Friday, April 3, 2009


Driving back from two afternoon ceremah's in Bukit Gantang, I get an sms that the new PM is magnanimously releasing 13 from Kem Kamunting.

Collecting my thoughts, I told myself that if Najib does not release Mat Shah Mohd Satray amongst the 13, this PM is a capital sham....thinking that he can fool us. I immediately rang Laila (above), Mat Shah's wife. Even before I could question her she said, "Uncle Zorro, Mat Shah is not on the list." I do not wish to publish our conversation except to say that as expected this was a shallow attempt at damage control. If the PM was a man of stature, he would not treat us as fools, thinking that we will be so impressed that we will burn incense to his image! I know that there will be some out there who will burn this incense to his honor.

People, take a look at this kid. He is Mat Shah's son Suhaib. Read and study his face and tell me he has no story to tell you..... a story of an eight-year old whose father was snatched away one night in April 2002. On the 18 April it would be Suhaib's 7 years without the comforting embrace that all fathers give to their children to encourage, to console and to assure.

What manner of man or government can orchestrate such a despicable act to sever the bonds between a father and a son. Suhaib is 15 now and in our conversations over the last three years he still cannot understand why the government is afraid to charge his father in court. It is during these adolescent formative years that a child confused is a child damaged. Take it from me. I have dealt with hundreds of them in my 19 years as a teacher. I have seen a confused child irreparably damaged. I fear for Suhaib. In moments of confusion would he be festering with hate that could translate into irrational acts.....just to get even, just to get a sense of why an injustice is inflicted on him, his mother and his father.

Laila, over the years has learnt to cope, has learned to be strong, but like all of us she too is human. Her religion, her friends, her son and the GMI cause have kept her focused. But like all of us we have our up days and our down days. We have family....she has a fractured family. Think about it. Pray about it. You owe it to Mat Shah, Laila and young Suhaib.

The BN government is evil. A better Malaysia can never happen if do not destroy Barisan National. Let 5 straigh defeats in by-elections send a message to the new Prime Minister. If Najib Tun Razak is man with balls, he will dismantle the ISA. I will probably burn some incense before his image when it is put up on the walls of BN institutions.

Mat Shah was a technician with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. He was originally alleged to be KMM member, later alleged to be JI member.

Sent to KDC on 13 June 2002; transferred to an undisclosed police remand centre in KL on 11 June 2004; detention order renewed on 12 June 2004; Federal Court rejects habeas corpus appeal on 2 Feb 2005: files habeas corpus application in Aug 2006. Detention order extended again in June 2006 and yet again in June 2008.





Anonymous said...

burn not only incense.

how about candles for the family here and that far away in middle kingdom?

Abdul said...

Even Mahathir released a bunch of IDA detainees immediately he was installed as PM but we know what has happened later. Nuf said!

Alawiyah said...

Please send my 'salam' to Laila. I was praying and hoping that Mat Shah is one of those in the list.

Mat Shah was a family friend, to be exact my brother, Adnan's friend. Together with Suhaimi Mokhtar who was released two months ago, they used to 'lepak' at our house in Kampong Pandan after their 'usrah'.

Only during the last Ramadhanthat I learnt it was the friend that Adnan called "Icha" is Mat Shah.

Tell Laila for me ... my doa is with her and Shuaib.


nightcaller said...

Moments after Najib's announcement, I surf the net looking for the released ISA list :

1. Pakana Selama
2. Amir Hussain
3. Sundaraj Vijay
4. San Khaing
5. R.Kenghadharan
6. V.Ganabatirau
7. Wan Amin Wan Hamat
8. A Artas A Burhanuddin
9. Francis Indanan
10. Mohd Nazri Dollah
11. Mohd Arasad Patangari
12. Idris Lanama
13. Binsali Omar

Mat Shah Mohd Satray is not amongst the list. My thoughts goes for Laila and Suhaib. "Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul"...

Antares said...

All those who pray to Allah for mercy & understanding or whichever deity they prefer... and at the same time endorse injustice & cruel, unjust laws like the ISA... deserve to be converted into low-grade fertilizer & worm food.

daria said...

should have thought about his son while he was plotting to bomb innocent rakyats.

Anonymous said...

A completely insincere farce!

Anonymous said...


a sham is always a sham ...

this was done with the hope of impressing the voters in the coming by elections.

he said judge him by his action and his action is in cesspool - the deep end.


mob1900 said...

Selective release of ISA detainees but when it comes to persecution, SEMUA MASUK LOKAP!

