Saturday, June 5, 2010


"Come on Jib, I know you're in there, I can see your pinky lips through the peep-hole!"

OK, let's get straight to the point. Has Vincent Tan, the de facto honorary BN treasurer got a right to the football betting license? Morally NO, but legally YES.

Let's rewind back to just before Tun called it a day. Tun asked VT to do up Bukit Tinggi a la Italian style. Vince says OK on condition that he get something like a casino to take away some customers who are Genting bound. Tun says OK. Vince orders millions of ringgit of casino equipment. Enter badman Badawi. He says no gambling. Genting good enough. VT very angry. He does not invite Pak Lah to his birthday bash. He invited Tun and gang and nobody from Badawi's cabinet except Najib who could be useful in the near future.

Enter Najib as PM minus 5 states and no two-third majority. Najib ask the honorary AhLong to buy out three frogs from Pakatan. AhLong obliged. Perak in BN pound again with royal blessings. Vince leaves a bucket of red paint in PM porch. 11 by elections come one after another unabated. Another bucket of red paint sat beside the first bucket. One more bucket was couriered after "you help me, I help you" debacle.

World Cup looming and the iron is hot for forging. VeeTee ask for the license. Jib says cannot lah...NEM does not allow....must tender mah. Jib gets another bucket.....bigger bucket with red ribbon. Rossie must have turned ocre-vermilion-red. Naj says OK to Vincy. Najib whispers to Pakatan.....protest lah, haram mah! Pakatan states says no-go to VT. Najib returns the buckets of raid paint. See, how clever our PM.....and he makes VTan promise to donate RM525 million to BN "charity". Wah tolong lu, lu tolong wah, worked this time around. Not stupid as Mooheedin thinks he is yah? Hantu promises the next episode after the BOSS comes back from Cardiff.

OK time to get some pig's blanket with Hawkeye.

UPDATE 6.6.10

Read Terrence Netto's take HERE
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Anonymous said...

If Tan Sri is legally entitled to the sports betting Licence, then I dare say so are all the 27 million+ population individually. And if he has no such moral entitlement, the same applies for each and every one of us. Unless of course in Malaysia, there are 2 laws for different people. The best hypocricy shows where they pray 5 times daily and yet have their hands full with the gains of gambling. Such religion is truly marvellous. Maybe that's the reason why it has so much universal appeal.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"Pretend to be pig to eat tiger"
So goes an ancient Asian saying
It's really not too hard to figure
Who will be the victims for slaying

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050610
Sat. 5th June 2010.

Pig Culler said...

Behind every vice, there is a chinkie.

How do you overcome this?

Simple; Get to the root of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Do we trust Berjaya? No way. Remember what happened to the Berjaya Vacation Club (BVC) members? They got cheated. When they joined the club, there were places to book, but when the membership gets bigger, instead of expanding, they reduced the number of places and had the cheek to charge for places that used to be free.

Now members can hardly book a decent holiday despite paying more that RM30,000 to Berjaya. I am not against sports betting, but I do not trust Berjaya.

Anonymous said...

By roping in illegal football gambling and loan sharks to fight his cause is just too pathetic. With or without legalised gambling, there will still be illegal gambling. Look, we have Genting Highlands, Magnum, Sport Toto and Dai Ma Cai and yet illegal gambling exist.

To legalise football gambling is to also to legalise illegal gambling. Leave the illegal gambling to the authority to take care of the problem. Where is Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali and why he did not protest when comes to such matters about gambling?

lebih berjaya said...

By the same argument, the government should open casino as well. Follow the Singapore way, charge malaysians RM500 per entry to casino to deter gambling among the locals, but free entry to foreiners. That way we make money from tourist instead of from the rakyat.

JB has the abandoned Waterfront City near the causeway that could be turned into casino instantly to lure Singaporeans. why najib never think of this?

Anonymous said...

When the government-owned Sports Toto was sold off to Vincent Tan in 1985 by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it came after a campaign in the Sunday Mail, then under the editorship of Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar, featuring articles by Shaik Osman Majid. Much of the criticisms laid against the government-owned Sports Toto rested on how ineffective it had been in raising money for sports development.

Ahmad Sebi, a protege of Mahathir’s alter ego Daim Zainuddin, later became TV3 boss, and was a key player in the Sport Toto privatisation and other deals during those go-go years. During the 1987 Operation Lallang, he was detained for a week after being stopped at the airport with RM20mil in cash in his suitcase as he was trying to leave the country.

Jong said...

hohoho yeah, wa tolong lu, lu tolong wa! Christmas comes early this year, soon Fat Mama Penguin will have RM525 million for shopping spree for all her effort!

Anonymous said...


Can we also bet on by elections and
general elections.Then VT can donate another half billion.

Anonymous said...

payback time for his funding role in the Perak coup?

no way, jose. Vincent, you getting your dues but this time from the PR govt. Go to hell, Vincent. Thats the place you deserve.

