Thursday, April 14, 2011


A man with MyKad # 83___________walked into N48 PELAWANG room in the Sibu Municipal Council, to cast his postal vote. DAP Polling agent born in 1987 couldn’t believe that the man opposite him could be born just 4 years before him. The man could be more his father’s age. He could not be born in 1983. He therefore left the room to raise an objection to the Assistant Returning Officer. When he and the ARO returned to the room the “born in 1983” postal voter had bolted.

It is OK and no disgrace to lose to a good opponent. But to lose to a band of cheats is a bitter pill to swallow. This is what the Opposition is up against. Cheating, buying of voters, and a sudden increase in postal votes in certain constituencies is a worrying factor. It is not impossible against these odds – cheating and BN-loving Tuai Rumah. Only Sarawakians can decide this on 16 April.



Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
Have faith! The mighty Jericho is fallen with one loud shout

elizabeth said...

Nothing had changed after 308... UMNO instead of directing their resources and efforts towards changing their old ways, are instead taking the easy way out... Use the EC, the judiciary and everyone who is willing to sell their souls for a penny to cling on to power... Lets see how long they can keep this up... Using men's strength, pakatan stands no chance at all... but, remember how God brought down the mighty pharoah and his vast army, using a stammering shepherd.. I believe the people of Sarawak and all of Malaysia have been crying to God to deliver us from this evil regime.. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow... He is not deaf and His hands are not short to help us..

Anonymous said...

EC's fond of doing things irregularly. They do not have a standard to go by. The Pakatan polling agents should be doubly vigilant in the 10th Sarawak State election.

bumi-non-malay said...

Win or Lose......those Sites listed on my blog will be targetted anyway..... Fighting EVIL and Obliteration is Eternal....

Sarawak Change it for Malaysia......get ready to Storm the State Building if Victory is seen.......Just Push those Corrupted Police, Rela and Army away.....and enter take EVIDENCE of Corruption!! Sack ALL those Senior Government Servants....don't make the Sabah and Perak Mistake!!

Keep up those DDOS attack based on timing from my Blog site....some are so slow now....he he he

mauriyaII said...

Barisan Neraka will not CHANGE. According to the cow-head DPM Moooheedin he and his cohorts in BN are NOT for change. They are rooting for transformation. That is right. Transformation of a corrupted regime into THE WORST CORRUPTED REGIME.

Barisan Neraka and its whores can try to peddle their wares every election. Only those who are easily fooled by perfidy and the lust for ill-gotten wealth will fall for their overtures.

308 showed the weakness of Barisan Neraka in Peninsular Malaysia. April 16 will show Barisan Neraka that Sarawak is the tsunami that will make them leave Putra Jaya in DISGRACE.

Sarawakians will show the colonialist from Semenanjung Malaysia that they are not SLAVES TO BE EXPLOITED.

The Barisan Neraka corrupted regime does not want to CHANGE.It only wants to transform into a bigger corrupted regime by supporting the evil Satan Pek Moh who is the scourge in Sarawak.

Satan Taib Mahmud aka Pek Moh is another clone of Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty. These two are no better than the tyrants and dictators from the Middle East, Africa or the Latin American countries.

The main difference being both claim to be upright Muslims pontificating to others to follow their immoral paths.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Your RPK haver sold his backside for a few quid. You guys are a letdown. Talk about change and justice but will fold when money is put on the table.

Podah la!

Anonymous said...

Inever ever trust these guys running the EC. They are almost all NB/UMNO men. PKR/DAP/PAS including all Sarawakians must watch and monitor the voting at all cost. Dont let this cheats get away.

Anonymous said...

The moments have come.

For those Justice, Righteous people out there in Sarawak

We must believe Malaysia should be a land of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUS, FREEDOM OF RELIGIONS

For the first time the moment of glory CHANGE / UBAH have waited over 30 years, have come to the shore of SARAWAK, people of SARAWAK have a chance to make into MALAYSIA History to turn the VOTE into JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, to stop the Injustice in our land from the corrupted politicians, continue to rob our native lands, continue to steal our tax money, continue to cheat us into believing their empty promises LIES

We must stretch across all the corners from far to near, from sea to mountains VOICE OF JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, your family, your friends, your brothers and sisters, from young to old

To send a message across all the corners we are already to UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE


It is the dream of all righteous Malaysians for so long over 50 years who have been cheated by so many corrupted politician liars

On 16 April, we can achieve to put our hands on the MALAYSIA HISTORY and make a brighter future for all MALAYSIANS

We have seen the CHANGE in our industrial states SELANGOR and PENANG, these two states are our most advance industrial states in Malaysia, the people out there are highly educated and high income, they were brave to elected the PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) to rendered their leaders courage, justice and selfless government administration

We should thank to PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) leaders their brave, tireless, selfless to campaigned from their hearts, spoken to Sarawak people from urban to rural, for the love of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, for the crying voices of helpless poor natives in loss of their ancestor lands, we should grateful to them

There are people in rural lives without water and electricity without job, without income and wonder how they going to feed their children tomorrow and worst their ancestor land have robbed by corrupted politicians

There are new jobs need to be created, there are new roads need to build, there are new schools need to build

The job ahead will be long not within a year or a term, but the PAKATAN RAKYAT (opposition) promise to get you there

They (PAKATAN RAKYAT) will be honest along the road ahead, and listen to you when you disagree.

They (PAKATAN RAKYAT) will be fairness, justice and selfless to work with you, ask you to build with them the works of the state, roads by roads, bricks by bricks, hands by hands

The UBAH/VOTE FOR CHANGE is the only chance to offer us to bring a HOPE of JUSTICE, SELFLESS government administrators to Malaysia

Make the world believe that Malaysia can UBAH/CHANGE, can be perfect.

What we UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE can give us HOPE of the BRIGHTER FUTURE for many generations to come in Sarawak and Malaysia.

On 16 April, when you are casting you vote, you know you can UBAH VOTE FOR CHANGE for a JUSTICE and RIGTHEOUS a BRIGHTER FUTURE for your children, your family, your friends and all the people in Malaysia,

On 16 April, will be our chance to answer that call voice of JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS,

It will be our moment to cast our vote to answer our dream of a land for Malaysia JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS, FREEDOM OF RELIGIONS, for a JUSTICE, SELFLESS government administrators.