Friday, December 3, 2010



If the press reports are accurate, I am also saddened by the Minister’s statement that “he owed it to Parliament to reply on the issues, but not to any ordinary citizen on the street.”

These are very harsh words coming from a Senior Minister to a senior citizen like myself by likening me to someone in the street. I would like to remind the Senior Minister that respect begets respect. Not too long ago, we hear the slogan popularised by the Government “Yang Tua dihormati, yang muda disayangi.” We would not want our younger and future generation to be nurtured into a “kurang ajar “generation.

More importantly, I would like to remind the Minister that he is an elected representative of the people. His own honorific title ‘Yang Berhormat Wakil Rakyat in the Dewan Rakyat” are clear enough that the government, indeed all public functionaries, are accountable to the people- the ordinary citizen, who voted them into Parliament and into power. I therefore appeal for circumspection in the statements made by Ministers of the Government.


Phang slams Nazri: Humbleness is good, arrogance will fail


Unknown said...

UMNO Melayu memang sombong.Fancy-titled UMNO Melayu in government, lagi sombong!But little do they know,it's usually 'Bodoh Sombong'!

tungkaran hati.blogspot said...

Perjuangan PAS lebih bermaruah tanpa PKR dan DAP.
Keujudan PAS dalam PR hanya sebagai Babi tunggangan sahaja.
Tak percaya? Tanyalah sama Anwar Ibrahim dan Lim Kit Siang.

zarinahtakesapaycut said...

Datuk Johan Raslan is the Executive Chairman of PwC Malaysia, and among other things a member of the Securities Commission of Malaysia's Corporate Governance Consultative Committee.

The following are the Questions Raslan has to answer to the Malaysian public.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

But at least Nazri is not as arrogant as rais anak yatim , hisapudding and ibrahim ali .
But i do agree that nazri have some cow dung in his head at certain times.

Anonymous said...

Nazri is very clearly the classic example of the typical umno minister's bodoh sombong-ness, one who simply wants to sound that slightly different thinking his own self absorbed conceited mind that he is smart and novel in his approach.

Asking him not to be arrogant is like asking a fish not to be wet! In any case, he needs to be arrogant to cover up his innate dishonesty. They all do!

motherchell said...

The reason why none of the UMNO Ministers do the tango ------Pigtail with help from the former PIG Musang hold lots of skeletons of each rogue in office. They make sure they take what is not theirs to be silenced for an efficient control of selective plunder.
Nazri is a successful graduate of the system. The problem is these guys continue to pray 5 times a day in ignorance!! Mecca bleeds seeing these fools in grins!!!

Cheers to you my dear Zorro!!

Jong said...

Spot on Mothercell!
Crooks like that notorious kleptocrat family of Sarawak did likewise - begged forgiveness to cleanse their sins, then came back to rob again, seize native lands from the poor and illiterates!

Damn it, why is MACC not investigating that White Hair? The Sarawak Report has pictures and documents, what more proof do you need?

Anonymous said...

The SC since formation and under the so called 'leadership' of MM (not Mamak kutty) the first chairman, has been behaving like Umno in many aspects! Big bullies and rough shots, they are like the Know all gurus of commercial business! The staff members are arrogant to the hilt!