Thursday, December 16, 2010


He can give BN, a two-third majority, this critter can!

But you got to qualify as a hypocrite!


When appointed Speaker of the House after the aftermath of 308, he resigned as an UMNO division chief because:

"It is for the dignity of the House. I do not want to be seen as an active Umno member holding a division chief post.”

"I hope to emulate the late Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tun Zahir Ismail who in his 22 years gained respect by staying away from political positions."

(Ahchewwwwww, acewwwwww….I think you know that I am allergic to bull shit.)

How insulting to Tun Zahir! How puerile to aspire to decency and fairness that were the hallmark of Tun? How presumptuous that he thought we would buy his piss-poor neutered performance! He is the SOB who would wrap himself up in the national flag and challenged us to burn him, not realizing that we would rather use the flag to hang him! Dang, but he is the anointed Speaker who speaks what is whispered to him by his handler. What more can I say about this syphilitic lancheow except “hold it tight because without it, you will be the speaker turned squeaker.”

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that MPs needed to debate competently with integrity and more thought, to make Malaysia's parliament world class.

Now that is like eating an apple or an elephant whole. We will choke to death. We need to take small bites, masticate instead of swallowing. How about trying to aim for second class, then graduate to first class, sack the Speaker and then probably dream about being world class.

I do not want to defile this posting with his name but if you just want to know how a speaker should not behave such go HERE, HERE


Anonymous said...

What happened to Puad Zakarshi's made in England article?

LibangLibu said...

Tuan Zorro,

damn good one, i like this post.

bash this bloody fler smore.

Anonymous said...

he, the @#$%^&* talks macam an indonesian , is he a pendatang !!??

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the poor thing is a primitive person from the bush. He remains so. No point judging him as a kid from St.Xavier's or St. George's.

Anonymous said...

He is the worst parliament speaker malaysia has ever had-skin as thick as buffalo hide. And to add more insult, his name is teh complete opposite of his mousy character.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

Yes, the scumbag has proven himself over and over again that he would sell his mother if Najib command him to do so. He is Umno's faithful doggy and he's there to kill the opposition come what may. Because of him, we the rakyat voice had been silenced in Parliament. He has disgraced the position he is holding by his bias decision. Want to get rid of him? Simply by voting the BN out.

Miz Love said...

How do you control an unruly crowd of monkeys in a zoo, Uncle Zorro.
You be in his position for a day.
Come back and tell us.
I can bet that you will suspend all the MPs, leaving only you in the House.

zorro said...

Miz Love, evidently you do not read well or comprehend well what you managed to read. He was accused of conflict of interest. Like if your father gathers the whole family and said: I am your father, I will make the final judgment and you all just accept. I DID NOT COMMIT ADULTERY WITH OUR NEIGHBOR'S DAUGHTER! And the whole family claps! Just can't make it simpler. the village simpleton can grasp that without the help of a dictionary!

Anonymous said...

We must change this BN government, if not for any other reasons than just to show BN that they can be changed. Even if you do not wish for the alternative to BN, to become government, just change the government, to show BN that they can be changed and that they must listen to the people, not just their cronies

Anonymous said...

Right the speaker and UMNO are joint in one. Now where is the third force or those extra forces all seem to be busy to fool us. They are only a force that will benefit the BN coming this GE ... They will split the voters of PR thus lending BN to retain or get more seats. Hope this forces to be will not take part in the coming election as the raykat has one mission that is to finish off BN.

Unknown said...

...mulia?My arse!

Anonymous said...

Macc now should announce the results of the many investigations conducted by the then ACA Sabah on Pandikar Amin. How many investigation files were opened on him and what is the result of the investigation.

In Sabah everybody knows that this Pedekar Amin is not 'mulia' He is a corrupt bastard just like any Umno leader.

Anonymous said...

People of Sabah, sabar no more. Please send him back into the jungle where he came from. Do us a big favour will you ?

He can't remain in the August house anymore for he knew that after the GE13, someone else will take over. Thus, on the last day of Parliament seating, with preplanned agenda and getting instructions from the mini-stir of what law, decides that the last blow should help bn regain their 2/3 majority.

People of Sabah, remember him well as well as his second in command too. Send them to where they came from, can ah ? Beribu ribu terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

good, let more PR members be suspended so that we & our frens & children will be angrier & vote for PR come the GE13 !!

Anonymous said...

UMNO politicians sure have a warped sense of justice. I believe part of their actions is linked to their Ketuanan beliefs whereby the status quo must be maintained by all means. Never mind if it even involves murder.


Anonymous said...

Pandikar Amin is a disgrace to democracy.

Anonymous said...

UMNO has not learned a thing and has instead continued with abuses. It has even gone beyond into the killing of innocents. One has only to think of Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, and the countless others that have died in police custody during UMNO's administration. Corruption is still thriving along with crime. All these are issues that PR should stress on and it should produce and distribute widely videos that harp on these abuses by UMNO. It has done it before and it should do it with even greater urgency and determination. Distribute DVDs, go online, translate Kim Quek's "March to Putrajaya" into BM, Mandarin, Tamil and distribute them widely. PR needs to awaken the rakyat who are still being kept ignorant by UMNO's control of the mass media. All Malaysians who love Malaysia should then help PR to disseminate such information, particularly to Malaysians in rural areas. We need to win and we need to win big for the sake of our children, for their future!

Anonymous said...

Most disgraceful sh*t ever to be speaker...rather, a dog tag would suit him fine...because you know just who pay the license and feed him dogfood. And he's getting more and more rabid as the days go by..

Jong said...

Didn't Pasquale Capozzi say:

Never fight with a pig.
You can’t win.
You both get dirty.
And the Pig loves it.

Gives Malaysian electorates more reason to dump BN. We'll see, GE-13 isn't too far away!

Jong said...

Indian word for pig is "pandi" lah!

tsunami unleash said...

This speaker is speaking with his dickhead. Speaking not using the head located at his upper section of his body where the brain is rightly located. He speak with the head located along his middle section of his body, his dickhead.... stupid..

telur dua said...

What can we expect from a @#$% who grew up ea5ting hogwash. No wonder Parliament stinks.