Najeeb Mongolia is trying to salvage some form of brownie points after his undoing of democracy in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Surely he is not sincere and it is just a gimmick trying to fool us the rakyat.
He must be another sleeping minister, as claimed in his speech that he has dedicated 30 over years as public servant but still unaware of the demand of the rakyat.
If he is honest, he should have announced that ALL ISA detainees must be released, close Kamunting camp and abolish ISA.
But still I don't vote for him as PM and wonder who voted for him? Malaysian? or UMNO only?

Hamba said...


Hamba said...

Stupid Daria!....Has Mat Shah been proven guilty?...Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law!....Has he got a fair trial?...NO!... Anyone can say that someone meant harm to the country..but the thing that differentiate a lie and the truth is evidence...If the govt have evidence then charge them in court not detain in jail without trial... ISA is the tool of a tyrant not democracy...ALL TYRANT LOVE A STUPID PERSON...DARIA?

Anonymous said...

Salam dear daria,
Please don't say that. It is not a muslim character to say that when there is no proof. If you're a muslim, please repent coz you're gonna die someday. Wassalam

Anonymous said...

This proof that the ISA is a BN toy to be used and abused at will.
How come men who were threat to national security have suddenly been found to be non-threat when we get a new PM.
Don't be fooled by BN again and again. This is a sandiwara.

wandererAUS said...

A little sweetener! This Mongolian C4 expects us to lick his ass...damn, if he thought the rakyat are that stupid.
After wrecking the lives of so many kept without being charged under ISA...and, still no sign of their release. This is what the evil regime does best, take one step backwards and screw you again, two steps forward.
Do us a favor lover boy, go and get farked!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon 4/4/9@0153

Merdekablog said...

Don't be ignorant that this guy has the attempt to revive the justice and democracy to the nation. Just wait what happens after the tri-elections.

Also, I held some seminars in USA to tell Americans about this pathetic government. Click to my blog if you are interested to see the videos.

Anonymous said...

support to RAID...send my 'salam' to Laila.lets together for better malaysia and future.

Eric said...

Usual BN strategy, still hoping to see people begging for food to eat in their hands. So that they can accuse us of being ungrateful when we contest the way they spend our hard-earned tax money.
BN, the Rakyat have grown up thanks to Uncle Zor and comrades. Unfortunately BN is still the very same spoiled child. When will they ever learn?

toyolbuster said...

They (released ISA detainees) will be known as The Friday 13. Why 13 and not 12 or 14 or 18 or even all if I may ask. Perhaps, the fat lady's guru have left us a "message". Operation Lalang III ?? Can you smell this mamak dung in the making. When mamak 1st took over as PM, he released all ISA inmates, only to launch Ops Lallang shortly after.

flygoon said...

daria's comment is insensitive and ignorant.

Mat Shah Mohd Satray is only accused of being a member of JI. He was not proven to be a member of JI or KMM in that matter. He was not given his fundamental right to defend himself against such accusations. We, all Malaysians have done him an injustice by denying him that right under ISA.

We cannot continue to perpetuate such injustices to our fellow Malaysians. Mat Shah should be freed or charged in an open court.

nightcaller said...

Dear Daria

Plotting to bomb innocent rakyats? Where did u get ur info? If he is plotting, then why not let the court of law decides! Unlawful detention is not the way to go...

If that is how u think, why not ISA'd the plotters of the model's cruel and gruesome murder?

Sorry to say are too shallow...

Anonymous said...

Look at the list of freed detainees. This is an election ploy. Trying to win some Indians and Malays votes over and knocked out PR.

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged ! Najib you will be the first one to answer that! How stupid do you think the RAKYAT is? Maybe the cows and goats will trust you. That I am doubtful screw every damn thing that moves!

What cheap-skate propaganda is this.
Muntah dengar khabar ini... melayu islam yang zalim..ada tempat nya khas untuk orang macam ni.....J...A...H...A,,,N....A....M!



Anonymous said...

daria said...
should have thought about his son while he was plotting to bomb innocent rakyats.

No need to dissect your brain what is inside, we already know it is stuffed with shit!
It will be great, someone will blow the whole of the evil UMNO structure to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say they are many who will fall for it, esp in the 2 Bukits. Even Mohideen said the Malays are easier, so will have to work very hard these few days to educate and inform the voters. Mamak Kutty used to say Melayu mudah lupa, so to those on the campaign trail, tell them jangan mudah lupa, jangan mudah tertipu. Kalau tidak, Sejarah akan berulang lagi. The freedom is ours to begin with, we don have to thank them to enjoy our freedom, which they have no right to take away!