Anonymous said...

huh! one way how amno 'halalkan' gambling...

guess what najis going to 'halalkan' next? prostitution? pork?

Anonymous said...

What's next? A full casino license for VT in Berjaya hills? I would not be surprise.Maybe thats the reason why Genting group has invested so much in Singapore and other parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

donate rm500+millions,

so all those haram money only for non-malay?

wow! take from the malay & give it
to the non-malay... this surely get ibrahim panties all twisted up again! lol!

zorro said...

Pig Culler: Behind every vice, there is a chinkie.How do you overcome this?
Get to the root of the problem.

You are so brilliant!
Go get the "PROTECTORS". Without protection cannot operate lah! Who are these? Kakakakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

By the way, don't cull the Police Inspector General...he will feed you with red (enamel not emulsion...the former much cheaper) paint.

Anonymous said...

Charity bit is nice feint, but no thanks

A big thanks but no thanks to Vincent Tan's charity....

We don't want such type of charity....
It's not a sincere charity, just like a robber rob someone and give it away to somebody else...

" Rompak Ali untuk Ahmad "

No ..........No ........No......
It's not the way to do charity, if he want to do charity do it from his own money not this way , it's very clear this way can cause broken families, personal debts and so's really sinful way.......

"Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end."
Quoted by
Tyron Edwards


uppercaise said...

To Anonymous 8.53am
If you read something interesting somewhere else (in this case from my blog) at least have the courtesy to say you are quoting someone, and where you got it from. Don't try to pass it off as your own.

Unknown said...

Like prostitution and drug,gambling should NOT be licensed.When we get this right first time,the rest are non issue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wrong in Principal but commercially right =

Lu tolng wa , wa tolong lu is the



Anonymous said...

We dont expect Angels in politic but we will support those who are LESSER DEVIL.

Oppositons has the edge over the regime at this junture though men (genrally) are wicked.

We will support Oppositions for a change.Good or Bad is uncertain but certainly we need a Total Change.

Oppositions (lesser devil), dont break too many hearts . We dont expect too much from you cos we know you ain't no angel.

Keep Burning.

Yoon Lee said...

I am one of those angry Berjaya Vacation Club members! I have been screwed!

Anonymous said...

This guy was certainly cunning indeed. Just wonder where that 3 froggies from Perak got their money when they jumped and the millions $$$$$$ used in the Hulu Selangor election!! I dont need to elaborate as most concern rakyat knew who. And with regard to his so called generous donation he did not mention on how the cash would be disbursed; neither did he say to which segment of the society. To me, this is just a ploy to hoodwink the poor rakyat. I gave you one, you gave me back 3 la at the end of the day.
Hope the rakyat still remember how this VT guy was famous for his deal-making role with the now half dead mamak kutty regime. In fact, he was the blue-eye boy of that mamak. Remember the Indah Water Consortium (IWC) issue in the 1980s and 1990s? He privatised it at peanut kind of price, and he made the government paid him millions upon surrendering the company.
To him, any arrangement works, but it has to be heads he wins, and tails he wins too. He is a disgrace to the chinese community. Rakyat will never ever believe him except of course those in the BN/UMNO. Did those dickheads in Perkasa make any noise????.A complete silence. They suddenly become dumb dumb. What a bunch of cowards and racialists.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo,

Here is what I think as an individual we can do and if you don't mind the link to my blog


Anonymous said...

Wow ! VT is so generous to set aside RM 525 millions for charity.

Hahahaha... only after protests by the 'rakyat' and the PR States.

Just hope the charity is for the needy and not the fatty mama.

Anonymous said...

BN might as well legalise prostitution in order to collect tax revenue, same principle as legalising football betting. Ibrahim Ali will surely approve this.

Anyway, with the money collected via agent VT, BN will be able to entice more Pakatan MPs to lompat.

Ahjamal said...

The evil VT is playing around with all the evil money so expect him to plan all the evil doing. He will
not enjoy his life I bet he will be
live all his life from now in a worst
state which he will know it very very
soon hope he takes Najis along

GobloKing said...

We visited Bkt Tinggi.
Place? low quality.
Service? lower quality.
Food? No quality.

Ppl manning Reception? Cant rate. Nobody there

ok. So this was on a Tuesday but come on lah!

Why run a place like a ghost town? How to lure customers?

Only thing high: Prices!

Name me ONE thing Berjaya has done well. ONE. That's all I'm asking


Anonymous said...

Vincent is a front man for UMNO. The gambling industry is owned by UMNO and money from the gambling industry flows like a river to PWTC. Vincent is just a face used to hide the real owners -- that is UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it against the law in UK or Malaysia, to own a sports club (eg Cardiff City) and at the same time have the licence to operate sports gambling ? What odds would VT give in a game involving Cardiff, if he pays all the players and manager's salaries ? Anyone dare to place bets ?