Tuesday, December 14, 2010


MAHATHIR was responding HERE to reporters when asked about communiques leaked by whistle blower website Wikileaks, that alleged that Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew had said that Anwar was set-up in a 'sex trap'.

He expressed doubts that such a sheer number of people from judges, to witnesses, to the police, to laboratory staff and others could be told to lie or fake a case against his one-time deputy.

"About 150 people will have to be told to please tell lies. It's just impossible. It's not logical," he argued.

Me, my mind was just wandering about wondering who was the mastermind behind this national rallying cry:


Anonymous said...

It's simple. Get rid of Anwar before he brings down the Pakatan with him. Anwar has outlive his worthiness and should be seen as liability for Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

So who can bring PAS & DAP together?
Forget about PKR.
No Anwar, No PKR

Anonymous said...

The word dubious is a perfect fit for characters such as Mr Najib & Mr Anwar , who also happen to be 2 leading contenders to become Malaysias next Leader.

So serious lack of talented Malays in the country, who by law may only become PM.

Malaysia, the cursed country of Asia ?

How scary

Anonymous said...

No, Anwar is the asset not liability. After he had sacrificed everything would we dare to dump him? remember, he refused money and property abroad offered by Daim Zainuddin. Instead he exposed the wrongdoing of Mahathir in using Petronas money to bail a shipping company owned by Mirzan, his own son.

Anwar was harassed, beaten to a pulp, smearing his good name and reputation, was put behind bars, tortured and poisoned. He suffered a slipped disc on his back and up to now, he still depends on painkillers. He couldn't even walk by himself in stairs. More often, Azizah has to come to his assistance. He could choose to live comfortably abroad with everything being supplied by UMNO but no. He chose to fight for us. And you dare walk out off him?! Boy, you have the heart of a beast!

zorro said...

Anon204pm, thank you for THINKING
out loud. I have posted it here about the offer to get out of the country but Anwar did not.He took the blows for you and me and even for the guy with the heart of a beast.

Anonymous said...

LKY concluded that there was a sex trap based on his country's intelligence rpt. I think they intercepted tele-comm btween Najib/Rodwan/Musa Hasan.

I think the wikileak exposure benefitted Anwar more and it threw a spoke in the prosecution's case. The prosn' case is that this is a chance encounter or aloternatively a case of a predator luring and enticing his killing into his den. The wikileak exposure shows otherwise. It shows a trap being set up to with a delicious bait as lunch to trap the tiger. The trap fails possibly the tiger is not hungry or had eaten his meal at home.

In a trap case, the evidence of the trap whether it materialises or not should be led in by the prosecution. Here the pros'n try to conceal the trap and they try hard and successfully to conceal the medical notes.

wikileak exposure provides more drama to the case.

semuanya OK kot said...

USA is havng a terminal case of "middle kingdom" mentality. The rabid sore-loser "leaks" of its raving on China confirm this.

What is the current flap about? Anwar knew there was a trap for him and walked into it. This is true because certin people think so.

This is news? It would be laugable if so many sycophants were not ready to lap it up. Wake up people. Ask where the leaks are on Israeli atrocities and growing US concern on its infiltation by Israel.

Wikileaks = Israel.

Anonymous said...

s'pore intel intercepted our intel tele-comm ?

if you guys believe so, then you guys are damn stupid just like this blardy moron moohalftail.

the truth is...

that indian-voodoo practitioner losmah telephone & told that senile lee fler, you help to get rid of annuar, my useless hubby will give you anything...

Anonymous said...

Too many people at higher-ups wants DSAI to fall and gone.

Thats a sign that these higher-ups are walking on wrong-path of life, and sudden 'heart-attack' is only one can change their karma.

Tun Lim Chong Eu already left us, more are following.... a matter of time!

Rakyats have tons of patience.

Old Fart said...

Can you imagine the Singapore Intelligence reporting anything that might contradict LKY or his preferred assumptions?

