Sunday, December 26, 2010



Unknown said...

As events and changes accelerate,there is an appearent contraction in time.There are sufficient numbers of dots out there when connected will indicate a halt in the time wave and that is confirmed to be two years away on 21stDec 2012.What can one do?The only refuge is the Truth and the kithab will show you the WAY.

Anonymous said...

And our BN politicians and Perkasa are still screaming about ketuanan melayu.

Me reckon, all sound minded persons (Orang Asli, Melayu, Cina, India dan lain lain) in Malaysia should just pack up and leave the country ... any country. If they are struggling to make ends meet in Malaysia, they might as well do the same struggle in another country where they stand to reap and KEEP their fruits of labour.

In 2020, they can make holiday trips to Malaysia and visit the big community zoo which is populated by people from Barisan Nasional and Perkasa. These people would be so incapable of competing with their fellow humans that they could only be categorised as slightly more intellectually capable than apes! Remember to bring the bananas!

Unknown said...


May this day brings u happiness that warms the heart and cheers the tummy.

And may the fingers be tapping ever the keyboard of eternal truth.


zorro said...

Thanks Hawk....c u tonite.

Budak Gemuk Kurus said...

With 30 thousand plus straight As fin PMR, Bolehland can meet the challenges of the future.

Malaysia Boleh!!!
Righ Here, Right Now!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that PTPTN is in red and more than 190,000 graduates failed to pay the whopping RM2 billions tertiary education loan to them, PTPTN continued with their unbelievable practice by distributing money to the student who have never applied loan from them.

Lai Chun Mei, 19 years old from Ayer Tawar received the RM1,500 cheque from PTPTN even though she have never applied any loan from them neither did she ever apply from any higher learning institution. This is believed to be only the tips of the iceberg. If without proper check and balances, PTPTN will be insolvent in the near future. It must be noted that PTPTN had cried for help from EPF in order to solve their financial constraint in the past, no more Santa Claus is willing to safe any party which is beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

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