Sunday, April 3, 2011


“Some Christian groups appear to be leaning in favor of the government's latest offer while others are loath to accept the differentiation of the rules between the Borneo states and the peninsula,” reported Malaysiakini today HERE.

On Wednesday 23 March “WILL SARAWAKIANS BE DUPED AGAIN?” I expressed same sentiment HERE

1Malaysia is poppycock then!


Anonymous said...

My bet is Sarawakian will indeed be duped!

After winning Sarawak, on 1 May, BN will ban the Bibles in Malay language again. They need to do this to win Peninsula Malaysia.

After all, Malaysians are gullible!

Anonymous said...

how long will malaysians be conned again? remember in 1981 - the beautiful slogan - cekap, bersih, n amanah ( EFFICIENT< CLEAN N TRUSTWORTHY ) today it was reported CUSTOMS OFFICERS were caught with gold bars n stacks of cash found in their house, wow everyone is having a good time. learn from your leaders. pkfz n curry lingam tapes are leadership by example. this is the legacy of asrotten society left behind by the previous administrations. correct correct correct

sampalee said...

Learn from the Tunisian and the Eygatian and do not rely on politician especially those from west malaysia.

Anonymous said...

It is so important for voters to vote BN out !

But BN is as tricky as the filty Arab Sheiks.

How can small hero Zorro help ? How can I from Perak help ? Tell me plse !

Anonymous said...

Tis song of the 70's I like to dedicate to SArawak's voterS-


I dedicated tis song to Bodowi sometimes ago but he continues to be in slumber mode till today.

Things are different now something must be done. We dont want hypocrites , pretenders , suckers telling pretty lies.

Dont cry for me - Hornbill. Just do what you goona do.

It's now or never...

Ubah hornbill said...

Beware, Christians, today OK, 2moro after GE n back in power, NO NO (Bible n Al lah)

Do U really want 2 believe in UmnoB/BN? Just VOTE PR lah, Just DO it

Anonymous said...

A video tribute to Taib

Your time is up!

Kristian Dayak said...

Has the Christians community ever reflected that its God's way of teaching us not to take our faith for granted and that the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak had actually contributed to the arrogance of UMNO controlled BN government by voting in a highly corrupted and authoritarian government for the past 47 years.

It is time for us Christians to repent and vouch to vote against the highly corrupted, repressive and abusive UMNO controlled BN government led by the thief minister Taib Mahmud.

It looks like we have two laws for one country. Right, not 1Malaysia anymore.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia, 2 Interlok versions

The Interlok controversy has become an issue of "face" for DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and he has the instruments of power to keep the game in his favour.

Congratulations to those arrested for keeping this issue in the news.

There is only one solution to 'Interlok': vote Muhyiddin and his gang out. Najib seems quite helpless here.

mauriyaII said...

Interlok is Mooheedeen's contribution to racism in Malaysia. This mongrel persists in calling Malaysian Indians as pariahs and the insidious insinuations against the Chinese as pimps through Interlok as alright with slight polemic changes.

There is no place for Interlok in a country where its citizens are from various ethnic groups and religions.

1Malaysia is nothing but sloganeering of the worst kind cooked up by APCO. It is just a syok sendiri exercise or the gross kind. Its aim is to induce a utopian feeling where everything is good and fantastic.

In reality it is the opposite. The people are taken for a jolly good ride by Najis and his band of robbers.

Najis is becoming PATHETIC by the day.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
It's time to get away from hustle bustle. Since you have introduced "Doctor in the House"
Let me introduce


The devil in skirts are coming x2

Anonymous said...

Of course the Sarawakians will be duped again. And why not since the Sarawakians have very short memories and loved being hoodwinked time and time again. No way that BN will lose the 2/3 majority in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Just to show the Christian Bumiputras that the BN govt is sensitive to the hurt feelings felt by the rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak But this is only possible temporary solution in view of the Sarawak State election to pacify the anger and win over their hearts to get the votes.But lets us not celebrate the sudden change of heart by the Federal Govt for Jala is only acting to please the the East Malaysians at the beckoning of his master NAJIS THE GREAT PRETENDER who is now busy dishing out $$$$$ crumbs hoping win over their votes when all should have been extended to the East Malaysians decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Zorro my Friend

The time to over-highlight BN/UMNO's fraudulent/misdeeds is over. You shud have a paradizm ( as in outside the ZzzZorro Box ) shift such as venture into things more realistic & proactive such as make it simple & not so offensively mysterious.

Just say , vote BN out! Pakatan in ! Najib is Libya !

Otherwise you run the severe risk of replaying old records over & over again which puts even active people to sleep. Your Disney World of Fantasy is over & done with.

Time to restart & reboot, even at age 71 or so - it ain't ever too late

well wisher ( but Genuine Malaysian )

Anonymous said...

To all Christian readers especially those who are in favour of the Barang Naik or who cannot decide who to choose; do you really think that the Govt. is soo good to allowed bibles to printed in whatever language including BM or BI without having strings or condition attached!What is given to left hand is not the same as the right! When your Pastor comes from Sabah or Sarawak, do you know that he has to leave his precious bible behind and be content with the so called marked Peninsular Bible when he come here to preach.( his precious bible can be seized by our local customs) Furthermore all Christian Sabahans and Sarawakians here in Penisular Malaysia will have to carry the same.
And now the so called Christian leaders are willing to bend or compromise their stand by forgiving all those who started all these nonsense! Some people really never learn! Their minds are so easily manipulated by sweet promises, favours etc etc! Tomorrow who knows they will issue a Christian "Fatwa" that it is ok to carry marked bibles!

How many years do we need to wait to get back our basic rights!

I say this! Enough!

zorro said...

Anon944pm...what is so mysteriously offensive? This post consists of just 4 lines. Its Paradigm shift you are talking about. Don't use platitudes like thinking out of the box....when people start thinking out of the box, many of them lose their way coming back to the box (basics).If you are not 70ish you do not know the meaning of re-booting.If you care to look at the banner at the top of the post (which has been up for the last 2 months) does it not say BN out, give back sarawak to the sarawakians? I am sorry you do not get the message. I can't make things simpler unless you insists that I draw diagrams to explain the message to you. The days of feeding bottles are over. It is time now to kick between the the thighs to get people like you out of to sit up and act like a genuine Malaysian. I couldn't post this answer to you because we just had two power trips in this budget hotel in is flickering again and we might be in for another outage. Better I say good night and thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

How can the printing the Bible in the national language, which is 'Malay', be seen as deliberate wounding of the religious sentiments of other persons? I find their excuse so lame and their mind to be narrow. If that is the case, is Pembela telling non-Malays that they should not be conversing in Malay? Is this what 1Malaysia is all about?
Yusri, I puke seeing your illogical statements and you should be charged under the Sedition Act for stirring up racial sentiments. With so many social, economical issues that is plaguing some society, you waste your time trying to be a hero for a bunch of narrow-minded idiots. It all boils down to whether if Malaysia is a secular or Islamic state. Constitutionally, Malaysia is a secular state with freedom of religion enshrined in the supreme law of the country. But since the days of TDM (Mahathir Mohamad the current senile mamak kutty), it is becoming more and more otherwise. Which is why the so-called little idiotic nothing better to do Napoleans as well as groups like Pembela and Perkasa can make such demands.