Tuesday, April 12, 2011



The snake oil peddler-salesman became a regular in western movies, a travelling "doctor" with dubious credentials, selling some medicine (such as snake oil – SUPPOSEDLY THE PANACEA OF ALL ILLS) with boisterous marketing hype, often supported by pseudo scientific evidence, invariably bogus.

To increase sales, an accomplice in the crowd (a SHILL) would often "attest" the value of the product in an effort to provoke buying enthusiasm. The "doctor" would prudently leave town before his customers realized that they had been cheated. This practice is also called "GRIFTING" and its practitioners are called GRAFTERS, much like the PM and his Deputy.

Below is a graphic explanation:

Two GRAFTERS came across the South China Seas like on a mercy mission to rescue Taib and Sarawakians from UBAH. They brought promises of gifts…..albeit with conditions.


“We will resolve more problems (soon) but you should please resolve April 16 first, can?" said Najib during a short ceremony before leaving.

Damnation! This guy is thick. It is an improvement though of what he said at Rajang Park at last year’s Sibu by elections….that cheap: Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu infamy! And the SHILLS shouted 1Malasysia three times. The 300 shrills know that they will never get the promised RM300k so they fell over each other shamelessly to get some coupons and some imitation Tupperwares. The opposition cannot give and instead the ceremah electorates donated profusely to the DAP, averaging a minimum of RM10K at each ceremah. Last night the 1000 rally goers at Sibu Jaya donated RM18K.

Before he left the market he assured the audience that Taib would step down after the election.

Taib literally gave Jib the finger and shot back that he would step down after a few years!

It is either abrasive arrogance or calculated rebellion…..like to your face! You take your pick. Maybe he could succeed selling his snake oil to the 300 odd cheapos.


"I urge all (teachers)to help BN to win big in Sarawak. Just mark 'X' next to BN (on the ballot paper),” he said today.

What he did not say is: We can trace who you voted for….the EC is employed by us.

"After this (the opposition) will say that we are campaigning through teachers, but this is just a gentle reminder, but an important reminder."

If you are not campaigning you must be selling snake-oil. What he did not say: Vote for BN or I’ll send you gently to the interiors.

"They (the Opposition)did (attacking the CM) this with no sense of respect, no consideration and sense of appreciation", he adds, saying Taib has brought changes to Sarawak during his 30-year tenure.

And that is why Taib gave the one finger FU salute and refuses to step down….a real slap to the DPM’s other unblemished cheek

Dang! This guy is shallow! Don’t believe me than prove me wrong HERE. And he is the Deputy Prime Minister. But thank God that’s as far as he can go come 16 April……and he nearly kaput this morning, no?



Anonymous said...

Never fear, Ubah is here! No snake oil salesman will be able to cheat us this time.


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the DPM stopped his show immediately to visit the helicopter pilot's family to offer his condolences? Probably not, because if he did, the MSM will be all over the story. Hmmm, maybe they will stage-manage this in the next few days ... will all the pomp and ceremony. But then, we would all know the DPM will do it just for the election, wouldn't we. He doesn't give a hoot who the helicopter pilot is and how and why he died. If the DPM really cares, the MSM would have stories of a 'caring DPM' with the pilot's family already.

Reminds me of a recent by-election where a local UMNO leader died soon after attending to Najib's arrival ... probably even shook and kissed Najib's hand ... but Najib did not even bothered to stopped by to visit the deceased's family.

Also reminds me of the story of a certain former Prime Minister from UMNO / Barisan Nasional. While his loyal subjects (read "gullible people") in Johor were battling massive flood that even drowned Kota Tinggi, the former PM was on a plane to Perth to attend his brother's nasi kandar restuarant opening. Contrast that with the Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, who within an hour of the Sichuan earthquake, was on the plane to Sichuan to direct rescue efforts.

Such quality leaders we have in Malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

Zorro... Many thanks for enlightening us all and sharing of your thought. Keep it coming!


pinsysu said...

so the PM offers bribe again & followed by the DPM's 'subtle threat' ... so dear sarawakians pls tell us come April 16 do you have what it takes to create history in 2011?! Sabah is looking up to you to take the lead & semenanjung is eagerly waiting for you for the flash light to charge! April 16 is your moment, the moment that we all are waiting for: ubah! ubah! ubah!

