Thursday, April 14, 2011


The STAIRWAY DEALER is employed by the Sibu Municipal Council. (SMC)

He is a Driver.

Who he drives and what he drives in not important.

What is important is that he DRIVES DEALS!

What he is doing on the stairway with those ladies is suspect.

If he is not at his work station, he is malingering.

If he is instructed to work the stairways, then that’s special assignment.

Who assigned him to this special assignment?

Does this assignment happen to include selling of postal votes?

Was he directed by his immediate boss?

If NO, did the Chairman of SMC sanction this?

Is the Chairman a candidate in this election?

Is the Election Commission aware of this conflict of interest?

How will the Election Commission deal with this?

Can the candidate Tiong Thai King, Calun for Dudong, be DISQUALIFIED if it can be proved that, short of being directly involved, he is aware of the stairway tryst?

Is it an UNFAIR request that the perennially LIMP Election Commission act in the interest of FAIRNESS?


A police report was made by the DAP. Would the PDRM rope in for questioning all those in the video clip? They have to because gerrymandering and cheating have been the order of the day during elections and those involved has to be punished regardless of gender.


(But please do interrogation on ground floor and activate CCTV)


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time, zorro! The police is probably looking for the person who took the video, instead!!!

pinsysu said...

the way i see it nothing will be done by all the relevant bodies. shame on those Cina ladies who sold their votes & hence their souls. now Hee Yit Foong has new club members on board.

we can only pray very hard that out there there are a lot more righteous sarawakians who will not fear the devils & vote the evil BN out!!!

zorro said...

Anon505pm....hello, the guy who took captured this scene went to make a police report. I am hearing a lot of screaming. A village has lost its idiot. Go home lah, they miss you...their home-grown idiot.