Friday, July 11, 2008


This blog will not desecrate its page with a photo of this despicable man. His signature had to be obtained for seven-year ISA detainee Shahrial to visit his dying daughter. When Shahrial was finally released to visit his daughter it was 5.00pm. Aina Mardiah Shahrial was admitted to Kajang Hospital at 3pm July 2. 26 hours later Kamunting released her father to take the 4 hours journey to Kajang. 1 hour 20 minutes into his journey Aina passed away. Baldy made it such that Shahrial was not able to see his daughter when she was alive. What manner of man would be so beastly? He put so much effort and money and we lost a rock and he could not do the humane stuff to get a father to see his child when she was fighting for her life, but still alive. This is the type of politician we have and aptly defined here:

“Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many”; and "tics" meaning “bloodsucking creatures”.”

ab imo pectore "Ascendo tuum!!!" ...advocatus diaboli


And why are you still keeping Manoharan, aDUN for Kota Alam Shah in Kamunting. He is an elected member. Charge him in court and found guilty jail him and he can cease to be an assemblyman. But whatever is done, this will force a by-election and you cannot afford this. If this does not happen, I hope Manoharan will resign as to let a non-Kamunting resident stand in his place.. You cannot serve your constituents from Kamunting. Do it RESIGN!


Here is an relevant Arabic curse:
"may millions of fire-ants make nest, copulate and multiply in your hamid....oopps....humid zones."
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teohjitkhiam said...

Zorro, sir. I don't wanna sound like a wet blanket but we are talking about an UMNO Warlord here. I sincerely doubt that this would dent his popularity within the ranks of Malaysia's sole de-facto ruling party.

My condolences and sympathies to Shahrial and Norlaila.

Anonymous said...

where were we for the ISA rally? tears in my eyes now but I should have been there.
haris, sorry for not responding to your call to attend. i feel real lousy.

Anonymous said...

Are we surprised to have this type of BN Minister in Bolehland. This botak chap should put his head in Najib's a** in shame. Do on to others as others will do back on's a matter of time. A pariah in true sense of the word!

artic turban said...

Visa plan for 'risky' visitors.
One of the risks posed is the possession of bogus passports
The government has warned 11 countries that their citizens will need visas to visit the UK unless they "significantly reduce" the risk they pose.

Listed are Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago.

A Home Office report identifies bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism as possible risks posed by visitors.

It says the new visa requirements could become law by early 2009.

The new countries on the visa list have a combined population of more than 300 million - nearly 5% of the world's population.

We need to decide how to widen the visa net. We cannot and will not shy away from going wider

Liam Byrne, immigration minister

If visas are imposed on them, 80% of the world's population will be subject to visa entry requirements in order to visit the UK.

Because Britain is a member of the EU, citizens of European countries do not need visas to visit the UK.

Border and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: "We need to decide how to widen the visa net.

"We cannot and will not shy away from going wider and will, whenever we think there is a risk to the UK."

'Evidence of change'

He said the government will now "work with" the countries over the next six months in an effort to reduce the risks.

"If they are able to show evidence of change then there will be no need to introduce a visa regime," said Mr Byrne.

The criteria for the Home Office's Visa Waiver Test included looking at passport security and integrity; the degree of co-operation over deportation or the removal of a country's nationals from the UK.

Levels of illegal working in the UK and other immigration abuses, levels of crime and the risk of a visitor committing a terrorist act were also considered.

Anonymous said...

How sad

We r listed together with some of the poorest and backward countries in the world.... and I think the pharse 'BODOHLAND' sounds just about right cos we got a @#$%^ gomen that makes us Bodoh to the eyes of the world.
Namibia,Botswana. Lesotho, Swaziland, how many Malaysians ever heard or know about these countries..

Anonymous said...


ummu asiah said...

Kalau saya tak salah , you pun join Vigil di Kamunting kan? Yes..Aina and the whole family joined the event too..

thanks for your support untuk buat donation drive for the family..will really help them..

Teruskan bersama berjuang menghapuskan ISA..


flyer168 said...

Dear Zorro,

My heartfelt condolence to Shahrial, his wife & family for this unnecessary inhumane sufferings imposed by the Home Affairs Minister & his Ministry/Department's attitude.

To deprive a father's anguish to see his 17 year daughter in her dying moments.

This is Barbaric even in the present Bolehland !

May Allah have mercy on you all !

Anonymous said...