Antares said...

In 4 days the voters of Sarawak will decide their own fate - and that of all Malaysians. Whether to continue getting dumped on for another generation by congenital arseholes - or to free ourselves once and for all from the moral cancer called Umno-BN.

Noor said...

hahaha...so funny...I like the way you write. Cannot be too serious right? All that has been happening the past few weeks can really make people go bonkers.

elizabeth said...

Sarawakians, this is your moment.. So what if you get transfered out into some ulu ulu places, or that you will be 'cold storaged' and your career put to an end. This is but a very necessary sacrifice that you must make, so that your children and our future generations need no longer live in fear of BN. A government must be for the people, and not to subject all of us to the bondage of fear and poverty!! UBAH NOW!!

Anonymous said...

All the cahoots ,authorities ,forces , commission agencies just keep damp quiet on tis infamy but making a lot of noises on the lost Omega watch ! Cheap buggery to the core.

Sad to know there are still many gullible voters who bow down and worship before him for a bottle of free snake oil , tupperware and may be a pack of tissue paper.

Anyway if you dont have any Snake oil with you to keep you strong but you want to get out of trouble just usher this Snake Prayer -

I am your supporter 3x and it will be immediately answered !! (Reminder- only effective before 16th April).

Recommended Temple in town-In Jibe.
Temple of the descendant of the Snakes.

Anonymous said...


Love our wit! What if you were transferred to teach at a longhouse 2 days trek from civilisation, no running water or electricity and has a dilapidated shack for a school? What if you would probably be stationed there with no hope of coming back to civilisation?

If I am a teacher with a family with a few young children, I will be damn worried about that probability.

Anonymous said...

Based on what I read so far, it is safe to say that BN will retain this State, maybe even with the help of SNAP. There is no denying that SNAP is a spoiler and they are the one to watch. I would see them as a fence sitter, and in case BN need them to form government, it is unlikely that SNAP will say no. The BN table will be full of goodies before even the negotiation commenced with SNAP. That is why, I keep saying that a vote for SNAP is a vote for BN. Good luck Sarawakians. I really feel sorry for your all, especially those people returning to power are the same people who have been stealing from you.

High turn out in rallies for the oppositions are good, but only in town/city like Kuching, Sibu and Miri. There are 71 seats to win, and 36 to secure a victory. So far I have not seen any analysts can count up to that magical number yet, not even close. As much as I hate to say that, even SNAP supporters are working against PKR. Forget our common BN enemy; it is SNAP that you have to worry about.

Good luck Sarawak. You will need this come Saturday.

From the moron-wormy guy!

Anonymous said...

the innocent pilot is the ' tai-san' !

elizabeth said...

Dear Anon at 1.01pm,
I confess I shall never understand the difficulties faced for those who may be confronted with very real danger of being uprooted.. Mind you,what I said is no laughing matter either.. if we want change, we must be prepared to pay the price.. Our forefathers braved the oceans with many perishing, in order to escape the poverty of their homeland. Today, arent we all benefiaries of their courage? We need to look ahead, not be overwhelmed by the present. Do you think at 308, the rich who lives in the smack of the city driving their BMWs arent afraid? While the unknown they feared then may not the same as what the Sarawakians have to contend with at present, but at the core of it, it is still to do with moving out of their comfort zone. Choosing a just and effective government is every citizen's right. If exercising that right is tampered with fear, dont you think something is VERY wrong?

Jong said...

" ……and he nearly kaput this morning, no? " - Zorro

LOL!!! some say GOD was caught napping, could have done us a favour but no GOD too won't want to dirty his hands with that putz! :D

Anonymous said...

Never let Najib hold you at ransom.

A government is elected by rakyat. He cannot deprive any rakyat any development just because we do not vote for BN.

Anyway, why only promise so much a week before the elction? What happened in the last 5 years?

justicenequality said...

This might be the most dirtest buy-election ever! BN will resort to every foul means especially the rural seats.

