Friday, June 25, 2010


What most families always try to avoid are family feuds, No decent member of a family wants this. Its a malady to be avoided. It would be a curse if members in a family start disowning each other. Working together, accepting differences and ironing out these differences are bonding blocks that cement the family unit. It is disconcerting to hear one member disparaging another outside the confines of the home. It is demeaning when one pits another against another to gang up against a few others. It is utterly devious when one snitches on another. Snitches are leeches that drain off the blood that gives live to a family. It is especially fiendishly abhorrent and chicanery at its lowest best to engineer and chip away surreptitiously at the very foundation of your own family home.


This is what is happening in House PKR unless what we read about is an attempted spin by the enemy media. However, confirmed sources have verified that a group of PKR people are out to oust the incumbent Menteri Besar of Selangor. And this sneaky group of people remains sneaky until now as they do not have names. Every effort, from day 2 after 308, have been in place to plot against Pakatan Selangor. The purchasing of frogs to the untimely death of TBH were all part of this grand design to retake Selangor the only way BN knows how to retake a state - snaking in through some backdoor crevices. Not satisfied that their purchasing prowess have netted friendly frogs of all ethnic hues the BN might just have got the right formula - look for TRAITORS in PKR.


I do not carry the banner for Khalid but I can empathise. It is no fun when a chunk of the civil service is working against surely is no fun when you have your own people say you have not done enough for mean that they are not gainfully used? These could be some of the people who from day 2 sabotaged Zaid's candidacy in Hulu Selangor. And some of these who are conspiring against Khalid are not even from Selangor.


When your house is attacked, you defend. When an attempt at arson is perpertrated you take precautions. When you identify traitors in your midst and smells treachery in the air, you regroup to face the onslaught. When you regroup instead to aid in the attack it is BUGGERY!


When you defame, discredit, or inflame a member of the family, you need to realise that it also affects the extended family - PAS & DAP. These have been tolerant of your inadequacies. It would be

to ignore your Pakatan partners.

Tomorrow when PKR goes into retreat, every member must retreat into their conscience and consciously determine to SAVE SELANGOR. They should leave personal considerations outside the hall and make a concerted effort to defend what we all fought for. If that is asking too much then DISBAND, go back to UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan. If these do not accept you, then go join the the pool of Independent Toads. They need your disgusting type.

Dang, I have to wet my whistle.....but expect more tomorrow......when names start coming in.....


Martin Jalleh Concurs


Anonymous said...

Zorro ... Zorro ... Zorro,

You are the one going around town in the last GE backing the Opposition. And now look whats happening to your shitty PR?? Or PKR??

Old man, your PR is just the same as BN la. All a bunch of money grabbing cunts.

You were a fool not to see thru them. And now you are ranting like some kid who just lost his sweets.

zorro said... least it was my sweets and not stolen....and you who did you back? We some lose some....but we take a gamble and not vegetate. Sleep well, ya? I will drink loads to make up for my stolen sweets.

Anonymous said...

PKR be brave, get rid of these traitors within your group and call a state election!

Also, make it known to the nation that PR will no longer accept anyone from BN. That will put the issue of frogs to rest.

Come on have confidence! I think the public is sick and tired of seeing these frogs!

Who knows may be Selangor state elections can be held concurrently with Sarawak up coming state elections.

Get rid of these frogs once and for all!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

It's time to weed them out once and for all. DISBAND PKR! Period. HIDUP PAS! None of the PAS assemblymen or parliamentarian has ever left the party. Why? They have sworn under oath, by the religion, to never leave the party. That is why PAS should be the head of PR, not PKR.

Donplaypuks® said...

What really pisses me off Zorro is that these PKR MP's have to go to the press first and demoralise both administration and supporters.

If the MB has to go, let it be. But do it after quiet discussion behind closed doors.

Look at what happened in Australia. Their PM stepped down when the Party decided it. No big hoohah!

