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Anonymous said...

Enough la Zorro, you supported PR and now PR reps are jumping. Do everyone a favour, give it a rest will ya?

zorro said...

You are the only one asking me to give it a presumptuous!If it troubles you, best you go somewhere else. If you read my previous post you would know why I was overjoyed about this deflection. Go watch football, will ya?

casper c said...

I for one would like to thank UMNO for helping Pakatan Rakyat rid itself of unwanted garbage.

How appropriate it seems, this special talent that the cesspool UMNO possesses - in this filthy work of waste removal/disposal that is not everyone's cup of tea.

Well done and keep up the good work. Through the years, the lot of you in UMNO have learned well under the able tutelage of one Maha King Shitstirrer.

lanaibeach said...

Pakatan frogs
Jumping out for joy
Now they have cash
Beyond their dreams

The political life
It's winner takes all
The losers must resign
To a fate of no funding

Principles must be uphold
Everything shouldn't be money at all
It's work and sacrifices
The voters done it; they knew

The short cut to wealth
The sorrow will come in generations
Cheating of the voters mandate
In heaven you don't even smell it

Pakatan frogs
Your game is over
For the people just beginning
Waving flags on PJ hill

Anonymous said...

Good one Pak Bernard. I like the way you replied Anon 8:44pm. Cooooolll!

sinleong said...

Uncle Zorro, we stand by you. This defection, as with others is a good detox process for PR. We will emerge stronger

telur dua said...

We must blame Abraham Eli for all this. He is the one who made being a froggy, fashionable.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


While birds can sing a number of songs
Frogs can only croak the same old tune
While birds can spot worms with wrongs
Frogs can only go hopping in the same dune

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160610
Wed.16th June 2010.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

selamat sejahtera tuan zorro

saya dah list blog ni dalam blog saya,

diminta jasa baik tuan listkan blog dalam blog tuan

terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Future agreements against defection must include among other things,Are you a RM25m whore, do you like china dolls, do you have a RM2 company to manage country clubs, do you have mistresses, are you a pathetic broke that your car was repossessed, do you have umno blood, are you a fake who will betray your voters irrespective of you religious belief, will you break up peaceful gatherings, will you dishonour a signed agreement, are you looking for contracts, do you have a snake's tongue but will turn into a katak, will you kiss asses to go on overseas trips, etc

Joceline said...

Can we even trust Pakatan reps in the future again?

tell me, why should we vote for any rep from PR in the next GE?

When they were competing in the GE, all are behind them..the party, bloggers etc.. but when they jump, u all start hanging their dirty laundry for the world to see.. Is this going to happen again? So which is which now?

So should us voters even buy your campaigns in the future? is it just a political charade to just fool us to get our vote? Making us think we are voting for a better malaysia by voting for PR reps? this same reps you are condemning now?

Anonymous said...

PM: General election is going to be a surprise
(Bernama) - Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the government would not dissolve Parliament to make way for the general election based on one opinion ......................

What surprise.... ?!
We are waiting....
Don't regret....ok?
Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia are waiting for this "terkejut" moment.

"People Power Revolution"
The People Power Revolution .....................

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44pm should stick to reading Utusan.

As for Katak Singh, we all know why he lompat. Sue him and Hee and DAP will be RM10 million richer.

Anonymous said...

DAP & PKR reps all cannot pakai one. Keshminder is just one of many. Keep an eye out on Ronnie Liu. He is doing all sorts of shady deals as a Selangor Exco.

Anonymous said...

"Gerakan Youth: Give 3rd generation non-Malays bumi status

PETALING JAYA (June 13, 2010): Kedah Gerakan Youth hopes the government would consider categorising all Malaysians born in the country as bumiputra in the near future, regardless of their ancestors’ country of origin.

Kedah Gerakan Youth head Tan Keng Liang said........."

This F! Gerakan Youth head "slave" Tan Keng Liang still "ngantuk" and not awake yet.....!

Ooi........"slave" Gerak Youth head,is your mind clogged ?
Shame on you...

We never asked you to beg for us.......Moreover, we all don't need it and you are not qualified to do it too.

To make it clear to you !

No such thing as "BUMIPUTRA" but the indigenous peoples in this motherland only,"BUMIPUTRA" is created by APNO-BN,and used it to "divide and rule"


"Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves."
Peter McArthur


MIG said...

Cicak Man becomes Ganja Man?

A good script for KRU production.

Anonymous said...

Another despicable black frog from Perak. A disgrace from the sikh community. Anyway, good riddance for DAP. Come GE13, he will be history, guarantee.

Fairest said...

My tagline for the BN campaign in the coming GE.

Vote BN. Vote not Pakatan. They are frogs and frauds.
Hidup BN.

Anonymous said...

for kesh he will sing.

cant really blame him when his car is on toll. here comes Mamak Zambry to the rescue.

shar101 said...

Let's ignore the 'money' factor and look deeper into another facet which is not obvious.

There's been insinuations that Keshy went to Thailand and 'converted' for some reason or other.

What's this location famous for? Runaway marriages by recalcitrant muslim blokes who can't do it legitimately back home.

Is there more to this possibility which UMNO Baru is exploiting?

I'm referring to the validity of both the conversion and marriage, if any.

Anonymous said...

Aha... if what Shar101 said is true, this Kesh guy could be literally caught with his pants down. So the Snoop Squad of AMNO scores again.

Anonymous said...

Bro, CASH-WIN-THE-SINGH. What irony.

Anonymous said...

When will the people of Sarawak wake up? When will they realise that the chief minister Pek Moh that they have had for the past 28 years have been raping the land for his own selfish interest while leaving the state poor and destitute.

And will the PM step in to stop all the state corruption where every major business must go through Taib's family. Sarawak is a beautiful country with so much resources. But the greedy hands of Taib has turned the state into his own personal bank. It would be a matter of time that Sarawak will be bankrupt due to such massive corruption.

Sadly, I blame the good people of Sarawak themselves for being cursed with the likes of Taib and family. Taib and his family has amassed a fortune over the years and the left the state and its people in a deplorable condition. BN/Umno has closed their eyes to Taib's plundering ways as he assures them the votes and parliamentary seats to keep them in power.

Until the people of Sarawak wake up and decide to take charge of their future by giving Taib and his family of scoundrels a boot; only then will Sarawak move forward. The reality of the situation is that Sarawakians not only hold the future of their state in their hands, but that of all Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Why do Malays need special crutches when they also have 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 ears, one brain, one mouth and every other faculties another non Malays has?????

If Malays don't want to be independant, how are they going to compete with the world and not just other Malaysians leh????

Where is the shame factor????

Are you saying Malays are so weak that they need to stay in hospitals 24x7???

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Umno use the millions cash to buy over PR MP's or ADUNs. Soon there will be a huge influx of BN reps into PR! Why? Some of them have been loyalist for years and had not seen such amount of money fall on their lap. These are the hardworking bunch whom had struggled just to get a few thousand for election machineries. Not even into their own pocket.
Some of them even had the thought of defecting into PR and after a while negotiate with Umno to get a few million to go back into umno. Like zahrain (ex-umno too ).

It's never been easier to earn million ringgit cash, especially for those in Pakatan. Today we hear over 800 DAP members quit the party. Umno has added another 800 to Malaysia's millionaire club member! 800 x ?million = ?billions !!! Nice...

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, soon Dumbo Uno will be doling out every year RM1 million to every UMNO member to retain them and this this same exercise will also be extend to BN component parties to entice them to stay!

Kickass Fella!

Anonymous said...

Aiyuh, Ustaz Asri pun nak masuk umno? Tarikan duit itu boleh membutakan iman seseorang.