Tuesday, June 15, 2010




Anonymous said...

What to say?


Anonymous said...

No money for scholarship for bright students!
Why? Because they cannot make money from this.

Other projects - they can dip their monkey hands in them.


pinsysu said...

sure can ... wait for the nxt buy-election.

hari said...

why do the ppl need a new palace...
did his Highness request for one...
I doubt it...
what goodness does it bring for the rakyat...
is this a smart way to spend the tax payers money...i.e. my money
How come till today the White House remains where it is ?
why must it cost RM811,000,000.00

wandererAUS said...

If one will to calculate the obscene spending on palaces and mosques, if the money were to wisely spent on education, Malaysia will easily become a Smart Country instead, a Crooked Administered Country!

Anonymous said...

The China apek said," Do not slap your own face till it looks fat if you are actually thin".What a stupid fiscal policy !

Poor Malaysian said...


as late night falls in the heart of kuala lumpur, sounds of cardboards being dragged can be heard in the five-foot ways where the shops are closed. shuffling sounds of tired feet and bodies arrange these cardboards for a makeshift bed for the night. yes, these are the MALAYSIAN homeless people. our own citizens who are homeless, penniless and hungry.
every night they scrounge through the rubbish bins in the lanes for throwaway food and fight with the stray dogs and cats for scraps of food in the rubbish dumps.
except for a few private charity groups who send food/drinks to these poor destitute malaysians living in the streets of our cities and towns, no one else care.
The politicians are too busy with their mega projects and pocketing the kickbacks and counting their ever-growing money in swiss bank accounts to worry about hundreds of malaysians living in the streets of our cities.
Our so-called social activists are too busy worrying about the suffering of the Gaza people to worry about their own people going homeless and hungry in the streets of our cities.
So, what is happening in this country? We are totally screwed by the politicians and we deserve it for electing them in the first place.
Time for a CHANGE folks. Let's get off our butts and kick out the BN federal govt before, they send this country down the sewer. Let's send the barisan nasional down the sewer first!

baDboyzs said...

Maybe we can make them abandon this project now, so we can pay the contractors some small change compensation like RM500 million each ?

Otherwise upon completion in 8 years time the total bill will be around RM3 to RM5 billion. Remember Port Klang ? and the crooked bridge and bakun ?

li huat chai said...

Encik Jala, i know now if i didnt know then, why your country can go bust.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

That is their mentality. To build something grand for their grand leader so that they can continue to worship while others continue to struggle to pay for a piece of bread and a glass of tea.

A bunch of hypocrites, really. We are a nation of a very poor example of being prudent. And yet we try to 'project' our nation as a nation build on Islamic principles. We are seriously giving the religion a bad bad reputation.

Rakyat Yang Susah said...

I think this country has gone to the wild dogs(bcos the good dogs know how to protect their masters i.e the rakyat).In order to get rid of these wild(pariah) dogs,we can only do it in GE13.

flyer168 said...

Hello Hari,

In the US the Congress & Senate have to approve the "Relocation" of any Landmark Historical Properties...not even the President can decide!

I have met many, many, many VVIPs & monarchs...

They are all generally pleasant & not that demanding...

It has always been the Personal Asst, ADC, Tan Sris, Dato's, etc who make all the fuss, demand all sorts of nonsense including "Proposals" to the VVIPs so as to get Datukship, Contracts, etc "TO MAKE MONEY"

Remember just how Bolehland's PeeM "Usurped his Position" with the "Unofficial Monarch Swearing-in session"...

Alot of promises were made at our nation's expense...so this is one of the many, many to come... afterall it is not his money!

Even Pak Lah was given initially two Tunships, then it became three Tunships to include Endon as well...for stepping down three months earlier & many, many more goodies to come!

The Carcosa issue has been downgraded with a property closeby...

There are 1,000 Con-Sultans born every minute...

For every one Con-Sultan, there are 1,000 Suckers born...

So we the "Rayaat" are amongst the 1,000,000 "Suckers" born every minute...for voting UMNO/BN at every election !

Get the drift ?


Anonymous said...

Cancerous Disease

Kill the cancerous disease and the patient will survive, likewise get rid of the root cause and the Nation will survive and thrive.

It does not matter what they do because whatever they do will be to no avail. Like RPK said in London, it is no good attempting to treat the symptoms because it just simply will not work. It is the cancerous disease that should be treated. So therefore as long as UMNO is in the driver seat then absolutely nothing could be done. Before anything else, UMNO will first have to line their pockets, then their families pockets, then their cronies pockets and then whatever morsels left to the selected segment of the rakyat. So how much is enough? It does not matter how much natural resources Malaysia possess for come one day these resources will eventually be exhausted. Then what?

Be like Singapore one might suggest. But do our leaders have that mentality and maturity to do so? With the present government – not by an extra mile mate!

