Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"Tribal leaders are the government's agents in developing local communities and are not supposed to go against the government," said Sarawak Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister Michael Manyin, at a ceremony to present appointment letters to Bidayuh and Melayu Temenggong (paramount leader) of Samarahan.

He warned that any tribal leader who supports the opposition in the next Sarawak state election will face immediate termination of service as the action is a very serious misconduct.

Manyin said as the state election would be held soon, tribal leaders should enhance their efforts to assist the government by disseminating information about the success of the state government in bringing development to the people in the remote areas.

"To improve the government's delivery system, the state government wants tribal leaders to be open-minded in accepting criticism and suggestions," he said.

Manyin said the post of tribal leader was not a permanent post as it had been limited to four years.

This early warning was made at a ceremony to present appointment letters to Bidayuh and Melayu Temenggong (paramount leader) of Samarahan, here today.

Manyin said the post of tribal leader was not a permanent post as it had been limited to four years.

"No voting or election is needed in appointing a new tribal leader as he will be appointed according to the approval given by the district officer, division resident and state secretary," warned this demagogue.

Keruah Usit HERE said that these demagogues of all stripes in Sarawak have encouraged divisive ethnic politics since the formation of Malaysia in 1963. They have prospered through political patronage and a strategy of playing off one ethnic group against another.


I learnt this from a source who was in 1969 assigned to Kuching on active service with the Armed Forces. At the then biggest hotel in Kuching the Aurora, a young Leo Moggie who was then an executive in the Borneo Book Company pointedly told this young serviceman over drinks that they East Malaysians were being COLONISED by West Malaysia. As a young officer on duty this young man offered no reply to this accusation.

The next time this same officer met the East Malaysian was at the Lake Club locker room. The Book Company execitive had of course risen to be a Federal Minister of Malaysia. I believe there is a word for this: STOOGE, no?

Then there was this maverick officer who took no nonsense even from his superiors. As an honorable soldier he left the service. Years later, he was recalled to help the Government to seek out Bruno Mansel, the champions of the Penans. He accepted the assignment, but word has it that he joined the Penans in their struggle. I believe too there is a word for this: BraveHeart.....can?

Dum Spiro Spero

"While I Breathe, I Hope."

Kingdom of Sarawak state motto

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

"Still Alive, Still Fight"

Motto of the famed Sarawak Rangers


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telur dua said...

Give this guy a few pieces of silver and he will even betray his own mother.

I see there is no Mickey Mouse award in front of his name. They should give him one, if only to make this puny guy feel grand.

Anonymous said...

Tribal leader = leader of the tribe/representative of the tribe, no?

Alas, the white-haired billionaire has reduced that status to become his runing dogs...

Anonymous said...

well... what can we do about it??? beside blah ... blah ...

Anonymous said...


what use of good motto when nothing seems to be done to alleviate the problems?

the motto looks like its for pride sakes and sarawakians have to look past that and create and new beginning if they know what is good.


Anonymous said...


we have a witness (P.I. Bala) who says he can help in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case and also regarding corruption. Remember he was allegedly asked by PM Najib Abdul Razak's brother (Nazim) and paid to recant his earlier statutory declarations.

As investigating officers, all you need to do is to go over to London and investigate. Get whatever facts and come back, then you decide whether you have enough evidence to make out a case. If you don't have enough evidence, then tell Malaysians that private investigator Balasubramaniam is a liar and all the evidence he has are concocted by his lawyers and cannot possibly be used in court.

Now it appears that in the eyes of the Malaysian public MACC is not independent as you claim, and you are under the attorney-general's thumb.

Unlike Hong Kong's anti-corruption authority that has the power to prosecute suspects (independent of their AG), the MACC doesn't. The MACC is actually a paper tiger. It can make public announcements and independent interviews, it has various strategies and plans to fight corruption but does not have prosecution power. It's like you're given a gun but without bullets.

Anonymous said...

What a despicable,unethical traitor this bum MM is.
Hope that Sarawakians will throw rotten eggs and garbage whenever he speaks in public.
Kick this traitor cum corrupter out come next election.

Anonymous said...

Would new Transport Minister Kang Cho Ha support Port Klang Authority in withholding the next payment of RM772 million to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd the turnkey contractor for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ)?

Anonymous said...

Sabah bangkit!
Kembalikanlah maruah Sabah.
Tolak BN!!!