Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Government should revoke the citizenship of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said. He said the Government should revoke his citizenship as Raja Petra was no longer keen on staying here. Furthermore, his activities could affect peace in Malaysia, he said.

“Citizens who are not patriotic should not be given a place here. Raja Petra should be given appropriate punishment for what he has done,” he wrote in his blog umnobahagiancheras.blogspot.com.


PARTING SHOT with an Ethiopian JOKE

What do you call an Ethiopian taking a shit?

Showing off.


Anonymous said...

This Cheras UMNO chairman doesn't know that the one whose citizenship that should be revoked is actually himself as we malaysian feel that he is redundant.This pookeyayam should be shot !

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Zorro,
He claimed to be a royal subject but, had to run like a Rat!!!
What a shame!!!

zorro said...

Charlie, it is better to be a live "coward" than a dead hero. In his place what would you do? Sell your soul to shame the devil? or LIVE to fight another day. Snipers are an elite arm of the Armed Forces. Would you call them rats because the essence of being is to be unseen in the enemy's cross-hair.

noor said...

Zorro, do not dignify stupid comments by Charlie Oscar (or any other persons for that matter) by replying. Ini orang ada otak takdak akai. Stupidity is the norm in umno/barisan. They live to develop their wealth, not their brains.

najib manaukau said...

That is the best corrupted Umno members can do , take away the citizenships.
These people are very lucky to be the citizens because they are also immigrants themselves. Malaysia belong to the Orang Asli and Head Hunters especially people living in glass houses must not throw stones. I will be the first to leave if the real son of the soil make the call !
Get this into their heads once and for all times !
You don't have to take away the third class citizenships for the million who immigrated over the last years and the millions waiting to immigrate. And what about those who want to immigrate for years but for some reasons were and still are unable to do so ?
I am sure most of the non Malays are just waiting to do so. Umno should reconsider pleading to the non Malay professionals abroad to return to serve in Malaysia with incentives and more incentives with each passing year to do so.
Why plea ( or better word to use would be beg) when you think your citizenship is in demand . These people must think they are America or U.K. where the third world people are dying to get there.
Even educated young Malays are immigrating and throwing away Malaysian citizenships ! Malaysia is about to go bankrupt ,owes billions ! And some have the illusion that giving pittance to build temples and churches have to do with it. One NEP or NDP student would be enough to build a temple and how many millions of these students had and are
been sent abroad ?
I say stop sending NEP or NDP students for their holidays to begin with.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The Al-Cheras apco fella fail to comprehend the meaning of patriotism.
RPK is pushing for the truth.As well as pushing for a fair & just govt.
This is also in line with their Quran and religion.
If doing just those can be considered as crimes , this very well means we here are criminals and traitors?
Al-Cheras apco fella is really sucking up najib's balls.

lanaibeach said...

Ameeno and its ilks
Bankrupt of ideas wagging tails
Sucking to the crumbs allegedly stealing billions
And these people saying there are patriotic?

What about those terrorists of Malaysian origins?
Killing and maimed people without a care for Malaysia
The government doesn't revoked their citizenship
They still hold their passports giving us a bad name

We want fair and right policies
For all the people calling Malaysians
There shouldn't be a divide and rule game
“One for you 3 for me mentality”

RPK fights for causes
For all the silent majority
Delivering his fight in civil manners
Knowing he has lost many

Yet he never gives up
He served his time in prison
Even that Ameeno isn't satisfied
Its leaders want his pound of flesh

No doubt some may say
He is a rat hiding in his hole
It's better to fight for another day
Remember this song “Billy dont be a hero.....”

We will give him the HONOUR
For fighting for a fair deal for all
We can't be cowed by the government
If we dont' change, we will go bankrupt in no time!

Anonymous said...

just another Ass-sucker ,Protector of the rotten.

We have too many latuks and we dont need another one to get bankrcupt much earlier than 2019.

Clean up your own internal family problems before open your stupid ass hole.

Even the fart smell good fella.

Anonymous said...

This is a typical pendatang dickhead specimen that has been causing religious and racial tension between malays and non-malays in this country all these years. They portray themselves as religious and behave like they are more than malays.
However, a number of politicians esp from the BN/UMNO seem to welcome them as their kind for reasons well known to us non malays.
This is Bolehland.

Osama® said...

Ethiopian shit, surely!

Anonymous said...

to said the umno/mca/mic alliance sucks, citizenship oso can be revoked?

but for najis to encouraged/induced people to gamble... man, this umno fler think this is damn holy thing to do ke?

Anonymous said...

Pack and send that bloody Ethiopian back to Ethiopia,another Malay wanna be, phtuiiii!!!

Be warned said...

Charlie oscar is an umno cybertrooper. Please be careful.

Why Christian should not swear said...

This oIo finger sign I believe is a swear word and I just wonder if it is befitting a person who profess to be a Christian. Beside, I am sure there are young impressionable readers of your blog.

What does sticking up the middle finger mean?

Ans: Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

it means f*ck you and it is used to yell at someone when u are pissd at that person aka yougo

zorro said...

Friend please do not patronise me with that Christian bit. I would rather be damned than to be a hypocrite. A fuck is a fuck and not a "dressed-up" f*ck! By the way, the middle finger means just "up yours" according to my neighbor's young impressionable 14 year old son who happens to read my blog. And it was his father who introduced him to my blog.So just dont worry about me corrupting the young...nowadays they could teach us a few choiced expressions.By the way if you can spare the time and effort - pray for an erring soul like me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just to get back at UMNO this Anwarista blogger insults all ethiopians..classless!

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether Ethopians deserve the parting shot, but that's your way.

maybe you can email them the joke..i am sure they'll appreciats your warm sense of humour.

Tele : +251-111-241000
Fax : +251-111241004
E-mail : national.parliament@ethionet.et
P.O.Box : 80001

zorro said...

Anon147am....that line came from a google search on how to insult Ethiopians. They already have the link and most of the contributors are Ethiopians. You are too slow, sonnyboy. Nobody plays around with fax and POBox anymore. If you have heard of YouTube you would just flip and faint. As to whether Ethiopians deserve the parting shots why dont you ask then:

Tele : +251-111-241000
Fax : +251-111241004
E-mail : national.parliament@ethionet.et
P.O.Box : 80001

Anonymous said...

Zorro June 2, 2010 2:17

ah so if everyone said it then its OK, escpoecially if its youtr own kind.
Yell out niggar in Harlem then brother.

You spend a lot of time browsing for insults to all nationalities or just the ones deemed lesser by you, you know the ones with archaic faxes and PO boxes.