Tuesday, December 21, 2010


At Sunday’s MCLM closed-door presentation, too much of Q&A time was taken up on the possibility of three-cornered-fights. This undeniably was a valid fear amongst the audience who were aware that the success of Pakatan during the March 08 election was the consensual negation of three-cornered-contests.

MCLM professed ability to propose elite candidates to contest in the next GE is a magnanimous gesture. Whether Pakatan accepts the MCLM candidates will invariably become a major concern. What guarantee is there that the Pakatan coalition will accept MCLM candidates instead of their party members? If Pakatan rejects the offer will MCLM candidates be forced into the obvious three-cornered fight?

THREE-CORNERED-FIGHTS can be avoided if MCLM does some groundwork. The objective behind offering their candidates is to replace “errant” or non-performing MPs or Aduns. Months before 308 The People’s Parliament led an initiative where the people of a constituency got together to “watch” their Parliamentary or State reps. To me this movement caught the wind in their sails, but lost it after the euphoria of 308.

However, it is not too late for MCLM to revive this initiative. MCLM has the candidates as proclaimed. Until MCLM can give concrete proof to Pakatan parties that their incumbents are wanting no way any MCLM candidate will be accepted as a replacement candidate.

MCLM has put their candidates through a “CLEANSING” process. The same could be done to ferret out delinquent Pakatan MPs and Aduns for replacement.

Can we agree that the Pakatan coalition put partisanship aside in the choice of candidate for 308?

Can we also agree that unusual sacrifices were made by Pakatan coalition in the choice of candidates for 308?

Can we agree that at all cost, they worked as a team to prevent three-cornered- contests?

We can also agree that some choices were shitty because good sense did not prevail, decisions were rushed through and flawed loyalties took precedence. The frogs are good examples.

Can we agree that MCLM can and must work as a team with Pakatan Rakyat for the common goal – forming the next government of Malaysia.

I will not ask anyone to agree on this.....I just pray that good sense will prevail and there will never be a three cornered amongst MCLM and Pakatan.

It would be ideal to see MCLM officially engage the Pakatan chiefs and clear the air of all misconceptions flying around. Give evidence that their candidates are wanting. Like it is commonly heard: In God we trust, the others show DATA.

These are my thoughts for whatever it is worth.

I am with MCLM in its mission to meet OUR goal, but we have to do the RIGHT thing RIGHT this first time.


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Anonymous said...

Brother! the right thing right this first time is to conquer Putra Jaya.
So just do it and remain focus!

Old Fart said...

Zorro, it would seem like this entire activity is being approached like as if there are protagonists and antagonists in hostile competition. This is what needs first to be addressed and every one should respect that they are all antagonists or they are all protagonists and that there is no hostility. We are all on one side aiming for teh same goals.
It is then a question of who we want to see go down the field to be the players to take on our antagonists, the BN.

Now, who do you want to see play on teh field? surely the best. And what ever position the player is played the aim is just one...to score the goal. Not to be the best winger or defense or goal keeper or whatever.

Problem with the present players is that there are many who think their role is to be the best winger or defence or whatever. Does not matter if we scored goals.

This is why we see people like Gobalakrishnan who think Pakatan is about taking care of the Indians or some who think it is only the environment that is important and so on.

One thing I know, is that MCLM is about scoring goals. Not about providing the best defense or best wingers or forwards etc without a care for scoring goals.

We can have an agreed candidate selection process based on criteria that we set. I would advocate commitment to the People's Declaration and People's Voice. In addition a commitment to the role of the MP or the Adun. And they better damn well know what the roles of MPs and Aduns are all about. I can already see that quite a few don't really know. They'd be better off remaining in the NGOs they come from or be vying for positions in local councils.

Maybe we should push for people offering themselves for candidacy whether as MPs or Aduns present themselves in a town hall style forum and let those in attendance with weightage given to some "judges" who are more attuned to ensuring criteria is met, decide who would make the better candidate.

Anonymous said...

The presence of MLCM and Kita will ensure BN victory as opposition votes will be split.

This is good news for BN, but bad news for the rakyat.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

You guys are going to hand BN back their 2/3 majority come GE13.

The Tank said...

MCLM & KITA....clones-of ???
...ZORO send them for DNA analysis esp; Financial Backers ???

Anonymous said...

Zorro, three cornered fights will definitely bring disadvantages to the PR. Why the MCLM want to bring their own candidates to the battle fields under a different bannar?They are killing the goose that lay the golden egg without thinking the result. MCLM candidates may not necessary win the seat. Why we never hear the MCLM candidates join the PR parties as members? Not good enough for them? Think MCLM candidates are selfish & arrogant though they may think it best to beat the BN. My foot forgetting that without united efforts ,there is no way to beat BN.

Anonymous said...

Let all Malaysian stay on one mission that is get BN out for good. Third force or Sabah JT super force must not spoil the raykat mission. They must think whatis next after the GE13 . PR should pick up those third force candidates and vet them that they are not UMNO sent. NEVER TAKE IN KITA their President is only thinking of power and may be another TDM. All indications point that he is heading that way.

Bumi Boy said...

You can dream on Uncle Zorro.
The MCLM candidates will not win.
They will only weaken the votes for PKR.
If it comes from RPK and Haris, it's real bad news. They may be smart but they are politically naive.
One must be in a registered party to win votes. Only some self-professed liberal voters will choose MCLM candidates.
The others will surely vote candidates from political parties.

Anonymous said...

omg, a bunch of wishy washy has been ignoramus / tricksters who pretends to know all about whether a person is good or not just because they have no known black spots, or because they are same same drinking kakis or go to same Church or Surau !

Pretender God ( MCLM ) will fail simply because it is a false prophet & a fake, just like Ketuanan Melayu &/or filthy Perkasa & those humbug muftis from Alor Star to JB

Only God knows a person well enough to recommend him to heaven, not some bored retired con men

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, MCLM or the third force candidates with or without the blessing of BN the three or multi-cornered in GE 13 will sure to benefit BN. Do we need a genius to understand that. Do we?

Anonymous said...

Did not Anwar handpicked people like Zahrain and that skullcapped Zukilfli in the last election? And Wee Choo Keong.....

When these frogs jumped, did not Anwar admitted that mistakes were made, one of the reasons being that there is a sore lack of good candidates around.... to the extent that he even picked that Lingam video guy Gwo Something Burne whom he got to know only a mere 3 weeks before the poll?

Aren't candidates like Malik Imtiaz and S Pillai way better than those joker frogs?

So much effort were taken to persuade these candidates to come forward and yet we have comments like how would villagers/kampong folks identify with them ? Huh?

Isn't it common sense to place the right candidates in the appropriate constituency?

After all the shenanigans by the PR, especially PKR lately, the voters will not blindly vote.... they too want to see who the candidates are in their areas...