Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Anonymous said...

Malays who question special rights are traitors? Then what do you call the Malays who allow the invasion of our country by the thousands of illegal immigrants as in the case of Sabah. If this was not bad enough, they were issued with MyKads too.

What do you call the Malays who remove the immunity and powers of the royalties? What do you call the Malays who called the royalties "binatang"? Do you consider them loyal subjects?

Comparing the "questioning of the special rights" and putting our country at risk with the invasion of foreigners, it is quite plain where the truth lies. I hope I will wake up from the nightmare soon.

justicenequality said...

May his SOUL rest in Peace in Heaven.
Truly a unselfish PATRIOT of this Nation.

ecowarriorz said...

Very sad to hear of his passing. A remarkable man who never lost his integrity and always worked for the betterment if all. Rest in peace Fan

Nur Prima said...

One speech for the general elections, one speech for Umno elections, one speech for Deepavali open house, one speech for Chinese New Year open house and one speech for Raya open house. Different speeches for different audience. Typical Umno, true hypocrites.