Here the talk is all about knives and back-stabbing. Get mature or just fuck off you PKR traitores, especially Manicka and Co.

If you want easy money go work for the gaji but Party that's been robbing us for 40 years. Otw, go earn it from the honest sweat of your brow like most ordinary Rakyat you claim to represent, do.

It is shameful and disgeaceful that an honest and clean MB should be hounded out of office by a conspiracy hatched from within his own Party.

But I wouldn't put it past that desperate Toyo and UMNO to be behind this attempted putsch egged on by their 'Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua' fat boy leader and the biased MSM!

Get real guys or get the hell out!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Li Huat Chai said...

Zorro, the other day my friend was telling me, Karpal Singh is on wheel chair and Lim Kit Siang is also getting old and not forgetting Tok Guru is sickly...

Honestly, everytime, when i look at Karpal Singh with all the grey hair and on wheelchair, i really feel like crying...

My heart aches for this man, he had been fighting for justice all his life, even till today...

As for Nik Aziz, i always pray, please God, prolong his life, cant find anyone as wise as him...

And, my hero, Lim Kit Siang, keeps fighting with the morons in the parliament and never gives up...

And, now, we have all these young ciku in PKR fighting for power instead of justice... sigh sigh sigh !!!

Allah, please bless Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Mr Karpal Singh and Mr Lim Kit Siang, and grant these heroes long lives as the nation need them. Amin !!!

Anonymous said...

what zorro ! afraid of freedom expression! That's why the pakatan bloggers are hypocrites from beginning.perhaps,you are an ignorant person.

Anonymous said...

SAVE S'gor ! Think for a minute !
Do we all believe that saving TSK can save S'gor? He might be the reason why we're going to lose Sgor. Was there really a group of 15? It might be 150 or 1500 or even 15,000! Was there a petition to oust TSK as MB? Was there an open statement and admission to replace the MB. What we all have is what we get from the media/blog. Since when did we take that seriously? Since when did the so called opposition friendly bloggers took notice of what the main stream media spinned and go around making disparaging remarks.
How unfortunate, that there are times we can also be carried away by the other media. They'll be laughing their hearts out...hey, caught you there man!

Anonymous said...

We still havent give PR a chance to govern malaysia. Enough of BN. Almost all politicians are the same, rank and wealth are their priority. Whatever happens my vote is still against BN. I have no other choice than giving PR a chance to govern like many other did in 2008. BN especially UMNO is almost beyond repair...

wandererAUS said...

All these dissatisfied young assholes from PKR went into politics for one reason ...greed! The UMNO blood is still run thickly in their veins...they could'nt even wait for the State Opposition govt to complete their first term in office... their greed is oozing out from all their blooming holes!

Kamal B said...

We have been telling people that PKR and PR were indeed disgusting but no one believed us. Serve u right!

DAP will crumble next and PAS will just remain in kelantan

Anonymous said...

Just pass over the Chief Ministership to PAS, and there will be less trouble. PKR is so UMNO, so hard to trust.

casper c said...

Very quickly, don't lose sleep over the mud slinging in PKR 'coz what matters most is the sentiment on the ground.

The personalities don't matter and matter of fact, those involve with internal squabbles are only digging their own graves.

The public, namely voters, are the KINGMAKERS lest anyone forgets so ALL you RASCALS can scream and shout all I care 'coz come judgment day at the polls, there would be a price to pay for what you do today.

Cheers Zorro and all.

Anonymous said...

Zorro ... Zorro ... Zorro,

Who is saying that your sweets are stolen?? Dont bark up the wrong tree, old dog.

Gamble? Win some, lose some?? Well, if that is really true ... why are you disgusted and throwing a rant with this thread?? Win some, lose some la. Dont whinge and moan la when you 'lose some'.

Who did I back?? No one. Unlike you I dont go around preaching one side is better than the other. And when your so called side or PR is actually no different than the other side, you lose your rag.

