Saturday, June 26, 2010


THIS. I believe, is what ails this country. After they can't get at the breast for obvious reasons, they insist on being spoon fed. This paroxysm is now translated as a special right that even some PKR politicians have been inflicted with. It is reported that those disgruntled politicians, out to oust the Selangor MB complain that Khalid is not going all out to assist them with handouts and positions in GLCs.

These don't DESERVE extra help until they learn to SERVE their constituents. They now have the audacity to ask for "chocolate milk" favors....ooopppps flavor.

When will these "infant" politicians realise that WE voted them in to TAKE CARE OF US and not GLCs. If they had told us they want to be involved in GLCs we would not have chosen them. Now that we know they have not learnt to be self-sufficient or to raise funds, we will spurn them if they are selected to stand again in the next GE. THEY MUST LEARN TO LIVE WITH WHAT THEY HAVE. PERIOD.



Henley said...

Once overheard from some girlie talks: "I would be the happiest woman on earth if I could get a chocolate dick that ejaculates cash"
Dang the root of all evils again!!

Jong said...

Greedy pigs!!! Those scumbags are more into self interest$ than be committed to serve their constituents/rakyat.

PKR seriously needs major cleanup to weed them out otherwise be prepared for another nasty wave of kodok mischief!

wandererAUS said...

Sad that PKR was formed from dropouts from the UMNO House of Whores!
So not surprising PKR have a fair share of these self-serving political prostitutes...the sooner Anwar rid these greedy bastards the better. "There will be spring every year without these assholes!"

new fart said...

It is the norm with most politicians these days, ain't it? Only in for the money but completely forgetting why they were elected by the constituents in the first place. It does not matter a damn if they were in government or in opposition but they are in it for the quick bucks. In this third world country, it just happens to be exposed a hundred folds that's all!

STEADYAKU47 said...

To take or not to take...that is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer in the mind or have the money in the bank...ahhh the choices that these politicians have to make!


Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if a number of these 11 leap frog over to the cess pool. After all, strike while the iron is hot, I mean, the other side must already be dangling carrots in front of their $$$eyes! A a condition is to make as much trouble as possible, then they get more carrots.

telur dua said...

Street walkers command more respect than this bunch of bastards. At least they are up-front about it.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Khalid is keeping the UMNO goons who are poising the PAKATAN.
Its politics and Khalid must understand that and politic is about power and resources-surely he understands that or else he must be an idiot helping the enemies in his backyard maybe in his home. Allowing enemies within your turf is suicidal!! and for simple reason know you enemies is a must unless he wants to be kicked out.
He needs a wake up call now!!!

Anonymous said...

a leader who can't lead his party, think he can lead the nation ke?

if he lead this bunch of greedy mps to putrajaya... the country will go definitely bankrupt!

Anonymous said...


Please stop talking cock. Dont embarrass your readers. You backed PR in the last GE saying how good they are for the nation etc etc. You talked about change because BN is corrupted etc etc etc. AND NOW ... you find PR has the makings of BN, you dished out this pathetic thread.

Make it simple la, old man. Just fucking own up. You fucked up. Your screw up PR is actually another group of blood suckers.

Unknown said...

Read the latest from RPK.Even out of the country,he has his ear on malaysian soil.I have no desire to publicise the short coming of Khalid,But that does not mean it does not exist and we are not aware of it.AI is also aware,but he is got into the old umno habit of cronism.Time is the BEST judge and my money is always with RPK.
Let just wait for his 'I told you so' round the corner.

Anonymous said...

PKR should give more seat allocation to DAP and PAS in the next election.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

It looks like UMNO Supreme Council is the King of the Federal Government. Here the PM goes 'pi pai pi mai tang tu' jugak. UMNO bankrupts who cares, not Malaysia.

The way PM Najib treating our geniune businessman TS Vincent Tan is like a beggar or something, very disgusting. That penyalak KJ now can menyalak bersama2 dgn MCA and MIC the song of We will Not Be Elected In The Cabinet, and he is not fit to be the PM of Malaysia.

Will PM Najib be showed the way out politely like wat happened to Pak Lah, the Malaysian Style in near future? It doesn't matter anymore because wat he and UMNO Supreme Council have done, DSAI knows...

mauriyaII said...

PKR is exUMNO B. Even AI has his political roots in DUMBNO. He learned his politics from the vile and dirty Mamak but he did not absorb the craftiness of that old racist goat.

AI's love affair with cronism and the insistance on somewhat subdued patronage is also what he learned from that racist mamak.

Until and unless IA reinvents his image as a no nonsense leader for all Malaysians it is going to be an uphill task to have a go at Putrajaya.

AI should incise the cancerous cells before it spreads and takes the whole of PKR to its demise.

As it is PKR is the weakest link in the Pakatan Rakyat. Old habits, greed and the craze for power do not die overnight but it can be cleansed with the sacking of the mongrels with such distasteful characteristics.

PKR should get clean, unblemished citizens of impeccable character to stand as its candidates for the 13th GE.

Scums, criminals, kleptomaniacs who have an eye on the national coffers and liars who do not hesitate to take an oath on the holy Quran should be left out as lepers of society.

Anonymous said...

Let's challenge Rais Yatim to immediately allow non-BM films to enjoy 20% tax rebate

Currently, Finas incentives in the form of the Compulsory Screening Scheme and a 20% tax rebate only apply to films with 70% of the dialogue in Bahasa Malaysia. Malaysian-made films in other languages do not enjoy these incentives.

Anonymous said...

Why don't these people become beggars ? As a beggar,you do not have to work,just beg and people will give.

Anonymous said...

PKR should use the retreat to take a decision to close shop. PAS can effectively take over PKR's seats now with the formation of its supporters club, and non Muslims being able to contest under the PAS ticket. Let us not let PKR spoil our moods so often. Just bury it deep to ensure it never recovers.

lanaibeach said...

PKR which way to go?
Up to the PJ hill or down to the Klang river?
You came a long way to bring a change
Then along the way something rears

Small success you got it
The honey moon gone so soon
PKR what will it be?
When we wake up we see something different

Squabbles and Brutus
Fresh air or toxic waste PKR?
You come with a light of change
Is it only for a while?

Wake up before it is gone
The hard work built over the years
Get the right candidates to represent the party
Leave the trouble makers in cold storage

PKR which way to go?
Unity the way to PJ
There is no half way home
Stay on the course else dump in Klang river

Anonymous said...

The Istana project’s main contractor, Maya Maju Sdn Bhd, said it is the responsibility of the sub-contractors to pay their workers.The sub-con sez it's the sub-sub con's responsibility. But the sub-sub sez they have no ringgits either and blamed the sub cons, and we know the our subs cannot even dive but then that's another story, so somewhere in the corrupt ali-baba chain, the ringgits were stolen, as usual, by "rank and file". Welcome to UMNOsia!!!! Where corruption is free, all else are C4'd! Al-UMNOdollarlah!

Pray hard that the roof of the istana will not collapse like the Trengganu stadium in the future.

hurricanemax said...

Perhaps its time for PKR to close shop ..let the corrupted frog to BN. Come GE13, let it be a 2corner fight. With PAS and DAP coalition of the unwilling, sticking true to its respective ambition.

What can be politically worst than what we have now?

Anonymous said...

All u scumbags. Don't u know MB Sgor feed chocolates to present UMNO goons? U don't know much man, aiming yr arrows on wrong targets...sic.
Zorro, do yr homework b4 spitting yr liquor tobacco smelly spit.