Tuesday, June 29, 2010


HERE IS WHY ART HARUN, THE ARTICULATE ONE, WON THIS INAUGURAL IBRAHIM TONGKAT ALI TROPHY: In this intricately crafted literary piece, this attorney who will inevitably be the next Attorney General, all things being equal and if Niamah Patrick Teoh doesn't have his way. Aptly he told the Singapore Malays: Kau Tau? We Malaysian Malays do not Kow Tow to anyone!:

To all Singapore Malays, I am writing this to tell you how lucky we all are in Malaysia. You think you all are so great, you sure have not seen how greater we, Malaysian Malays, are.

What you think? You think Johor Bharu is a place full of thieves, kidnappers and gangsters don’t you? Well, I wouldn’t blame you. Because that is what your ex-Prime Minister cum your Senior Minister cum your Minister Mental said. He did not like Malaysia because he was jealous of our success, peace and tranquility. And so he said that in an affidavit in a court proceeding. As Singapore Malays, you of course have to kow tow to your Supreme Leader and so you agreed with him, in’it? In’it?

I am sure you don’t really agree with him but you cannot say so, in’it? Because you can’t really say anything in Singapore, especially when what you wanted to say would go against what your Supremely Total leader said, in’it? Can you?

Well you know something? We Malaysian Malays can say anything we like. Of course we cannot insult Islam lah…kalau insult Islam we kena lah. But a bit only lah, not like you all in Singapore. We would only be detained without trial under the Internal Security Act. Then most probably we would have to leave Malaysia and live elsewhere. But you see, we don’t have to kow tow like you all. That’s the point, get it?

Hmm…do you know that Kia has launched a new car? Yes. It’s called Kia Soo. LOL!!!

Allow me now to continue to write in proper Queen’s English. Because my Singlish attempt in the foregoing paragraphs is really pathetic, as you could see. That is because we Malaysian Malays are taught Maths and Science in proper English. Because of that, we Malaysian Malays are so proficient in English although we are not as good as you are in Maths and Science.

The purpose of my writing this letter to you is to tell you that we, the Malaysian Malays, do not have to kow tow to anybody. We are the best Malays in the whole world. The luckiest Malays in the whole world. And the most successful Malays in the whole wide world, including the cyber world. Any other Malays, from any other country, or part of the world (including the cyber world), are just not as good or successful as us, the Malaysian Malays. They are simply at the tenth place out of ten. We, the Malaysian Malays, for your information, occupy the first nine places. That is how good we are.

I tell you what. We have a Malay astronaut. Here he is known as AngkasaOne. We even have a reserve astronaut. He is also Malay. He is known as AngkasaTwo. Don’t ask me why we mix a Malay word for “space” with an English word for the first two numbers to call them two astronauts. Perhaps that is because we want to impress that we are taught Maths in English. Yes, that must be it. Now, you all in Singapore do not have any AngkasaOne do you? See? We are better than you. And we do not have to kow tow to anybody.

We also swam across the English Channel, fully protected from jelly fish in a cage. And we have a Datukship for that. You all Singapore Malays got like that one ah? Mana ada? Of course later they was a Chinese boy who swam without the protective cage and even much faster than us the Malaysian Malays, but he did not get Datukship, you see. So we are better. And we did that without having to kow tow to anybody. You all. You kow tow also cannot do like that one, for sure (my Singlish is getting better, eh?)

Than we also have many big Malay businessmen in Malaysia. Our national carrier, MAS (not Malay Airline System, it’s Malaysia Airline System, mind you), was owned by a Malay. He made MAS the best. And one of the biggest. So much so that when he left, MAS was in such a solvent state that it could spend RM1.55 million to buy some paints in various colours splashed over some white canvas and put them in the Chairman office. And we did it without having to kow tow to anybody, kau tau?

We also have Malay businessmen who built highways from the north way up to the South. Now, had your government agreed, we would have extended that highway to your small ciku state via a second causeway. But true to your kiasu attitude, being jealous of our success and achievements (especially because we have several excellent national cars and the fact that we now have not one, but two, submarines – which mind you, can now dive in tropical waters – and also the fact that we run the “hottest race on Earth” – which is to be renamed “the monsoon-est race on Earth” – once a year), your government don’t agree to that proposal. But we always have a way. We will build a crooked and very scenic bridge on OUR side. Padan muka you all! We cannot build a straight bridge, we would build a crooked one.

More on the hottest race on Earth. We know you all are envious of our F1 Circuit, which is the best in the world (in 1999 that is). You all are so envious with this circuit. That we know. You all don’t have enough land and therefore you can’t build one. You also cannot have a F1 circuit race unless you want the F1 race to be held underwater.

So you have a street F1 race. Street race! Hah! In Malaysia, we Malaysian Malays do that every night. We call ourselves Rempits. Congratulations! You have turned the F1 drivers into Rempits! And to be different, and to kow tow to Europeans fans, you have to hold the race at night. In Malaysia, we do not kow tow, okay. Unlike you. Racing at night and on the street. Cheh!

