Saturday, December 4, 2010



Unknown said...

I have been talking rubbish for 35years,having involved myself as contractor,manufacturing of waste handling equipment,consultancy on waste management, it is fun to know someone talking garbage.
As most of of my dealing is in this narrow field,I earned the nickname as sampa[h]lee as many mat salleh pronouce sampah with the 'h' silent.
Zorro,I knew we have something additional in common than just wanting cleaniness in human behaviour and it come down to Trash.Waste like all things else can be resource,when one have the wisdom to manage it.
So dear buddy in discards,e-mail me when you have your malt break and I will join you[around PJ lah]

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why I cannot access to malaysia today via internet explorer? Past couple of weeks already. But access is find via my handphone using opera mini.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays we see many Malaysian searching for stuff among the sampah to make a living.

BN should look inoto this as they want to elevate their income to RM4000 a month.

Anonymous said...

Privatisation is not the issue. It is the privatisation agreement that is the issue. Most of the privatisation agreements are lopsided.

The concessionaires are practically guaranteed criminally-high profit margins by allowing prohibitively high annual increase in tariffs - for example, the toll highway concessionaires and the IPPs. The concessionaires can also inflate the cost to hide their profits. This can be corrected if there is political will.

Pakatan Rakyat has made a concrete proposal for the takeover of Plus that will freeze toll rates and save the government billions of ringgit in compensation to the highway companies. Unfortunately, BN does not have the political will to do it. They find it easier to reduce subsidies and therefore continuing to oppress the people like what they have been doing for the past 52 years.

zorro said... me at ktswee@hotmail. I do not have your email. We have a lot to talk about -sampah that is.