Monday, December 27, 2010


BN boasted that their 1Malaysia NGO (pic) was responsible for the BN victory in Galas. I am not disputing that because it is easy to buy Malaysians of all shades during a by-election. We saw that in Galas, Hulu Selangor and PD. For a few hundred ringgit they are capable of selling the country one day, God forbid!

PAS has plans, macro and micro, to tackle the Chinese and Malay voters respectively. Well and good, but I think the Chinese, Malay and Indian voters must receive some shock treatment. We have enough evidence of indiscriminate shooting by police, custodial deaths and police brutality on our people.

It would be a coup if Pakatan can use this man.

If Chia Buang Hing cannot convince the Chinese voters in house to house visits in Tenang, nothing will. Not even ceremah perdana! Selvach cannot as he is being tortured in Batu Gajah and receiving treatment in hospital. Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, Guna, and teenager Amirulrasyid all CANNOT. They are all dead, kaput, past tense!

Framemaker Chia is alive and CAN speak for the deceased! If the Chinese, Malays and Indians cannot be moved, then we know that money only can….and that would be a crying shame……close to, if not, treason! BN will continue to use money, because over 50 years they have proved THAT THE MALAYS, CHINESE and INDIANS CAN BE EASILY BOUGHT.



Richard Loh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY uncle Bernard

I can only said that most Malaysians are still a weird You have seen it, I have seen it and many have seen it but still the end result is the same...they are simply the 'no worry be happy' grouping.

Anonymous said...

yes, BN is using duit duit duit to buy votes !!

felicia said...

Yuletide Greetings to you, Uncle Zorro!

someone once said on your blog that "a Good man does nothing". well, let me just add on by saying: "the Better man makes a stand; and the Best man joins the fight/cause"

~salam perjuangan~

Anonymous said...

Insya Allah Malays chinese indians will vote Pakatan for their children's future.


Unknown said...

The ugly incident happen in a pr controlled state.What is the skillful respose from pr or the same excuse,they do not control the federal.So voters must give pr only mps and all aduns from bn.

Old Fart said...

Happy birthday Bernard!!

But I am afraid I am going to be a bearer of bad news for you.

From what you just said, it would appear that all shades of Malaysians will sell their souls for just a few dollars.

O.k. la Maybe the Chinese vote cost a little bit more than the Malay vote. I suppose the Indian vote would go for a couple of bottles of samsu maybe!! That would be the reckoning before they budget for this buy election anyway!!

So hate me you guys for saying it as it is. But I stand by what I say!!

Anonymous said...

Besides duit and postal vote dirty tricks, is the opposition polling agents allow to check whether the IC REALLY belongs to the voter ?

There were cases where ICs were collected (with downpayment, of course!) and voting done on behalf. After voting, ICs returned to owners with the balance payment.

Postal votes cannot be manupilated ? Wrong ! Print 2 sets with same serial numbers. Destroy the 1st set that was sent out for voting. Substitute by the 2nd set with 95% votes for one particular candidate.

That explains why 100 postal votes were issued (all BN). But 123 postal votes were counted. And BN won by 13 votes.

Actually, opposition won by 10 votes. So 23 "extra" BN postal votes had to be quickly added into the bag. And that's why postal votes always came late.

Try you luck, ask EC to:-

1. Allow polling agents to verify ICs.

2. Allow polling agent to be present during postal voting and counter sealed the bag with polling agent's own seal and signature.

3. Count postal votes first. If postal votes not made available after half hour from gazetted time of start counting then postal votes considered null & void.

4. (still thinking... to be continue... may be)

Anonymous said...

Given a free 1Malaysia T-shirt those fellows will vote for BN.
So sad!

Anonymous said...

UMNO hasn’t even got absolute power yet and we are witnesses to such extensive corruption.

IMAGINE if UMNO had absolute power – the corruption would be absolute!

So Malaysians, stand up or be forever damned.

Vote Pakatan Rakyat next GE.

Jong said...