Back to the highways. Yes. That was done by us, the Malaysian Malays. Look at how successful the highways, as a business, are. I know. In other countries, like yours, highways are built for logistical purposes but here, let me remind you, highways are primarily for business and investment purposes. As you can see, we, the Malaysian Malays are inventors of new businesses. And to top it all, even when the highways are raking it in, in terms of toll collections, our government would compensate the highway company in the hundreds of millions. And we do that, my little Singapore friends, without kow tow-ing to anybody. Nope. No kow tow, kau tau?

We, the Malaysian Malays are the masters. We excel in every fields of business. In constructions industry, we obtained contracts recently for the construction of the new palace. Not only that, we even managed to negotiate with the government, whose allocation was initially RM400 million, to increase the cost to about RM800 million. Now tell me. Can you, Singaporean Malays, do that? No way towkey.

And at international level, we managed to be an agent who put up the deal to for the Malaysian government to buy submarines. And we earned, I am told, about RM500 million for that. You think it is easy to buy submarines? No it is not I am telling you. There must be an agent to put up the deal. The government cannot just take up the phone and tell the submarine manufacturer that it wanted 2 or 3 submarines. Or ask 4 or 5 manufacturers to come for presentations and choose one of them to supply the darn submarines. No. The government needed us, the Malaysian Malays to be the agent. And of course, we do that without kow-tow. We do not have to kow tow, get it?

You all Singapore Malays, you can do like that ah? Sure kenot. You all are losers. I am sure you all supported England the other night, didn’t you? 4-1. Bumbling kow-tow-ing idiots! Golden generation konon. If that was golden, than I wonder how brass looks like!

You all have Perkasa or Gertak or not? Ha…got or not? You see, we Malaysian Malays are so lucky. We have Perkasa and Gertak to look after our rights and entitlements. That is why we do not have to kow tow to anybody like you all. We know our rights man. Our Constutilation. Yes. Our rights and entitlements are all mentioned in the Federal Constitulations. Our supremely brave and intellectually inclined leaders or Perkasa and Gertak have read them. And we believe what they say too. That is why, we do not have to kow tow to anybody. Kau tau?

At the stroke of eight minutes to midnight I get an SMS from Hantu 3 that Art left the trophy for Riduan Tee the chulop Malay who will be a GERTAK guest speaker alongside luminaries like Ungku Aziz and Datuk Khoo Kay Kim (no...no relative positively).

But that of course is typical of this man who shuns artificiality, and any whiff of superficiality!

Anyway continue reading this award winning dissertation HERE.


Zashnain said...

Hahahaha Good one!

Happy Bunny said...

Pure racist crap from a world-class racist.
You have a better deal than the Malays here.
Singapore regards its Malays as only fit to wash their underwear.
Chinese reigns supreme in Kiasu Land.

Anonymous said...

Our PeeeeeeeM can have the best economic plan in the whole world. If you have lazy, racialistic, leechlike and pea brain dickheads like those in Perkasa, Gertak and some NGOs, it will never never ever going to work. I bet my last 1/4 cent on this.
With such a high rate of population increase and the way the current bunch of greedy, corrupted and unethical politicians running the government, many many of the youngs may perhaps grown up like those dickheads i mentioned above.
God helps Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Ultra Malay in UMNO when they cannot get enough votes they will import Illegal to win Singapore Malay cannot lah. UMNO Malay just roll out
free Mykad . Parin is blind or love to polish UMNO boots.

Mohammad Isa said...

The chinkies and thambies really love it dont you? You love Malay apologists like this Art "kow-tow to chinkies" Harun fella, and the keralan mamak Haris ibrahim. Not forgetting the Raja "I have evidence but i run when taken to court" Petra.

What else would satisfy the chauvinist chinkies than planting enemies from within. Musuh dalam selimut. Just like how the nazis had spies, the DAP chauvinist chinkies has people like (f)Art.

Yes, in malaysia it is only racist if the malays say undesirable things about the chinkies and the tamil naduans. It is not racist if malays are on the receiving end.. Especially when it is a malay doing it to his own. This is why people like art, haris the tamilan mamak, raja etc are loved and praised.

Muslim chinese are also condemned just like what happened to Dr Ridhuan Tee. To the chauvinist chinkies, being a muslim means being a malay and they get called Malay celup just like what this old chinkie zorro did.

Go ahead and kid yourseld to thinking that (F)Art represents the essence and thoughts of the Malays. Fool yourself to thinking that he speaks for the malays from Johor to Kedah to kelantan to pahang. You are in for a big surprise. For the common malay in the kampung, you west coast chinks and hindulans look nothing but an artificial implant into our land. An alien who relates not to the majority of malaysia. WHo has more in common with HK and taiwanese chinks than your fellow malaysians.

You Chinkies and tamil naduans have the guts, why dont you speak up and make fun of the malays. We know u want to. Dont use your pawns art and haris for this.

make fun of perkasa all you want. but ever thought why their functions always ends up with a packed full house?

wandererAUS said...

