Thursday, December 23, 2010


Jong sent me this jewel and it would be selfish if this was not shared in this season of giving. Let me take this opportunity too, to say sorry to those whom I have crossed during the year in this blog. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOURS.



Anonymous said...

This Islamic state issue has been replayed so may times it has become redundant. Yet the Chinese of K. Terengganu, Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Permatang Pasir has given full support to PAS despite all the odds

The trend also continues at Hulu Selangor where the Chinese community overwhelmingly voted PAS affiliated PKR and furthermore to Sibu, where they voted for change while ignoring SUPP's threats that DAP endorse an Islamic state

If the 2008 tsunami reached Sarawak which is across the South China Sea albeit 2 years later, I don't see how Johor which is part of the peninsular can be spared

The results of 6 previous by election indicates that Islamic state issue no longer concerns the Chinese compared to UMNO's endless practice of corruption and MCA's incompetence.

If the last GE results of any indication, UMNO is losing ground at Tenang.

InsyaAllah, PAS will repeat a Sibu miracle on polling day

Anonymous said...

Nazri would rather trust the LIES of A FOREIGNER than the TRUTH told by his own countryman . When our BN men can lie about Mongolian lady's murder, this APCO matter is easy as eating ice-kachang [ not ABC ,for we speak english ] to fix it and with ample time given

Another valid point , Nazri should learn to reply like a dignified or at least a DECENT human , instead of resorting to cheap 'pasar malam ' language. Nazri should remember that he is paid from the sweat-stained pockets of the Rakyat !

Anonymous said...

30,863 candidates scored straight As in this year’s PMR. Plus the millions more from past years, this country should be having the most number of geniuses….enough to build our own spacecraft and space station? But how come our space tourist still has to buy a seat in a Russian spacecraft? Buat malu saja…Or it is due to the fact that 70/100 is enough to ensure aa ‘A’?

Hijau Sekitar said...

Jelas Ulung is a RM2 company that was only registered last month, and it is now offering RM26bil to buy PLUS.

Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Why there is a rush to award the RM43 billion job or part thereof to Gamuda-MMC. Obviously some people are getting fabulously wealthy by orchestrating this deal.

Why is Putrajaya forming a SPV to finance this project when it was announced the last time, this was to be private sector project financed by private sector? Here is why. Make public the liability, make private the profitability.

Or why now, UEM and EPF who together control almost 70% of the PLUS highways appear to balk at an 11th hour offer by a little kichimayung Jelas Ulung. Maybe there is some collusion and conspiracy to defraud.

Or why people in MAS are buying a large number of airplanes without justifying the purchases to the volume of passengers? Because maybe, large amount of commissions exchange hands.

Does the money go to UMNO and BN?

gamudaputera said...

Who is Syed Hamid trying to hoodwink? For a start, the RM36 billion of the KL MRT just went up to RM48 billion before you can say "abracadabra". And of course, Prime Minister Najib Razak, and whoever else is on the gravy train, simply forgot there was land acquisition, rolling stock, etc. How convenient.

BN has been in this game long enough and will take their 10% upfront and MMC-Gamuda will cost this in and a lot more. And there will be no cost overruns, there will just be variation orders to the tune of another couple of billions.

Gamuda's Raja Eleena Azlan Shah and the MMC-Gamuda people will live well ever after while the poor folks in Malaysia have figure out how to make ends meet with prices going up come 2011.

justicenequality said...

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Dear friends,

May your Christmas be a blessed one filled with love, joy and peace. May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. I wish you the Very Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas ..and a Happy New Year.

justicenequality said...

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Jong said...

Hahaha, the Minister from Negeri9 who filed Police Report against Rockybru, now Rocky wants his pound of flesh before year ends, and why now, why 3 years late?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, had Rocky not been rilled and offended by the polis report against him, wouldn't he have sealed his lips, join Sleepyhead aka Mr Clean, in the 'cover-up' in the name of unity within umno and ketuanan umnoMelayu? That's how despicable they all are, nothing but self-interest!