Is there any truth in the SUN’s headlines on 31 Dec, that the Palace has send out invitation for the swearing in of the SS? Is it true?

If it is true, Can the MB refuse to go witness the swearing in?
These are interesting times.

Why does the Palace want to be involved? Are we having a monarchy?
What kind of democracy are we in?

Navi said...

Happy New Year. We look forward to more ooomph from you for 2011. After all this year will decide the road Malaysia is going to take.

Anonymous said...

I wish Zorro all the success in your 1st 2011 assignment in Tenang by election. Get your digicam ready to record any elements of buy-election.

Charlie Oscar said...

Happy New Year 2011!!!
All the Best!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful. That Charlie Oscar is a umno cybertrooper.

Anonymous said...

The other danger lurking around the corner is that thuggish gang called Rela. They have to be 'exposed' for what they are. Talk about it on Facebook, Tweeter and anywhere else on the Internet. Before it's too late.

Dirt Road Rider

Anonymous said...

NEP has benefited the politically well-connected among Malays, through preferential contracts, share allocations and general commercial advancement. All too little has trickled down to the general community. The programmes can hardly be justified as anti-poverty programmes when their principal beneficiaries are already wealthy.

Some of the country's industry policies have backfired because of these programmes. For example, Malaysia might have been expected to be the leading South-east Asian automotive producer. Instead, Thailand has become the 'Detroit of Asia', owing to Malaysia's disastrous national car programme.

In addition, the 'spillover' benefits from the large multinational presence in manufacturing have been limited by the fact that Malaysia's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are predominantly owned by ethnic Chinese, prefer to stay small, below the threshold above which bumiputera employment quotas become mandatory.

The country's public universities, once among the region's best, have also slipped in East Asian rankings owing to ethnic quotas as well as heavy bureaucratic control.

The civil service is bloated and in need of reform, while there is a very large state enterprise sector that functions in a non-transparent manner. And the country continues to experience a substantial brain drain as a result of the exodus of skilled professionals from the Chinese and Indian communities.