Your comments are ever as sharp as that Zorro’s sword; True, precise and most damaging.
Hamid, Don’t make Zorrow angry aaaa...You dont like when Zorro’s angry...

Anonymous said...

Another example of how inhumane our government is. How can the Botak can sleep at night? Ah, I have forgotten. Botak does not have a heart.

lanaibeach said...

Where is the compassion?
The Home Affairs Minister could give
Through verbal consent and sign the release paper later
When the subject was staying alive for so many hours only
Where is the common sense of responsibility?

We have the modern gadgets
Tax payers’ money involved millions
When it needs to be used
The turtle crawling imposes
Where is the compassion?

The Bodohians playing
The Rakyat getting sick each passing day
Deciding leadership changes
Without the Rakyat input………..

Now we are under UK radar screen
About visa requirements entering UK
6 months to make it works……….
It is because the administration is sleeping
In the Bodoh land – a place of magical reality
The leaders believe in their shadows………..

About the country and people
They fight to stay on the power grid
As long as they can to pursue own agendas
Where is the compassion?

It has gone
This group of leaders
The Rakyat should send them away
Into their own land of dreams

O Minister where is your compassion?
For a father to see his dying daughter
You took your sweet time
You could just give a call
But you didn’t do it at all

My sadness can’t put it right
She had gone to the Lord
Without seeing her father
For even the last time

Anonymous said...

No matter how many times he goes to Mekah to wash his sins, it could not be washed. He deliberately has been deceiving the very people he supposed to serve and protect.
Damn Baldy Hamid

Unknown said...

Malaysians need to wake up to the reality that this Government do not give a damn care for the ordinary rakyats.

They are presently deeply entrenched in projecting themself for political gloru and self enrichment.

Anonymous said...

and they are doing it demi agama, bangsa & negara?


Anonymous said...

To this callous person, I quote the following verse:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what he sows.

Galatians 6:7

Anonymous said...

May I add, he not only have no heart, he has no sound head. I fail to see one human treating so cruelly to another human being...perhaps, we have gone to the level of some African nations. Locked this scum in the cage where he belongs.

Junah said...

So sad. My curses on botak and all his like.

Anonymous said...

bamboo river®

Nostradamus said...

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you?

Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

“Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

Think hard and search your conscience from deep within and “Viola” you can differenciate between Night from Day. Throw out bias towards race, creed, superiority, affiliations, religion and beliefs, greed, power, cronyism etc and then see whether some of the things happening around is right or wrong , true or false, evil or good, facts or fiction.

1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction).
2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False).
3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False).
4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True/False).
5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his own skin. (True/False).
6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
8. All poor people need to be helped by Government. (True or False).
9. Corruption is a fact of life and should be tolerated. (Fact or Fiction).
10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction).
11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False).
12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction).

To be continued……


Starmandala said...

That Botak is Bad News lah - just like the ISA and the jibbering idiots at BN who continue to use this evil law to suppress dissent. In fact, BN now stands for Bad News, period.

Anonymous said...

Hoi si BOTAK! Kamu di laknati ALLAh sebab menganiaya manusia! Semoga kamu dapat balasan dari ALLAH kelak! Si Dollah ni tidur lagi ke atau masih sibuk kira duit?. Apalah nasib yang diterima oleh rakyat ni!

Anonymous said...

My heart bleed for you Shahrial. As a mother my tears flow non stop when I read about it. Hamid you have shown the worst of its kind from UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Our condolences to the family of the poor really broke our heart to read story like this. But you know about that botak...whose father was known to be the biggest asshole of a malay supremacist (oh...they are not even malays but snaky arab descendants) who helps kicked out singapore from the federation.....inheritance of evil genes my friend, that's what it was.

Sklau said...

After the ants are through, may a 50 foot Malaysian python wriggle up his anal orifice to hibernate there for 7 years of self imposed Solitary Confinement.

Shit Humid can't file sodomy charges as there are no provision for it under Civil or Shariah Laws. Since he was never kind to human, the least he could do is to be kind to animals.

Anonymous said...

Botak head, go to school at half past 8,
Teacher say why so late,
Bloody botak head... Bloody fucking botak head...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Condolence to En.Shahrial , family and friends.
We might not met En.Shahrial , but those of us who have a family we know his sorrow.
I want to say an early condolence to bn as well.

Anonymous said...

You think that botak got cared how we '@#$%^&*' him ah !? he may be having 'kepala ikan' now & saying
" go to hell lah, @#$%^&* ...!!"