Anonymous said...

Its simply a teaser to Malaysian just to show off only that he is good... kaakaakakka

If so why never mention anything about his first wife, why showing the daughters and sons only? where is the mother ku yie?

daria said...

..then when some turbaned bearded twisted fundamentalists blow up 200 innocent people in busy bukit bintang, u people will be shouthing

"the government was not proactive in countering the threats of terrorism"

you anwarista's will only keep twisting anything that BN does , even when they do good.

Wake up lah. this terrorists operate very carefully and swiftly , leaving no footprints, paper trails or proof of their plans..or else it wouldnt be known as "secret plot" . they are a international network with sufficient funds and human resource. Even US of A were caught off guard in 2001 sept. Then bali, then another super power england in the underground train, then bali again.

USA also has guantanamo bay, detention without trial. pre emptive measure. wake up lah. terrorism is real.

Anonymous said...

pilate freed barnabas and still went ahead and crucified jesus.
saddam freed some of his human shields and still went ahead with the killing.
past despots and emperors would free a handful on their birthdays but still went ahead slaughtering and enslaving thousands.
so what is new this time round?
we should be so insulted that they are trying to play with emotions rather than go fix real issues.
sorry... pr and rebranding not working and will only bit back unless the product is acceptable.

Hulk said...

Funniiiilah...he who put them in JAIL (ISA) now become an ANGEL to release them.

Insult my intelligence.

wandererAUS said...

daria said...

...then when some turbaned bearded twisted fundamentalists blow up 200 innocent people...
I do not condone whatever form but, you are bringing out poor excuses for your high handed masters. The countries you mentioned were western countries participated in an illegal Iraq war and in Bali, the target was westerners, especially Australians. What cause have they (JI) to have terrorists' activities in Malaysia?
Don't give us your crap, these UMNO goons are out to give trouble to their political enemies to save their asses and clinch on to power.
If a person is alleged to be involved with a terrorist organization, charge him in court...we still believe in human rights and democracy I hope.
What this evil regime is doing is encouraging terrorism, if the oppression continues.
We are well awaked and know what is happening, not you, blur head!

shar101 said...


Perhaps Zorro should forward your IP address to the authorities to trace your whereabouts for suggesting what can happen in Bkt Bintang.

Don't think that you can hide behind anonymity because the authorities were able to find six people who 'insulted' the Perak sultan recently.

Unless you have known Mat Shah and can provide irrefutable evidence to back up your allegation, then you are no different from the BN using the ISA as an instrument to suppress dissent and/or denying your own intelligence gathering incompetence.

Stop regurgitating these past acts of terrorism as you are certainly making a very amateurish attempt at sounding like an expert on the subject.

Gitmo will be history soon enough with Obama in the Oval Office. Who's twisting facts now, Daria?

zorro said...

PEOPLE, as suggested by Shar101...shall I put up Daria's IP?

LeeZ said...

Daria, u better go eat SH*T!!!!

shar101 said...

And the newly installed 6th Prime Minister's order for an 'immediate release' for the ISA13 has to wait a little while more ....

Performance Now ain't having the desired effect, I guess. Or perhaps, these detainees need to be 'groomed' for their Freedom Walk out of KDC.

Daria said...

JI and their agenda in SEA.

Enough said.

zakwan said...

If the ISA is created 2 reform the detainess( pledge support 2 BN), then the ISA hav done a terrible job

Individuals such as Anwar,RPK,Azmin,Gobalakrishnan,Tian Chua,Chegubard,Kit Siang,Teresa,Mat Sabu,Syed Azman etc r still fightin BN 4 the sake of the people

Such a long list of failures
The government might as well pull the plug on this draconian act

The only success of ISA so far is producin a back stabbin motherf****r by the name Ezam Mohd Noor

Hamba said...

Daria Who? Don't waste your time uncle...this type of people doesn't deserve our attention. Let her go back to Texas and have an intellectual discussion with George Bush and Gov. Palin. Their combined IQ would equal the number of detainee released by Najib... Lets not be cruel to an endangered species especially neanderthal.

LChuah said...

Zorro, sorry to miss you in Taiping the last few days. I was there to talk over with friends and their friends/relatives, trying to encourage voters to do their part.

That photo of Suhaib tears my heart out. I guess that's the kind of face we'll see of other kids whose fathers were ISAed. Like you, I'd been a teacher for decades, and I understand those looks.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

zorro said...
PEOPLE, as suggested by Shar101...shall I put up Daria's IP?

wow so much power. you must be proud.