Now the UMNO BN Rogues will bankrupt the Nation’s Coffer and cut subsidies to rob the poor and to subsidize their rich crony Tycoons so that the benefits can go back to them on demand. All the poor rakyats were having a bad deal since 53 years ago with them in power not once did they not squeeze the Rakyats with taxes after taxes now they will try to impose GST 4% on all levels that will resulted in more 16% taxes imposed on all ordinary basics consumers’ goods from materials Suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers to retailers. Now they are trying to cut subsidies but they are not cutting back taxes but instead increased the taxes.

Also it was discovered that they have their cronies increased the prices of foods such as vegetables and fruits included, also they have allowed their cronies to increase the prices of all basic construction materials including cement and steel to further squeeze the Rakyats’ well being of a reasonable survival in these bad times.

So what can we the rakyat do? Well we can change all these just by a stroke of the pen. Quoting RPK, ‘We the rakyat is the boss’. So come GE13 with the stroke of the pen, we could effectively change the government and consign UMNO/BN to the gutter. Well not totally to the gutter but enough to effect them to be the opposition as at the end of the day checks and balances are still needed irregardless of who is forming the government on that day.

felicia said...

...what about the move of Parliment to Putrajaya? more 'pebbles'...???

Anonymous said...

Dear all, enough is enough. It's kick ass time !

The BN is a group of power and money abusers.

Let's give them the boot in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa nak sokong kerajaan BN yang cuma tahu membazir duit rakyat?

BN bazir duit demi kepentingan sendiri - dapat rasuah dari kontrak.

Boleh potong sabsidi untuk membebankan rakyat jelata.

mari kita hapuskan bn dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang!

flyer168 said...


Deputy Works Minister Datuk Yong Khoon Seng said.

“The cost quoted by the minister before did not include the details. The actual cost of the palace complex is only RM650 million which is at RM670 per square feet (psf).

“If you compare with the Istana Selangor, the price is RM1,000 psf. The Istana Melawati is at RM860 psf. A bungalow in Bukit Damansara is at RM1,280 psf. So, the price has been negotiated and is reasonable,” he told Nga Kor Ming (DAP-Taiping)."

He must be a Jackass...

The Bungalow in Damansars Heights figure of (Land & Building cost)RM1,280 psf X 10,000 sq ft = RM12.28 Million and so are the others mentioned!

Now you calculate the old Palace at RM1,000 psf or MORE for the land alone which is 28 acre (110,000 sq. m.) plus the Buildings, etc, etc.

Note: ..."Currently, the Balai Rong Seri of Istana Negara is also used for banquets and meetings. One room for multiple use is just inadequate,...
...the fate of the present Istana Negara would be determined by the Prime Minister's Department???

The new Palace Complex is on a 241.3-acre (96.52 hectares) = 10511028 ft² site = almost 10 times the size (of the old one)

Even though it is Govt Land it is still a cost to the nation - Considering just the Land Cost - 241.3 acre = 10511028 ft² at RM450 psf (Leasehold)= RM472.995 Million

Whilst the estimates given then for the Main Palace & annexe buildings, gardens, etc, etc at RM400 Million in 2006???

What an estimate !

That is a Gross Incompetence to have an error margin of 110% on estimates!

The National Palace is the official residence of His Majesty, The King of Malaysia. It stands on a 28 acre (110,000 sq. m.) site, located at a commanding position on the slope of a hill of Bukit Petaling overlooking the Klang River along Jalan Syed Putra.

Now read this - New Istana Negara at Jalan Duta...
New RM400 Million Istana Negara Complex To Be Ready By 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 (Bernama) -- A new "palace complex" costing RM400 million in Jalan Duta will be built to replace the Istana Negara that has been used since 1928.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said work on the new Istana Negara to be built atop a hill on a 241.3-acre (96.52 hectares) site would start next June and slated for completion in 2009.

Samy Vellu said "We need a new palace with larger space. Currently, the Balai Rong Seri of Istana Negara is also used for banquets and meetings. One room for multiple use is just inadequate," he told reporters at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new palace in Jalan Duta here, Monday.

It was officiated by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Cabinet members were also present.

Samy Vellu said the new Istana Negara steeped in Islamic and Malay architectural designs had been on the drawing board since nine months ago.

"It will not be the largest palace as there are larger ones around, but will be one suitable for a country like Malaysia," he added.

He said the fate of the present Istana Negara would be determined by the Prime Minister's Department. Bernama has been made to understand that it had been proposed as a royal museum.

Kumpulan Seni Reka Sdn Bhd has been appointed architect for the new palace with Maya Maju Sdn Bhd the building contractor.

Samy Vellu said the site for the new palace had been gazetted for the purpose 30 years ago.


Even building a new Annexe adjoining the old Palace would have cost a fraction of the RM811 Million extra of the Tax $$$.

By just looking at the tender exercise, the con-sultans involved, etc, etc ...another "Bankrupt the Nation" exercise.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

"Spending spree while rakyat tighten belt"

Most of the anak-anak bangsa Malaysia are living in hardship now, why spend such money to let some small number of persons "shiok" only !?

Don't you have other most economical way ?!

"Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking."
Quoted by
H. L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy (1949)
US editor (1880 - 1956)

Anonymous said...