Zor, one missing point in that article, our infamous Kangaroo Courts and the notorious monkey judges. Here is one of them, playing God instaed of being a blooming judge!
Judge Ghazali Cha, you was either trying to be a smart ass or simply an asshole! He was attempting to play with the words of the beautiful English language when he was not competent with it. Recommended to balek kampong to masterhis BM, a dead lost with the Queen's English, not meant for swine head!

zorro said...

Mohamad Isa....that was a mouthful. Why dont you post this comment in Art Harun's and Haris Ibrahim's blog?
Packed full house....1000 instead of 10000 is not even quarter full.

I do not make fun of the Malays because the majority of my Malay friends are just lovely people who I would protect with my life, even against the chinese or indians.And just to make you feel good I have more Malay friends than Chinese friends. Why dont you have a good handjob, clean your hands and post your comments in Art and Haris' blog.

shar101 said...


Mohd Isa writes like Revert aka warrior231.

Same vocab usage mah.

This fler and his friends dare not even show their faces to support his pro-ISA stance at last year's ISA rally in August.

Btw heard from a reliable source that Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali was recently seen entering a betting outlet with two bodyguards. Was he making survey of VT's business or is he a habitual punter? A photo spread would be nice to have, right?

Jong said...

What was he doing there, sure not on his rent collecting rounds, Shar? Aiyoo, betting outlet tak 'haram' ka?

Mat Benut said...

I am a Mat Benut from JB.
My Singapore friend are very amazed by our new JB Sentral next to the new CIQ. It is reported in the Malaysian press that JB Sentral is the modern transportation hub in JB! Just look at the long line of Bas Pajak lining up at JB Sentral bus stop (opposite the Singapore-owned City Square shopping mall) and along Jalan Wong Ah Fook (JB's "Orchard Road" flooded with foreign workers). There are bas pajak attedants using loud hailers to urge passengers to board their buses - so customer friendly unlike Singapore. No need to check the bus number (not available any way)!

I am vey proud of my KTM. Pride of Tanah Melayu! Much better than Singapore's MRT!

Come to JB Sentral to see for yourself!

art harun said...

Haha Zorro my man. Thanks for the link and also, not forgetting, the award. Contrary to the perception of many, that article is my tribute to all the successes and achievements of our country, most particularly, by us, Malaysian Malays.

As for Encik Mohammad Isa, nice of you to have read my articles (judging from what you said about me, it looks like you have read many of my articles). I am so flattered I could kiss you right now. But then again, JAIS, JAKIM or some other moral Nazis may take issue with that. Oh well...

Anyway Encik Isa, it wasn't nice of you to brand me a "chinkies" and "thambies" apologists. That's not painting a complete picture of myself.

I am also apologist for:
-Teoh Beng Hock
-A Kugan
-Raja Petra Kamaruddin
-all ISA detainees and deteinees without trial under other laws
-universal human rights
-equality before the law
-Constitutional rights
-fair play
-independent judiciary
-clean governments and government servants
-clean elections or by-elections
-the truth
-letters and spirit of the law
-true Islamic values
-good education
-good debate
-smart people
-intellectualising matters of interest instead of politicising them
-good manners
-good behaviours which my mother, and I presume, every mother teaches.
-no stereotyping or needless labeling when one does not have anything clever to say.

Have a good day Encik Isa.

May God bless you with His goodness, His light, His mercy and His forgiveness.

haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

Mohamad Isa...

if u really r him...u certainly dont deserve that name at all & even if i do not know if u exist,I m ashamed 2 b associated with the likes of u,using a pseudo-name n masquerading behind it n creating scorn is certainly not what muslims do.

Br Bernard ...Art...

just keep up doin the good job both of u u doin right now & ..like i always n will continue saying.. at our age we have that privilege n freedom to express our experience....there's no need 2 argue that freedom

my two cents worth

maj(rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan

art harun said...

Mohammad Isa, since you are such a good Muslim, what do you make out of this? :-

“O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” (Holy Quran 5: 08)

Aren't all Muslims supposed to fight for justice, regardless of race, breed or creed? That's how I understand it. How do you understand it?

And how about this?:-

Sa’d bin ‘Ubadah who was carrying the flag of the Helpers (Ansars) passed by a detained Abu Sufyan who was already given an amnesty by the Holy Prophet and even his house declared a sanctuary and taunted him saying: “Today will witness the humiliation of Quraish." Immediately, Abu Sufyan complained to the Holy Prophet and the Prophet (pbuh) stripped S’ad of the flag and appointed his son Qais in his place and he said: “"Nay, today Al-Ka‘bah will be sanctified, and Quraish honoured." Muslim scholars say the Holy Prophet was passionate about the honour of all people, Muslim and non-Muslim.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not allow the Quraisy (his enemy in Mekah and the ones who vanquished in Badar) to be taunted by his own warrior.

And what were you doing calling the Chinese and Indians "chinkies and thambies"?

Anonymous said...

MemPERKOSAkan minda dan Men(G)RETAKan otak orang melayu.

Anonymous said...

En Isa and Art, neither of you represent me.

i refrain from sprouting chingkies and thambie hate and have no respect for a copy and paste muslim and a malay hating malay.

just another malay