Anonymous said...

If Singaporean not to be trusted on their opinion on Anwar, they should not be taken seriously on their view on Malaysian leaders. Pakatan supporters tend to be selective on what they want to believe.

Unknown said...

Even if a million owe me their lives,it does not give me the least right to steal even from one or to break my convenent with GOD by going Gay.RPK have sacrifice heavily for the country and for that he is still not above the law.We must how to differentaite gratefulness from right and wrong.

Anonymous said...


wonder how he knows that about 150 people will have to be told to involve in a conspiracy?

the great old devil prolly speaking from experience.


Anonymous said...

"About 150 people will have to be told to please tell lies. It's just impossible. It's not logical," he argued.
Surprise ? nay I ve work and play with Msian civil servants and UMNO long enough to observe their follow the leader mentality ..Just Need one leader to say "cina pendatang' yes everybody down the line(2.5 mil) will echo "semua cina pendatang". so what is 150 .

ben khalid

Anonymous said...

Anwar has passed its sell by date. He is an expired politician. He has too much baggage from his UMNO days.

Anonymous said...


The senile old carTun chooses to agree with his nemesis LKY only when LKY's comments serves his evil purposes. We should all pray that the carTun lives long enough on earth to witness his eventual payback of all his evil deeds to all malaysians. That would be pure justice.

Anonymous said...

There is no point protesting against plain truths. Singapore is just telling the obvious - leaders in Malaysia are incompetent. Even our local rakyat know that. Had the country been run by capable leaders, we would not be left behind in so many fields.

Everyone here knows all about these racial rhetoric, lousy leaders, and that there has been a lot of 'fleeing' already from a long, long time ago. Just because it is WikiLeaks, there is a lot of hoo-ha over a simple common everyday matter.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians are expected to owe another RM90 billion from debts raised in 2011 alone; the years and years of accumulated debts as at 2008 alone was already RM213 billion.

In 2011, Najib's administration will almost double our debts and subject us to more foreign exchange risks.

Anonymous said...

Don't need S'pore to tell us the obvious that our leaders are stupid & incompetent...

We all know that, else why hundreds of thousand leaving the country every year.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is wrong.

BN leaders are very competent, in corruption!!!

Anonymous said...

You got a simple mind... it did not wonder very far!!!

Mind mind wonder towards Najis and Fat Rose and the murder of Altantuya and the unborn baby!!! Who could the father be? She was already dead with a gunshot to her head why kill her a second time with C4 explosive?? It occurred to me that they want her to vaporise into thin air, so that no one can do a DNA test on the foetus in Altantuya.

SetiaSelalu said...

Malaysian politics have sunk really low. There are few honourable Men except those in Pakatan and Anwar Ibrahim is much respected and honored by so many for his Integrity and Leadership .
The Crooks and Thieves and Rapists of our National Wealth and Petronas Oil revenue esp. M'sia BIG THIEF- MahaTHIEF and Mat Taib Sarawak BIG THIEF should be on trial for obscene Theft of Public funds by the billions !
If the PM of UK use public fund to bail out his son's shipping firm like Mahathir did....sorry MahaTHIEF did, he would be prosecuted and put in prison !
Oh Malaysia! Our hearts bleed for you when Good Honourable Men like Anwar, Zaid Ibrahim and K.Selvachandran are persecuted but Evil & Corrupt Racist Mahathir-MahaTHIEF, Taib Mahmud and Killer Cop Lancs Corporal Mohd. Faizal Mat Taib & Razak Baginda are all walking free ,shamelessly !

Anonymous said...

Corruption is culture introduced by Mahatir to remain in power. Corruption is not an practice of any particular race. Its the same in China, India, Russia where corruption is prevalent. Its the Government policies which dictates the kind of culture it creates. NEP is form of corruption, Subsidies are also a form of corruption.