Yes, yes go ahead have a drink, infact have a couple as you cant think straight without alcohol.

Anonymous said...

We may be wrong unless you are actually in the seat of MB . He has a war path to make that is the UMNO civil servants most of them are giving him no cooperation . Worst off all they will provide resistance plus being informer to their bosses UMNO look at what happen to TBH. We can say a thousand things but may not be able to see them. Just be good and provide suggestions on how to to get those civil servants out off the way.

Anonymous said...

There's always a selfish disgruntled leader involved in a rebellion like this. Probably wants the job for himself. Find out who it is and get rid of him and the rest will quiet down.

Anonymous said...

PKR is in disarray because its leader, Anwar Ibrahim is being hounded out of Parliament by UMNO using trumped charges and being denied a fair trial by not being allowed free access to important documents. Kangaroo courts are in session.

The UMNO moles and the disgruntled young turks in the PKR ranks are being wooed by the shitty leader of UMNO to do their utmost to break up Pakatan Rakyat and take over Selangor for UMNO.

UMNO feels that PKR would be finished as a political party if Anwar Ibrahim is behind bars and it is trying to do just that with a very compliant PDRM, JUDICIARY and the obnoxious MACC.

It is time that leaders in PKR take stock of the situation and weed out the riffraff slimeballs in their midst before they engineer a coup d'etat a la Perak. These traitors will do everything possible to help Najib take back Selangor because millions/billions of ringgit are at stake. These whores won't bat an eyelid accepting money from Najib and gang because it is already in their blood.

These very socalled disillusioned mongrels did not raise even a whimper when UMNO/BN was sodomising the rakyat for nearly half a century but they have so much to howl about PR's two year performance. Throw away your UMNO blinkers and get real! Show for once you are a ADUN or MP because you stood as a PKR candidate. People made you their representative because of PKR and not because of your slimy personality.

These traitors could not/dare not wash dirty linen in public when they were in UMNO/BN but when given freedom of speech they are quick to stab the person/s who gave them that freedom.

Anak Roket said...

Forget about PKR and Pakatan.

I will only vote for DAP!!!

Let Penang under DAP be a role model for all.

Anonymous said...

Coming from umno rejects, PKR members unfortunately still have the in-breeding dna of umno with traits of power hunger and easy money mentality.

They need to leverage on the partnership with DAP to improve and work with PAS for self-cleansing.

Otherwise, they are no different from umno, if not worse.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.52,

didn't know there are fence-sitting buggers like you still around...

Anonymous said...

The disgusting whores and buggers in PKR would like to be under the 'wah tolong lu, lu tolong wah' leader because they are as slimy and shitty as the hero they worship.

These curs may be working for that Indon botox toyo who went on holidays with his family using the rakyat's money.

PKR will be still a strong political party in the Pakatan when these greedy whores from UMNO/BN are sent packing.

PKR should remember a whore will always be a whore. Money is a whore's GOD.

Anonymous said...


PKR should make it a policy that all their lawmakers must discuss internally within PKR first and try resolve the problems or issues before going to the press.

Anyone breeching this rule shall be haul up and deny their qualification for nomination in the next General Election.

This is the first requirement of a principled and disciplined party.

Secondly, PKR should start screening potential election candidates and study in detail their political background and their committment to the party cause and struggle.

It is no use making up numbers and then allow the public to laugh at the antics when they start critising the party in public.

A good political party must have dedicated party members and try to build up the grassroots within their area and not have leaders looking for positions or money. They must have a genuine desire to serve the people and this is what the rakyat expects.

Thirdly, a candidate nust have sufficient financial background to see them through as any financial problems will be taken advantage of by the BN. Either they bankrupt the MP/ADUN or they blackmail them.

Finally, in our cultural and political system a leader with a sufficiently good moral and ethical background is a prerequisite.

Anonymous said...