Hello Vincent Tan,

How much $$$ did Keshwinder Singh, get to quit DAP to become a Barisan-friendly independent?

Anonymous said...

Why worry, more operation budget means more allocation for BN component parties “development fund” la. This is how our government run the country without a clear definition between govt and party so that politicians from top to bottom can enrich themselves endlessly.

Only idiots like MCA/MIC/PPP & Gerakan members still dream of prosperous Malaysia under BN’s rule. They are part and parcel of the evil regime.

Think hard, instead of reforming the economy they creates more holes by reintroduce that now half dead Mahathirism. Going forward, Holland is not that far from us now.

Hopefully, Tony Pua’s 2007 prediction will come true – BN will fall when the economy crumbles in due course. And I just can’t wait for it to happen soonest possible. I would rather face the hardship earlier but shorter period rather than enjoy know and suffer indefinitely later.

Anonymous said...

Building grand istana is not in line with Islamic principles.

Having corrupted money in the process is a sin.

I think our DYMM Agung would have prefered to have the money spent on the welfare of the poor rakyat, right? No largesse lifestyle please.

(Remember the French Revolution?)

Anonymous said...

Hope the new palace does not collapse like the great stadium la.
With the shoddy workmanship, what will happen is anyone guess. Remember, this is Bolehland.
God save the king!!!!

Anonymous said...

BN government are building a new palace and a new parliament building that is estimated to cost RM1.6 billion in total after spending about RM150 million to renovate these two buildings not that long ago. And, over the next five years, BN are going to spend RM63 billion on 52 massive projects.

So it looks like BN do have money to burn. It is just that BN are not going to spend this money to educate our students in overseas universities. Instead, BN are going to spend it on massive projects, which would most likely end up in the hands of crony-companies or negotiated without tender like what normally happens.

Anonymous said...

Written by Dr. Tan Kee Kwong

Dear Sirs,

I write this letter with a very heavy heart. Just to put things in perspective. Finally after much soul searching I joined Keadilan in August 2008.

From 1999 to 2004 I was Barisan National Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperatives. My Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gadam put me in charge of answering questions in Parliament regarding all Felda matters. In 2004, before Najib began meddling in Felda affairs. Felda was the pride of the oilpalm industry. It had 75 oil palm mills, assets of RM 7 Billion and a cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion.

What I just heard upset me so much. I publicly accuse Najib of single handed destroying Felda! As of now out of the huge cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion, only RM 200 Million is left. In actual fact with the record price of CPO for the past few years, Felda if managed properly should have cash reserves of RM 6 Billion! The reverse has happened and now it has only a pathetic sum left.

When Najib became Deputy Prime Minister, he put himself in charge of Felda. He gave the lame excuse that his late father Tun Razak started Felda, he should continue the family tradition of looking after Felda. In fact if the late Tun Razak khows what Najib has done to Felda , Tun Razak will turn in his grave. The same goes for the former Chairman of Felda, Tan Sri Raja Alias. Tan Sri Raja Alias did a excellent job in looking after Felda. The real reason why a very busy Deputy Prime Minister wants to micro manage Felda is now very clear, he wanted to have access to the huge cash hoard of Felda. What took 40 long years to build up Najib destroyed it in 5 short years.

On another note, I just heard on NTV 7 news that the BN government is going to buy 3 special ships for our Navy costing RM 2.2 Billion! Just a few days ago Dato Idris Jala announced that if we do not watch out, we will be like Greece in 9 years time. If things are so bad how can the Government justify spending so much money to buy ships, Money that Dato Idris Jala says we do not have.

So it is very clear that the Pakatan Rakyat MUST take over the Federal Government in Putrajaya in the next General Election. This is our priority to save the country. If the Pakatan takes over in 20 years time it will be too late, the country will really be bankrupt. So fellow Malaysians open your eyes to see how this country is destroyed by the greedy and corrupt politicians from UMNO/BN. Kick them out of Putrajaya! Register as a voter now!

Anonymous said...

Bro, and now they are talking about moving the parlimen which was very recently renovated and on top of that repaired in the tune of 100mil. They don't even mind accupying another building somewhere else as long as they move.

The actual motives behind I believe are an initiation of a mass land grab in and around the existing parlimen building. You know how much the land are worth?

I won't be suprise if it is initiated by that satan himself. Judi bola license not working mah! Money already spend mah. Must compensate mah.

These people are getting too predictable.

"Engkau tengok ni, aku ambik ni, aku ambik ni, engkau tengok ni, aku ambik ni, engkau tengok ni ......engkau tengok ni, aku ambik ni, aku ambik ni, engkau tengok ......."

Sampai bila kita nak tengok je ni?

watan said...

The Queen of Britain is happy with Buckingham Palace all these years.

Why then do we need a new Istana?

Why not open the Istana for tourist to earn $$$ just like Buckingham Palace? I think the rakyat will support this to help to bring income to our country.

jabulani said...

I support the suggestion of watan.

All istana should be opened to the public and the tourist to bring in income to support the massive maintenance cost.