If u go to Singapore, Australia, Norway, Finland, Switzerland honesty is highly appreciated because its taught in schools. Check & Balances in Government, Parliament, Government Institution.

Unfortunately, Malaysian must accept the government that they voted for. Change can only come when society realises corruption is terminal cancer which will eat into society. Ultimately Malaysians who are paying a high price for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Kontraktor Melayu dapat 100% daripada projek Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran (JPS) dan 98% nilai projek Jabatan Kerja Negeri (JKR) yang di bawah Peruntukan Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang

Kontraktor Melayu dapat 100% daripada nilai projek JPS dan 98% daripada nilai projek JKR yang di bawah peruntukan kerajaan negeri. Projek JPS dan JKR di bawah dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan negeri.

Anonymous said...

When the forked tongue guy speak, please keep a distance, ya. The foul smell he emits reaches far and wide.

He can even talk about corruption without blinking and eye. He could even easily walk out of a classroom smelling fresh after telling his tales and the students would take it all in line, hook and sinker.

That is the master magician for you Malaysians of the younger generation. Know that he could even make money of out of our shits via Indah Water and also our garbage out of Alam Flora.

Who are those cronies behind such companies ? Facts are all there and history will be written about it when those info are for public consumption.

Sang Kancil Guru said...


I think you are seriously misguided in your defence of Anwar. Anwar did not take those blows for anyone except himself. Why would he take Daim's offer when he wanted revenge against Dr M after losing out in the power struggle with Dr M?

Look at what Anwar achieved as DPM. He was the biggest cause of the mess Dr M created after Dr M himself, the prodigal side-kick. Did he apologize and repent for the mess he created as DPM?

Look at the mess Anwar has made in PKR. Look at all the electoral malpractice he condones in PKR, just to ensure Azmin wins. Look at how he unfairly attacks Zaid, asks branch leaders to not give nominations to Zaid, turns a blind eye to all the ballot stuffing that goes on in Sabah during the PKR elections. Look at how he acts unconstitutionally, creating a Supreme Leader position for himself in PKR ala North Korea where it is not subject to an election. If this is how he behaves now in PKR, what else when he becomes PM? Is he going to appoint himself Ketua Umum Malaysia? Will he stuff the ballots during a general election?

Look at the stupidity that Anwar committed, because he cannot keep his zipper up. The Wikileaks expose only shows that Anwar is not exactly the brightest of the bulb, walking into a honey trap eventhough he knew about it, just because he is horny. I trust the credibility of Wikileaks than the hypocritical lifetime of Anwar Ibrahim.

I say it is time Anwar retires. The Opposition has spent too long and too much energy focusing on Anwar's personal problems. For all the 2nd chances Malaysians had offered Anwar in 2008, the least this selfish guy can do as a courtesy to us is to retire and let someone else properly do the job of an Opposition Leader, instead of having us Malaysians tied down while Anwar selfishly uses the Opposition Leader job as a platform to fight his personal battles, of which much was self-inflicted on himself.

zarinahtakesapaycut said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, when this question was answered by Plato in his work The Republic, he answered that they will guard themselves against themselves. "We must tell the guardians a "noble lie". The noble lie will assure them that they are better than those they serve and it is therefore their responsibility to guard and protect those lesser than themselves. We will instill in them a distaste for power or privilege; they will rule because they believe it right, not because they desire it."

I put it to you that there is no noble lie in this case, that there are questions you must answer as guardians of corporate governance in this country, that you must feel in you the same distaste for abuse of power and conflict of interest, that you will do what is right, that you will be true to your calling as one of the guardians for the institutions of this great country.


Anonymous said...

let mahathir rule us forever. at least he is efficient, honest and incorruptible.

tsunami unleash said...

This Prime Minister was at one time a prime suspect...what do we expect? What we hear is only Bullshit & Nonsense (BN)

Anonymous said...


The mother of all cardinal injustices— how many billions have the those bn motherf**kers slashed away overseas?