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Anonymous said...

What's the difference compared to DAP?
What's wrong with DAP?
Is MCLM going to joint Pakatan?
What difference does it make?
Third force is going to break apart PR?

Does the ordinary folks like kampungs folks or farmers gonna give any damn shit about this force? Hell no!

Just some self proclaimed elite lawyers being syok sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Voters must not over look this new emerging political group called 'The Third Force'. Now, you must be wondering why I said that. When the election is called and in a 3 parties contest, this new group will finish 'Third'. That is why they called themselves 'the Third Force'.

Who are we kidding? DAP can't do it by itself. PAS failed in their effort, and PKR didn't made it either. It was only the united team put together by Anwar Ibrahim that they almost unseat the BN team. To the new 3rd Force. Join PR or you will always finished last, oh I mean third-lorr!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Zorro if the 3rd Force does not get what it wants who will be the ultimate loser? UMNO/BN? Or is a case of "a known devil is better than an unknown angel"?

Anonymous said...

But the Sarawakians seem to don't want Sarawak.

bubblegum said...

This country Malaysia is not ready and matured enough to have a third force. We are just crawling and beginning to stand with a two party system. Yet there are people who believe this could work. Let unseat BN first.. then establish a third force.

lanaibeach said...

MCLM what's the deal?
Don't play like Perkasa
Coining words of civil liberties
For whom the bell toll?

People want change
With the march to Putrajaya
Enough has been said
The corruption and greed

Pakatan Rakyat gathering forces
For the battle of Waterloo
There shouldn't be any more distractions
So I say what's the deal?

3rd force marching in?
There is no deal with the people
The villagers will not understand
The majority of the votes through the villages

MCLM playing a spoiler job?
I wish the people behind it don't forget
It is the Ameeno we want to banish
Into the dustbin smelling its own vomit

Patience always win the race
MCLM hasn't learned the ropes
The reality of people's games
They want walls they can lean on it

Asril Sani said...

You guys will again be fooled - twice at that.
Once by Keadilan and now this.
You never learn.
Just because you want to defeat the BN at all cost.

Anonymous said...

What is this third force. PR has not even govern the country. Should they be the party that runs the nation and does not reform then it is logic for
third force to be estabilished. I hear hung,float,jump parliament this make me sick. It is good that they want to be candinate so join the opposition and serve the
people and kick BN out of Putrajaya

Anonymous said...

The cause is noble but the TIMING SUCKS!

Concentrate to unite and kick out these UMNO-BN.

It's a lot easier to check on them than UMNO-BN. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

MCLM is just a society for some learned people to get together to talk shop, full of armchair politicians (of whom I am one) out of touch with the rakyat (just like Barisan Nasional).

For every varsity educated person in Malaysia, there is many others who have not had the luxury of higher education (or even education) Yet, this masses are the core electorate that both sides have to lobby in order to win the GE.

Can MCLM roll out their sleeves and go down to the field to engage these people? Is MCLM prepared to play dirty like BN?

No used preaching high moral ground. We all know that politics are dirty, no one can claim to be able to change what has been institutionalised globally as politics. Can MCLM play the political game?

Seriously, I have my doubts.

If MCLM cannot play the political game, please step aside and let others do it. The key is to change the federal government, if Malaysia is not to become a 4th world country soon.

Habib RAK said...

There is something uniquely different about MCLM. The candidates, even if they dont win the election, they still win because they would have pushed and nudged the winner to yield to the puritan values. Thus, we all would gain from them even when we belong to different political parties.

MCLM offers Malaysians a new concious option. I repeat, its a concious option. BN will do all that is necessary to win lost ground. They will be focused to win it back from PR. But, the rakyat may abandoned BN and PR for their shenanigans and choose MCLM candidates. MCLM candidates are civil society representatives and not political representatives.

If you were there at the MCLM forum yesterday at the Chinese Assembly Hall, you would be convinced that there is something refreshingly new about MCLM.

I think, MCLM would gain traction and the chances are high that PR would yield to allow MCLM candidates to take on BN.

It is my understanding that all MCLM candidates who have been named, will announce their constituency where they will stand, perhaps, as early as in January 2011. Once announced, they will get to the ground to campaign irregardless of whether the election is next year or in 2013. These candidates will become the "shadow' MPs and they will work the constituents. It will be transparent to both BN and PR to observe how these MCLM candidates perform.

The make-up of the selected constituency will be studied in detail in an objective manner. An action plan on how to disseminate information and to win over the voters will be drawn upto to the minute details. I believe, these will be done by volunteers and not paid staff. There will not be even reimbursements for petrol, food and drinks. There are many people out there who are keen to offer their time and service for free to help our nation find a better path.

Idealistic? Perhaps. But some of us are indeed idealist and we do exist!

toyolbuster said...

Indeed you do have some village idiots among your regular visitors. What irritates me most is that they behave more like mongrels barking and howling before the moonlight shadow. 1st time they dont get it, they could be slow learners, 2nd try makes them a moron, and 3rd time effort should place them as retards, or just some boot lickers for 1APCO government.

zorro said...

toyolbuster, hey man I missed you! Where you been brother?
Agree about the guys who come in here but its their right to comment. I answer only those who do not know that they are making a fool of themselves. Cheers and seasons greetings buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Anonymous said...

The 3rd force is like kentut with foul smell.


Because it is going to split the votes meant for Pakatan and hand BN the victory.

toyolbuster said...

Yes bro, been a while. Wish you all and your visitors seasons greetings too and our Christian friends and not so friends a Merry Christmas and a Jolly good year ahead. May Santa bring us back our sanity, peace, harmony and closure. Cheers buddy

Anonymous said...

Let's not kid ourselves.

Without the votes from our naive and subservient Sabahans, Sarawakians and the peninsula rural Malays, Indians and the BN-duped Chinese, third force or whatever force will be of no effect. Except, of course, the ultimate force from God Himself -if and when He chooses to intervene!

Till then, this MCLM will only confuse most of the simple-minded, misinformed and the uninformed voters.

Anonymous said...

BN has already lost its glow
Out only to save its bruised ego
PR deserves to have a go
Having proven itself in Penang & Selangor
Come GE13, lets give BN a big KO
Voting in PR to be our hero
To implement and fulfill the vow
Of its 100-day reforms “manifesto”
Rather not to be in a rush, though
A little slower will be fine also

Anonymous said...

Yes it is d FORCE in the eyes of drunks..nonetheless, stay sober this christmas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.02 AM

You are spot on 100%.

If people think that PR will win the next election easily, better thing twice. It will not be a walk over. Unless you can get as many new voters to registered in time for the election, you won't stand a chance. Just look at Penang, if they are confident to retain government there, why not have the same election if called upon by BN?

I only wish one day there will be a two parties system in Malaysia so that voters have an alternative when come to choosing who should govern the country!

Dream on!