Master the other thing to look at is the recent decision to allow swiftlet farms in towns in Selangor a 5 year extension to move out.This to me is another bad move as it shows the approval has vested interest,how do i know as i was at the meeting an those swiftlet farm owners big mouths said it before the meeting kowtim chor.
That is why people like you cannot be a politician as what they say about politicians in Malaysia one is a thief and the other a robber.

hello said...

You guys keep talking as if PKR is a communial party consisting of Malaysian Malays! We hear of people of other races joinng the party. Are these people insignificant? We are talking of non-racial politics nowadays and that is why we are strongly against the present BN government whose policy is divide and rule! Why don't we keep our language to a non-racial one?

Tra-la-la said...


Talk about capturing Putra Jaya.
Cant even get past Petaling Jaya.
Gonna lose that too.
Hmmm Zorro, your party of choice is losing.
Glad you finally realised that.
Anything involving Anwar Ibrahim is trouble, man.

Jong said...

There's an obvious possibility UMNO devils are behind the mischief of "revolt" in Selangor and PKR woes.

It's most unfortunate and a shame there are some greedy assholes within PKR falling prey to UMNO's instigation with evil intent and if it's true, it's time to flush them all out.

YOU - PKR needs a major cleanup to get rid of all those remaining trojan horses and trouble-makers otherwise be prepared to face the chute of doom!

Unknown said...

If AI cannot even respect the wishes of pkr members to have khalid out,then what are the hope of the rakyat's wishes??
Kak Wan should also relinquish hwe post to make way for better talent.

taikohtai said...

Fight among themselves they must but to lead Pakatan is another matter. In democracy, the one with the biggest majority gets to head the tribe. I think its time DAP is given the option. Unless you win your majority, Keadilan cannot be considered the kingpin if their numbers continue to be decimated, internally or externally.Time to give Lim Guan Eng the job while DSAI sorts out his dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Most of these PKR guys are really ex-UMNO members who had jumped the bandwagon before and after March 08. How much can we really expect out of them? That's essentially the crux of the matter.

niakong said...

It's very obvious that the 15MPs believe in PM's "Wah tolong lu, lu tolong wah!" philosophy.

Never mind, just let them carry out what they have up their sleeves and unfold their comical drama before us. This would certainly be of help for us to better understand the prevailing political landscape, which in turn would be of help for the rakyat to make their mind up in GE13.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 10.16am,

The reason why you didnt know is because you are ignorant. It is as simple as that. In Malay we call the likes of you bodoh sombong.

Anonymous said...

The so-called group of 15 is in the figment of imagination of Star's paper Jocelyn who everyone believes is not contented with her accolades given by tangki najis but is clamouring for a Tan Sri-ship.

This is the star's paper contact person with Khir Toyo who had been charged by tangki najis with funds to destabilise PR ruled Selangor.

Their intention is very clear and that is to split not only PKR Selangor but PKR central leadership by manufacturing lies to say that there is a split within Anwar's family. This is journalism of the lowest moral.

They cannot split DAP and PAS and now they are tapping their trojan horses within PKR leaders to cause suspicions among them.

These trojan horses are on the monthly payroll of UMNO funded by Vincent Tan. Do you know why these UMNO Ministers are so adamnant in championing the rights of non-malays to promote sports betting ?

Wow ! so generous now for BN with their jaguh kampung to fight for non-malay rights. Why didn't they champion religious and human rights as well ?

Why did't they accede to Suqiu requests as well. These are also non-malay rights.

Well, their ultimate aim is to take over Selangor.

teo siew chin said...

50 years of rule by the same party is one good reason for change even if only to sever absolute power.... heck, i would even vote in a donkey as replacement!

Anonymous said...

teo siew chin said...
50 years of rule by the same party is one good reason for change even if only to sever absolute power.... heck, i would even vote in a donkey as replacement!

ha hah good one.... and actually you have in 5 (now 4) states!