Also with PKR & SNAP cannibalize each other with 3/4 cornered fight.

Only DAP will deliver most of not all the 15 seats contested.

Anonymous said...

Be End is the End.

“White Hair” promised to quit politic in 1995 but he is still around and repeating the same.

This is a knowledge society and UMNO cannot con all the people all the time.

UMNO needs Sarawak much much more than Sarawak needs Putrajaya.

No one can bring down both “White Hair” and UMNO but Sarawakians.

Sarawakians can make thing happen!!!!!!

夜市人生 said...


Paramjit said...

One 'transformation' courtesy of BN engineered by its Education Ministry headed by DPM is in our Sejarah curriculum where five out of 10 chapters of the Form Four history textbooks is now related to Islamic History, while text related to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism made up only 25%.

bumi-non-malay said...

Makes no difference whether you vote Genocide Penan Killers UMNO-BN or not.....SARAWAK is technically living in the Jungle anyway compared to Singapore had you FORCE the Rich UMNO-BN Corrupted Government & Leaders to use the money for Development.

Don't ever imagine ALl Civil Servants in Sarawak are Next in line to receive $5 Million corruption ringgit from UMNO-BN
just because you vote them. You will be transferred anyway because UMNO-BN Don't TRUST Sarawakians with THEIR Potential Corruption Mega Bucks!
Don't Ever Forget Singapore No Natural Resources....today per capita income ala average person earns $33,000 Singapore Dollar, almost $80,000 ringgit.....Yet Sarawak with Timber, Oil, GAS, Pepper, Kelapa Sawit, tourism ....etc only $5,000 ringgit on average per person.......and almost 90% are bumiputera.......so where did Racist Affirmative Action UMNO help bumiputera??

I see bumiputera bukan Melayu/bukan Islam tak patut dapat Pembagunan dan progress.....Itulah RACIST UMNO-BN...pembunuh Penan bumi non malay Sarawak...Hapuskan UMNO-BN...Show the way SARAWAK...Break Free from Malaysia!!

bola rasaksa said...

In the meantime, the looting in the Peninsula gathers pace, as more and more UMNOputras realise that there isn’t a lot of time to make hay while the sun shines…..

MAB was told to sell the Sepang F1 circuit to Mokhzani. Now, a Mamakthir nephew is in charge and is asking for government grants to “upgrade” the F1 circuit.

FELDA was told to give renewable energy contracts to another Mamakthir nephew….all to make sure that Mamakthir stays true to UMNO and stops his criticisms of certain UMNO bigwigs.

Yes, from armoured car contracts, to patrol boat contracts, to submarine service contracts, to F1 racing contracts, they are all looting as quickly as they can. Let the tsunami begin in Sarawak, and let it overwhelm all these thieves on Judgment Day.

Anonymous said...

Snake oil (actually it is viper's poison) in free 1Tupperware container?

Anonymous said...

Suhaimi of Astro Awani is also a snake oil agent. Never ever believe in the one-sided reporting in 'Analisis Sarawak' on Astro channel 501.

Anonymous said...

Bernard you should put this up in your blog, it's an endorsement from Sak, A point from Sarawak report. "Very Important paragraph from an honest & Principled Umno Blogger, who is from the old school. Calling a Spade -A SPADE. "It's stupid for BN leaders- I mean the second echelon leaders, the eager beavers to discredit Anwar on his financial management record. Remember Margaret Thatcher? Didn't she come over to Malaysia once and proclaimed that Anwar was our best finance minister? She also mentioned that in a football team, the star player is Anwar? And everyone who's who now in the government prostrated before Anwar?

Who would even forget of the rousing reception at Subang International Airport then for Anwar? He was received by none other than Najib TUn Razak who handed to Anwar a keris, a sash to be worn over the body and the proclamation that Anwar was our hero? Now everyone is saying Anwar's Orange Book or Buku Jingga is useless without debating it? The last time, he was our best Finance Minister and now, he doesn't understand how to manage the economy? http://sakmongkol.blogspot.com/2011/04/mountain-moves-to-sarawak.html