Thursday, April 14, 2011


For the past three days one theme prevailed in the SUPP camp. The PM and his deputy subserviently echoed this same theme:

If the SUPP gets wiped out, as all signs point that way, there would be no Chinese to represent the Chinese. As such, like all doomed to drown, they clutch at every straw…..even to the extent of defacing their own hoardings to deflect the blame to the opposition. They even go on shouting matches with senior citizens at kopi-tiams….behavior unbecoming of an out-going Deputy Chief Minister. They even find trouble with a Malaysiakini journalist on his beat. Probably they did not want him to upload pictures he took on his smart phone of the pathetic audience SUPP attracts at their ceremahs.

The Chinese populace should not harbor such fears. When Pakatan assumes governership of Sarawak, the Pakatan concensus is that PKR Baru Bian will be the CM. Pakatan could like Penang appoint 2 deputies one of which could be a Chinese. Wouldn’t someone of Wong Ho Leng’s caliber fit in just nicely…..just a thought, worth thinking about yah?

So SUPP is doomed to drown…..unless they are COCKROACHES!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Three Chinese full ministers, one of them is Deputy CM.

If many Malay DUNs, then the other Deputy CM will be Malay.

Anonymous said...

The readers should read a report by an insider in to find out more about SUPP's SC if they trust him.

Anonymous said...

The best person for the job ie meritocracy & who will deliver results to the rakyat - no matter what the race. Or else we continue the vicious spiral of race politics forever! So can we leave RACE out of this?

zorro said... are so SPOT ON. That's the way I would like to see this happen!

Anonymous said...

BN is giving away a lot of last minute goodies. Just ake it but do not vote for them.

Miri Insider said...

Insider story of SUPP (Part 1)

I spent most of my working life in Miri and Kuching and as a businessmen, was forced to socialise with SUPP and other political leaders. I got to be quite close to them, and became one of their “supporters” who was “required to help” during elections.

I would like to appeal to all the voters, especially the Chinese voters, to vote for the opposition and not the SUPP. Let give just relate some of the home truths about SUPP:

1. SUPP under George Chan is not working for the Chinese but Taib Mahmud who took away the Kuching Mayor’s post and gave it to a civil servant (died) without consulting SUPP. Before the announcement I was at a dinner with George Chan, Lee Kim Shim and Alan Sim and GC hinted that AS would make an excellent mayor for Kuching. AS was smiling so hard that you would have guessed that he was 100% sure that he would be the mayor. But TM simply gave it to someone else and GC could not do anything about it.

2. When the 2006 state elections came about, I was asked to “donate” to SUPP’s campaign in Kuching. My Miri branch manager told me that the SUPP Miri people (Andy Chia, Datuk Wee and gang) “asked” for my company vehicles to be “loaned” them for the campaign. When the issue of land lease came up, GC told us in a dinner function that he will “speak” to CM and CM would make an announcement at a unity dinner in Kuching. I was forced to buy 3 tables at this dinner at Crowne Plaza. I was sitting a metre table away from the VIP table and I saw GC begging the CM to announce that he would renew the lease. CM just told GC, in front of everyone, I will announce in my own time. Can you image the SUPP president’s shame? In front of the Chinese community, he cannot even get the CM to make a “hint” about the land lease.

After the elections, I was having dinner with GC’s supporters in Miri and he told in a serious tone that CM refused to make the announcement because he wanted to “punish” the Chinese/SUPP for making “too much noise”. This meant that TM had already destroyed Iban unity by splitting PRS/PBDS into two factions and he wanted the Chinese to be the same while he prepared his children to come in and take over. This man even hinted that TM only dared to do this because GC was the SUPP president. GC cannot stand up to TM on any issue. He just gives in on every crucial issue. Why? – I will tell you later.

