Friday, April 29, 2011


Remember this comment? HERE

Hey Zorro,

My Sunday was ruined by you guys. You people cause massive traffic jams and I was caught in it. Next time, maybe you should do you protests or whatever after midnight when there are less traffic.

April 26, 2011 9:12 PM

I requested some of my cyber-cartoonists –artists to design a radioactive storage chamber. Here is Johnny Ong’s contribution. I took the liberty to add a caption.


johnny ong said...

Hello Uncle Bernard,

Aiyo, this is a rough sketch only and finish la. I haven't penned it in ink yet. Told you to get back to me first. Anyway...will try to finish it for you soon.
johnny ong

Sklau said...

I've got an idea but I can't draw. Here's how it goes. 1st caricature. Near a mountain/hillside that is shaped like a butt with a big cave that looks like an s-hole for her entrance. Barrels of toxic waste is rolling out of the mouth of the cave cos it's already filled to the brim. On top of the cave is written 'Site Full.' A worker carrying a barrel shout across to the man in charge. " Eh bang.. lubang dah penuh. Maca mana?"

2nd caricature. Man-in-charge is up on a ladder with a pail of paint crossing out the word 'Site' and had already added the word 'Sai' on top of it. Workers roll on the ground laughing. It now read 'Sai Full.'

SaiFull can take all the radioactive waste in the world without breaking a fart mah !

Anonymous said...

This trash of a commentor is certainly not a Kuantanite. I am from this town, and there was no jam at all on Sunday! He is just an idiot trying to give stupid remarks. Just ignore him and his ilk. Real Kuantanites appreciate anyone who helps to Save the town and tell Lynas to vamoose.

zorro said...

Anon137pm, even if he is from Kuantan, I want to reveal his lie.Thanks for revealing his lie too.

zorro said...

Johnny, that is good enough for this put this liar into a no traffic jam "heaven".

Anonymous said...

Uncle Barnard,

How can we obtain the "anti" LAMPS car stickers? I saw the sticker on some cars.

Any chance of putting it up thru this blog?

Really appreciate that. Cheers!