Monday, December 6, 2010


Malyasiakini story:


Anonymous said...

Obvious someone did not share his bounty with the other person and it's payback time. Anyway, things will fizzle out when that someone comes round to his senses.

felicia said...

dun be surprised, Uncle Zorro. he will pull another "looks like me, sounds like me, eats Tempe like me...but not me" joke....and laugh all the way to his Balinese mansion!

Anonymous said...

Killed Toyol should consider himself lucky.

In China, he will be executed by a single bullet into the head !

Anonymous said...

A sandiwara to win votes.

After the lection, Toyol will be freed for 'lack of evidence'.

Anonymous said...

With the special treatment no handcuffs the wayang has been exposed.

Anonymous said...

After you risk ur life to get it done and they simply say -MISSION ABORTED. gAME oVER.

No alternative , John Rambo did it his way-first blood 2- Blow up somebody ass...

Chow Si Fatt

Anonymous said...

Nowsadays Uncle, I notice your posts stay away from giving us Zorro's deep thoughts, other than replay some lame news already played & replayed elsewhere ! As though you worry what will some people think if you talk too much

Hey Uncle , whatever happened to your cutting edge uppercuts and body blows which used to be your trademark of yore?

Dun tell me you have finally sobered down,and your zzzzzzzzzzzz sword taken away... like many other previous swasbuckling Hero's before you ?

zorro said...

You missed this morning's 824am posting? You definitely did!

Anonymous said...

It is an organized case just to fool us that this Toyol will not be standing for the coming GE, UMNO fixed this up. AG agreed to save his skin by charging Toyol, all drama and more drama.

Anonymous said...

You must have nothing better to do other than jadi "batu api"?

Never one positive thing posted here, all about hates and hates.

Please laa... there are still ways, better ways we can help our country and nation.. You always highlighted the issues and create angers all over... and cause damages, but very little on solutions.

At least Najib is trying to ‘repair’ damages, why can’t you suggest alternative or add to his 7 points?
Why can’t you for once be balance in your critics? Maybe you already mark him as an evil, so you’ll only see evil.
I hope you are familiar with “’s better to work with a devil we know”

zorro said...


Thanks for your comment. Solution?
Dont you think we have exhausted them. Who listens? When your kids dont listen, you give them sweets yah? You remind me of a lady-friend who enticed her child to go to bed by placing 3M on every stair-step up to his bedroom. I shouted at Jeremy and he ran into his room crying. i dont worry if he hates me. At least he went to bed.

OK, here is solution. Place #7 in the charter as #1 and the other 6 points will fall into place. I envisage a country where government and opposition work together to solve problems....not fight each other over turf issues. I cannot make it simpler and I am sincere about this. There comes a time when you have exhausted all means and you have no choice but to "WHACK" the recalcitrants on both sides of the isle. What else can we ordinary citizens do? You tell me. And, where in any of my 1,926 postings did I say Najib was evil!

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo may just do an 'Anwar'. He may want the judge recused, request the AG to stay out of the way or even cite conspiracy by his enemies.

He probably will. After all, precedence for trial delays has been set and is becoming a popular trend in our judicial system.


Anonymous said...

I do marvel at your most boring sure as lightning re-replay of Malaysia's clownish acts ( as indeed the whole of Malaysian political Blogosphere ),such as this yet another one that you are now posting,of the powers that be pretending to rein in the obviously corrupt ex MB, as filed by the equally if not more deviously corrupt Attorney General ( but amazingly the still untouchable one goodness )

Don't you ever get tired of spinning this & other sickening Malaysian charades for the umpteenth time?

Give us something new, unmask something great as befit your status as Zorro, like for example why RPK chose London to be his new base and the untold reasons why Zaid became mad

Anonymous said...

I shouted at my kids too and I kiss them too.., there still our kids. I am on your side and many others for many good reasons but after seeing how ruthless (if you can suggest a better word to describe) the PKR top leaders are, it’s a case of 'keluar mulut buaya masuk mulut harimau'

There’s no such thing as ordinary citizens or extra ordinary ... we are all (just) citizens, but there are good citizens and bad citizens. No matter what post or datuk title, you can be either a good or a bad one.
we don't give a damn to title or position but will respect all good citizens (including you, I suppose) so, let’s continue to “WHACK” the bad one no matter which side there from.

You remind me of a scene in my office;
Mr X: “you don’t have to bark at me every morning”
Mr Y: “I am not a dog”
Mr X: “I don’t remember I say dog?”
Mr Y: “No, you don’t, but only dog bark... bla bla bla...

So, you don’t need to say exactly ‘evil’.... in your 1,926 posting.

Donplaypuks® said...

Watch and see. Something peculiar will develope in the trial. It may be shown that Toyo paid cash of $3 million for the land and took over bank loan liability of $3.5 million, thus making up total cost of $6.5 million.

Then Toyo's case will be without dismissed without his defence being called!

What they should be charging him with is having $3 million to buy land. Our MB's are not paid that much to save $3 million and certainly not $6.5 million

Has the MACC investigated the facts thoroughly? Do they understand finance? What about the construction cost of the house? How many $ millions did that come up to? Where did Toyo AND his wife get the money for that?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I think he was not charged for corruption or graft as you put it. He was charged for land fraud, and it carries a maximun of 2 years jail, and fines only.

Anonymous said...

ok, since he short-paid 3 juta for the land , FINE him 6 juta ....NO need to jail him !!

Unknown said...

The 7 point plan...! 'Its only Words, and Words are all I take your $$$s away!'

Anonymous said...

Fine 6 juta ah ? how to get the money as a poor dr. gigi ??

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that our AG Patai took years to prosecute BN politicians while oppositions are prosecuted in a jiffy without any huha from the rakyat. Probably, by now the corruptor will have every thing taken care of being charged after such a long time. This clearly proved that what quality and integrity Bolehland has of the people running such an important government agency.
And i can bet my last cent with the present bunch of so called "judiciary" in charge, this highly arrogant, corrupted dickhead pendatang will be declared innocent. As usual, no proof, everything is done accordingly to Bolehland laws etc etc. Case tutop and here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Fraud charge n not corruption charge says headline. our journalists are damn good in their english. Fraud n not corruption. This is malaysia in 2010

nstman said...

Case closed. Another sandiwara. All written in the Barisan script. Alls well that ends well. Hip hip horray. God save the King.

Anonymous said...

Istana Toyol should be repossessed by state government to be turned into a museum to showcase the 'largesse' lifestyle of millionaire dentist that abuse the notion of Malaysia Boleh.

Anonymous said...

Classic example of i scratch your back and you scratch mine scenario. The obvious delay in prosecuting this so called imported bumiputra was to let him have the time to tamper whatever evidences against him.
Just watch, with the present bunch of "learned" judiciary, this case will be dilly dally hoping the rakyat will forget. Then, sesame, this corrupted and racialistic pendatang will be found innocent. Not enough evidence, no laws broken, blah closed. Bolehland justice.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha ha.

Toyol is laughing away becos he has been promise 'tak salah' and is used to umpan votes from the non-malays.

Ling LS is also another umpan.

Trust not MACC, only good in singing jingles on RTM.