3. During the 2006 state elections, one of SUPP’s biggest financial contributors, Ting Chek Si, a tycoon from Sibu, was not selected to defend his Meradong seat. His crime? TCS was in a business dispute with TM’s brother over the Sanyan group of companies. TCS has sued TM’s brother for “oppression” and revealed that he gave TM’s brother 51% of the shares in the company in return for TM’s timber concessions. TM told George Chan to dump TCS and GC, like a good running dog, did as he was told. This is despite the fact that Meradong people wanted TCS because he was using his own money to provide help to Meradong. The SUPP Central working committee even endorsed TCS’s name as candidate. What kind of party leader is George if he dumped his own men and listened to PBB’s leader? Is SUPP a sub-branch of PBB?

What is worse – when TCS protested to GC, GC lied to his face straight and told him to keep quiet and TCS will be given another chance as senator. Of course GC did not keep his promise, he gave the senatorship to Sim Kheng Hui.

.... to be continued

Miri Insider said...

... continue from prevous comment

Inside Story of SUPP (Part 2)

4. This is not the first time GC lied openly to his colleagues. In 2004 General Elections, he promised Law Heing Ding that he will be nominated as the Minister but for the last term. George even put this in writing. After the elections, George nominated Datuk Peter Chin. Is it any wonder that LHD called George Chan a liar in the Chinese press and GC did not dare to sue him? If George Chan is a man of honour as he says he is, why does he not sue LHD for defamation? LHD even went to the extent of writing a complaint letter to all the SUPP CWC members and gave a copy to the PM and TM. He has documents to prove that GC is lying and backstabbed him.

5. You do not need to look at GC’s political games to know he is a fake. Just look at the way he behaves towards his first wife, Judy. He cheated on her for so many years that she ran away. He had an open affair with Christina Foo of Priority One and gave the company a lot of state government consultancies.

During the search and rescue mission for Dr Judson in the Kelabit highlands, he visited the place often to “direct” the search. The real reason was that he was chasing a Kelabit girl and took her to KL to be his mistress. Just ask anyone in the highlands and they will confirm this story. This girl is now driving a BMW and living in a semi-D in KL.

What kind of man would use a moment of anguish over a helicopter crash to think about sex and chasing girls. Is this a “leader” of the Sarawak Chinese community?

Even worse, he allowed his daughter (the most beautiful one with white skin) to marry TM’s son. When Sulaiman turned out to be playboy and started to hit the daughter, GC actually told the daughter to “bear it” as Sulaiman could ensure that she has a luxurious life. When Sulaiman heard this, he hit the poor daughter even harder and sent her off to live in the States leaving him free to chase all sorts of girls in KL and Manila. As a father, how could GC do all these things?

The question is why? Why does GC do all these underhanded things?

The answer is simple. The love of power and wealth. He can only get power and wealth by being a running dog to TM and this is exactly what he has done. He has made SUPP weak because TM wants SUPP to be weak while the Melanau dynasty rules forever.

George Chan wants to enjoy the good things in life like fine wine (he has one of the finest wine collections in Malaysia) and women. He can only do this as deputy CM.

With a leader like George Chan, who lies to his own senior party members, and reports to PBB and TM – can we elect SUPP? If SUPP were to come out and say that it is a sub-branch of PBB, at least I will consider it as they will be telling the truth for the first time.

After all these nonsense I decided that I had better migrate. I do not want my children to deal with this sort of “leaders” and live in a country where the Chinese leaders are forever kowtowing to someone else.

I am not writing this out of spite. I encourage readers in Sarawak and elsewhere to investigate if what I say here is true. Even if 50% is true, don’t you think SUPP deserves to be punished?

The only way to get rid of George Chan and his group of PBB/SUPP members is to vote out SUPP until George Chan loses power. There is no other way. I took the easy way out by migrating but that does not mean I do not love Sarawak or care for the future of Sarawak. It simply means I am too old. I am telling this story so that the younger generation will know the truth.

THANKS!Now we have the full inside story on a crook like George



Anonymous said...

Yo bro, you sound quite upbeat - must be the energy out there. Ok so crew cut if Pakatan form the Govt - but tell us - what do you honestly think? WE all know by now that in the urban areas its going to be a clean sweep for BN - but did you manage to get the "feel" in the more rural - especially malay and iban areas?? What do you think - will Pakatan form the Govt?

zorro said...


Everybody is upbeat is in the evening breeze. We will stake Sarawak if BN dont play DIRTY BIG TIME.