Friday, April 29, 2011


YES, Kuantan’s PEOPLE POWER PRESSURE sure works. No celebration please! Just a muted “well-done” pat on the back will do. We will all celebrate when LYNAS packs up for good.

Lynas Corporation says the Malaysian government's review of its rare earths processing plant under construction won't set back the targeted completion date.

Shares in Lynas closed down 24 cents, or 9.8 per cent, at $2.21 after more than 47 million of the company's scrip had changed hands.

Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry last week appointed an independent panel of international experts to review the health, safety and environmental aspects of Lynas' advanced material plant in the state of Pahang.

The minister, Y.B. Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamad, said there was public concern about the plant and he prohibited Lynas from importing raw materials from Australia into Malaysia until the review was completed.

Lynas on Wednesday said it was confident the review would confirm the plant was safe to workers and the community

Go HERE and HERE to view newscast and more on Lynas Corp.



GreenEarth Notes said...

Any independent commission of 'experts' worth their salt will only tell us formally what we already know. Even if the 'craft' of corruption is practiced with endless media spin, let them understand once and for all, the people & future generations will not compromise their lives & DNA.

Ferhad said...

The essential conditions for a PR victory are the capture of 8 seats each in Sabah and Sarawak, a 10% Chinese swing, no change in Indian support and critically, a 3.6% Malay swing to PR. Note that this analysis is based on national averages; it does not consider seat results due to local conditions, local demography or the popularity of a candidate.