Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Former Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin wrote today that the act of
placing the Malay race as more supreme than the others was against the
teachings of Islam, which preaches tolerance and the equality of all races.

“If someone considers himself more noble simply because of race or ethnicity factors, or considers others lower than himself because they are not of the same race, such belief is wrong and goes against the teachings of Islam.

“Should this be the case, it can be likened to the Jewish claim that they
are the 'chosen race',” he said.

“If a race should be viewed as noble, this nobility must be proven in how
they lead their lives. The Malays or the other races can achieve this
through their efforts towards upholding dignity, and not just by relying on
their races or different ethnicities,” said Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin

Dr Asri: 'Ketuanan Melayu' is against the teachings of Islam


We want our Rulers to identify themselves with all Malaysians and for all Malaysians to accept that our Rulers are their Rulers as well and, in this way hope that they will learn to embrace and understand the system employed in governing this, their country. The position of the Rulers will be greatly enhanced.

I am proud Malay, as proud as the next, in fact, prouder than most because I can trace my genealogy, in an unbroken line of recorded history, spanning a thousand years. I am not a Malay come lately.



If talented foreigners get special treatment to come and live here, what about talented Malaysians who have lived here all their lives? Yesterday’s announcement of a new class of immigration permit gives a subtle hint: talented Malaysians are second-class.

Oh, incidentally, and by the way, “talented foreigners” also applies to those “traitor” Malaysians who emigrated years ago and who were then vilified by Umno officials, and sometimes MCA and MIC officials too, as “rubbish” for leaving. Most of them were Nons but in later years many non-Nons have also left.

(The word “traitor” of course applies to anyone who doesn’t kiss Umno’s racist arse.)

Malaysians, your country has class


zarinahtakesapaycut said...

There was a dinner in the Chairman Tan Sri's house in Taman Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur where the guest are the MD of PwC iaitu Mr Chin Kwai Fatt and satu lagi Executive Director for PwC Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson.

After dinner there is a plan and menurut plan Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson becomes the No 2 at the Audit Oversight Board on the 1st of April.


Anonymous said...

Why do you have to care what Dr Asri says ( or do ) ?

He is just another pretending Islam /Malaysian Champion who speaks when it benefits himself, first , 1st and before you and me.

As long as he uses Islam to propagate himself upon stupid Malaysians, you as wise Zorro should not be conned by him, but you have , yet again !

Like nearly all other wannabe clerics ( or pretender/fakes/conmen, omg there are plenty )he can only talk - but can he do it ? Show us !

Can he come down to earth minus his NEPised Doctorate and his cheat robes ? Walk like us , eat like us and sleep like us ?

Otherwise he is just another clear & present Humbug and we are disappointed that you have featured him here. Shows your alarming decline of late

Anonymous said...

The problem in Malaysia is we have too many so-called Islamic experts talking c@#$. Sad that we are no longer a secular country as BN has hijacked the nation with its version of Islam that legalise corruption for the umnoputera to plunder the wealth under the guise of NEP.

Anonymous said...

What Prime Minister Najib Razak said at the opening of the BN convention last Sunday reflects a mind of the lowest common denominator. It is not the kind of mind one expects of a prime minister.

He stooped really low in taking swipes at the two-family dominance of the DAP (Lim Kit Siang's and Karpal Singh's) and "nepotism" in PKR, forgetting that he too is the son of a former prime minister, and that Dr Mahathir Mohamad also has a son who is a deputy minister with ambitions of becoming bigger...

Jongang said...

Our constitution does not specify the race of the prime minister, and the deputy PM is not even mentioned in the constitution.

The Umno leaders are making a big issue about the deputy PM being a Malay or non-Malay to play on the racial sentiments of the Malays and thus hope to win their votes at the next elections.

The Umno people are hoping that the Malays will be stupid enough to overlook the fact that since Dr Mahathir Mohamad's premiership, the country is estimated to have lost more than RM300 billion to corruption (according to Time magazine).

Most of this money was stolen by the top Umno people and that is why we often read about some of their family members joining the billionaire club or like Mahathir's son, making a huge investment in a brewery.

They are terrified that they would not be able to continue stealing and would be brought to justice if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next elections. Hence they are likely to use all sorts of dirty and crooked methods to cling on to power.

Anonymous said...

u r right Anon 8.20!
who the F#@K is DR ASSri??
another cleric play god?

hahaha...zorro will publish anything from any dick as long as its in line with his agenda!

you make yourself look so cheap lah zorroo!

zorro said...

Anon231pm....so cheap and yet you come to comment....how cheap do your handlers pay you to make a comment?
You do remind me of a guy whose mouth is so big, he could suck an egg from a chicken...for free too and that sure is cheap.

Jong said...

Anonymouse 2:31PM,

Now you look utterly cheap; next time THINK before you open your gap.

Wonder what's that insecured evil Perak specie's stand on this? Hope he won't further confuse the nyanyok old man.

Anonymous said...

The Islamophobia in Bolehland is generated by the BN ustaz to trap teh amlay mind into believing that umno is the prophet to save them.

Anonymous said...

MACC should nab Taib after that Toyol guy.

Anonymous said...

Those shouting for Ketuanan are basically suffering from inferiority complex.