Chia Buang Hing deserves to be slapped a heavy fine for driving with expired road tax, I cannot imagine what if he killed someone on the road? It was inexcusable and irresponsible on his part but that he did not deserve to be punched, assaulted and bruised till blue-black!

We must unite and speak up against police brutality to create a climate of resistance; remaining quiet will send the wrong message that it's OK for them to cross the line of duty and violate the Rakyat's fundamental rights. Speak up folks!

Anonymous said...

i) where is tenang?
ii) when is nomination day? polling day?
iii) how can some of us arm-chair talk-only critics help in terms of $$ ?


Anonymous said...

RM77 million is paid for one year out of tax payers money for UMNO B’s benefits….and if voters is still not convinced that we must change the Govt. to save Malaysians and country..they should have their heads examined or are gone case racists converted by Mahathir.. the Devil reincarnated man.

If majority Malaysians think Mahathir is a Savior…we are doomed for life.

Anonymous said...

Chia kata:“我如此的不幸、如此的无辜,我宁愿死也不愿意被警方诬赖!”


"Gua begitu malang, tapi tak salah, gua sanngup mati daripada difitnah oleh polis!"

Anonymous said...

Malaysian police are gangsters in uniform. The corruption and nepotism in police are known by all except the BN government. People suffer at the hands of police. There's a need for change at the top. It's completely rotten up there.

Anyone who keeps a 'parang' in one's car must be really stupid because it is a sure-fire way of getting arrested. PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), please stop giving us these sorry and lame excuses to cover up for your brutality and trigger-happiness.

Jong said...

What's next for these uniformed gangsters called 'polisdiraja' - police misconduct and false arrest, planted bloodied parangs and drugs and where else, cars of opposition politicians or even HQs of hated political parties next? What else are they incapabale of?

Enough! We want a clean police force that protects the people from crime and stop crime with appropriate behavior, not gangsters on prowl!

Anonymous said...

The Opposition Leader is a manipulated victim of the Cowadice BN Leader, who is an implicated Murderer, as he wanted the Opposition Leader to be jailed so that he can win the coming General Election without a stronger opponent thereafter will only continue to oppress the Rakyats with his selfish evil agenda of GST and then to be more corrupted with more projects' announcements so that he will award those projects to his proxies & cronies or try to get more kickbacks from non-proxies if the projects were so awarded say in the same way as the French Submarine's purchase, very soon the Federal Government Coffer will be depleted so that they will have a good reason raise the prices of Diesel and Petrol in order to cheat more money and then Sell more Government Bonds to raise more money to cheat and plunder, don't buy those bonds because they have no money to repay as they have depleted all the Funds contributed from Petronas in the 53 years of UMNO's unabated Corruptions.

Make sure all the Rakyats vote to throw UMNO/BN out this coming GE 13 along with their Police Henchmen Bullies and MACC Murderers

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all the hypocrites...the police maybe wrong in hitting chia but you all are not even blaming him for not having a valid driving licence.,let say if he drive and hit n killed your family yo mean he is the hero here....why dobt ask pakatan rakyat to employed their own police force....i have seen ppl stop by police n behave in dangerous manners....

Anonymous said...

Polis kita memang tak boleh di harap.

Anonymous said...

All of us must unite to ensure that we have a polis force we all can trust and be proud of.
A few rotten evil policemen are destroying the PDRM image and relationship with the public.
Vote for CHANGE>>>>>Hidup Pakatan !
As the rot starts at the Top we must have a new Pakatan Government to end all the Injustice -corruption, deaths in custody ,polis brutality and the arrogance.
Hidup Reformasi !

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian public is very wary of what the EC can do in a by-election. Nik Aziz complained about the postal votes in Galas by-election that some of the spouses of the arm forces or police were classified in the postal category. The vote counting in the Batang Ai by-election was not done at the polling stations. There're many other anomalies brought up by the electorates in the internet from time to time. Let's see how they handle the Tenang by-election.