Friday, December 24, 2010


I am convinced that those sentiments, so refreshingly expressed by The Angler, resides in most of our youths. It is an inherent trait (instinct?) amongst children to mix and play with their peers. (I will offer the Angler's piece at the end of this "hard talk".

It was during my time in the 50s. I did not know that Zainal was a Malay until his first introduction into Ramadan. We got angry when he could not come out to make the numbers for our “rounders”. When he did not respond to our yells we rushed into his house and found him sleeping on the floor. We woke him up. “Cannot play lah, very hungry,” Zai said. Uncle Ahmad and Aunty Shan were at work and we were brave enough to raid the meat-safe. We gave him a piece of goring fish. He refused. He came out though but sat and sulked until the fun we were having got the better of his hunger. It was later on that Uncle Ahmad explained to us that evening when we “buka puasa” with them.

I knew Chandra and Kicik (his nick because of his size) were Indians because my brother and I were given “Oil Bath” once every month by their aunt.

I had no Malay classmates then. My neighborhood Malay kids went to KEVII (King Edward VII). Their parents were all government servants and we all spoke English, which is the genuine excuse I give for my deficiency in Bahasa.

Zai often ate in our house. My grandma dished out everything for him on his plate. My grandma only said that Zai cannot eat pork and you do not question my grandma. Period.

When I left home to continue my studies in Penang, it was Uncle Rahman Yusof (who became Singapore Minister of State for Education when I taught in Singapore) who consoled me when I went next door to say goodbye to him.

In Penang for three years Akashah sat beside me. By then I knew he was a Malay, but so what?


When Patrina was in Assunta and Kevin in La Salle PJ and later SMK Damansara Jaya, their closest friends were Malays and Indians….this until today.


My immediate neighbors in our condo is Shah and Sophie and Danny and his new bride Moley. I am also close to Jeff and Norlie. Then there is Tommy and Rosie and Gee. I miss Bidi and Nanie who are now in Doha. These are my close condo-mates, all Malays of course.


As I write this my closest buddies are Boom and Rodi, Tengku Vic and Ms More, Kamal and Serena. They say they are Malays, by the way.

Why this RACISM we are being inflicted with? Looks like Racism amongst us Chinese, Malays and Indians are planted in the home, watered in our schools and manured into full-blown RACISM by our politicians. Am I being harsh here?


and checkout Alison Murugesu Ghani's comment.





motherchell said...

A Wonderful and Merry Christmas to you my dear Zorro.
OHH! you make me walk down that beautiful memory lane till Mahatirism, Alism and Razakism made the waters murky with their selective filth thrown into the lacy rushing clear waters of goodwill and togetherness. We'll see how soon they will all get the foot in mouth disease after the next GE in whatever direction it takes.
Best wishes for the season to each one here.
Regards my dear Zorro.

zorro said...

Dito to you and yours Motherchell...happy holiday and a Blessed Day.

Anonymous said...

Zul Nordick was also at KE V11. Was he yr dear friend too....

zorro said...

Anon1220am....not sure unless he stayed in Jalan Pauh.

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas, truth is strangeR than fiction. Thosed days we were 1Malaysia


Unknown said...

As my memory carry me back to as far back as I can remember,I was always able to distinguish people of various race and actually believe they are different and tends to gravitates to certain livelihood and lifestyle and I did discriminate.However since,I was introduced to the wonderful kithab,I can still identified people I met to be from various races,BUT I find that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to discriminate based on that.I want to share how religion have liberate me and it would be wonderful if malaysians return to their respective religions enmasse and avoid politicians like the plague.

wandererAUS said...

"Zorr, a very Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!" cmments, I am color blind and a man of peace today...

me said...

Nice one. Written by a 15 years old, you got to be kidding me! Yeah, I was born yesterday too.

Racism, tell me all about it. What’s new? Do you think racism only happening in BodohLand? No matter what you do or how hard you try, racism is here to stay, forever. The best one can do is to be more tolerant. Be a bit more conscious as everything you do or say many hurt others feeling, consciously or unconsciously!

Many countries around the world have the same problem. In Jamaica, even government promotes unity by printing banknotes with the following words on it “Out of many, one people”. Only in BodohLand’s government keeps reminding us of May 13, and allowing and encouraging race based political parties.

Anonymous said...

What is 1Malaysia? Does it mean that all Malaysian are equal, enjoys the same benefits as citizens? Clearly not!! The Malays get 7% discount when buying houses. Certain govt projects are only for Malays. Even if you get the project, you have to use consultant and lawyer that are from 100% bumi company. Why the discrimination??

mauriyaII said...

Merry Xmas and a more promising New Year to u, zorro. Keep up your good work, exposing the filth that has insidiously crept into our daily lives, no thanks to the racist government of the day.

Hopefully Malaysians from all walks of life will wake up from their 50year old slumber and kick out the racist BN during the 13th GE.

Bodohland desperately needs CHANGE for the better.

Anonymous said...

HOW HOW HOW to merry Xmas ???
1) rasuah rasuah sayang everywhere !
2) 'crush the bodies & lose the lives for the POWER' !!
3) wa tolong lu & lu mesti tolong balik wa lah !!!
4) the @#$%^&* N S koreans killing themselves with nuclear powers !!!!
5) WANG tak cukup !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of rasuah, those who do no renew your road tax better be careful when you are confronted by the polis who do not seem to heed the MACC jingle.

You don't give what they want, you kena bash up!

kamsiah said...

Zorro, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year . Racism is so outdated!

de minimis said...

Bro, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011 to you and your loved ones.

Andrew Gopal said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Cikgu.Take Care.

Anonymous said...

The chinese have brought it upon themselves. They have morphed into obnoxious, loud, self centered, kiasu pendatang like mentality.

How can u blame someone for treating u like a pendatang when you very well behave like one.

the way you stare at others as though they are lesser than u. The way you keep yourself far from assimilating, the way you demand to go to your own schools.
You brought this upon yourself

So dont blame others for treating u like a pendatang, when u yourself choose to be one

Crankster said...

Racism crept up on me when I was in school. I could feel the change especially in university. For some reason, everyone chose to stick with their race alone.

Charlie Oscar said...

Merry Christmas to You & Family!!!

zorro said...

Hey Charlie, where you been man? Happy Holiday to you and yours.

zorro said...

Ruth, probably it took deep roots in the uni.

Anonymous said...

You see the PM Polis Malaysia taboleh pakai lagi. So they set up RELA to control the PM. When that does not work then they will use the Tentera Watania to control the PM and RELA.