Friday, April 8, 2011


If there is a very gentle person, that’s Chin Huat.

If there is a man passionate about his civic duties, that’s Chin Huat

If there is a man who has time and will make time for everyone, that’s Chin Huat

If ever there is a man who will lay down his life for his country, that’s Chin Huat

And yet today, the Sarawak Government did not allow him entry into Sarawak.

Can’t be the Sarawak Government because the assembly was dissolved.

Who gave the orders?

Who dares to defy and defile 1Malaysia?

Who dares desecrate the only slogan seemingly cementing this fragmented populace?

Was it not the Deputy Minister of Sarawak Jabu who accused West Malaysians of coming into Sarawak to disrupt the peace in Sarawak.

Then why allow Pakatan leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng who drew a 10,000 strong crowd in Miri this evening, Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua and all these West Malaysian trouble-makers IN?

Because the ones who gave orders to reject Chin Huat’s entry must be a chicken! A bully!

Or is it because Chin Huat is in Bersih 2.0?

Who is afraid of a free and fair election?

Never mind…..UBAH has attained rocket speed.


ASIDE: Received a text message from Chin Huat. He is back in LCCT.


Anonymous said...

A malay dies in MACC's custody. But where is the outrage from PR parties?
Is it because he is not chinese? TBH's death cause a big wave of protests and anger. But there is DAP now? Is it because the victim is malay?
He does not deserve the outrage from you all?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Sarawak is spearheading a new direction for the country. A group of us have been doing the round in Kuching to attend ceremahs and from what can be seen, Taib and gang is walking into the lion's den. The atmosphere is quite different from the previous election where attendance was more of curiosity than anything else. This time, people are really angry and passionate at delivering a killer punch at the BN. The DPM has been going round surrounded by stooges and making pathetic speeches, mostly running down the opposition instead of telling people what the BN can do for them. Their ceremahs attendance are mostly part members and the crowds are pathetic. Taib and Supp must be peeing in their pants. Sarawak is going to lead the way for change. Hopefully the rest of the country will keep up the momentum until the next general election.


mauriyaII said...

When these UMNOputra morons and their lapdogs have become fearful of even their own shadows, not only Chin Huat but any decent citizen of this Bolehland will be persecuted with impunity.

Insititutions of governance such as the Judiciary, PDRM, MACC, Imigration (just to name a few) have become rotten to the core, no thanks to the evil Mamakthir Muhamad Kutty.

If Altantuya's immigration records showing her entry into the country can be erased and the perpetrator has not been identified, we will never know the hidden hand behind Chin Huat's episode.

Najis and the evil mafia gang guided by the evil mamak might think their shenanigans is working. They are in for a rude shock when the Sarawak election results are known. Then they might even bar any cerama, rally or house-to-house canvassing by the Opposition.

Their weapon in the form of a sleaze porno video made no doubt by the infamous Datuk T has backfired. Instead of blackening Anwar's name, it has only shown how desperate the Barisan Neraka clowns have become.

Don't be surprised if they release another video to embarrass Anwar and family. They have Ummi who said she has a lot hot videos to release. She might be the female participant in those videos being a self-confessed VIRGIN. Funny thing the lame dick UMNOputras have not been able to penetrate her wall!

April 2011 will into the annals of history when the Sarawakians finally booted out the Satan Pek Moh and got their freedom from slavery and colonialism.

Keep fighting Sarawakians.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:23

Didn't DAP LKG called for an investigation on the death of that Customs Offer? You have selective reading issues?

From that Moron-wormy guy.

Anonymous said...


What was the intake from the public contributions on the night? From 200 to 2000 people attending ceremahs, is that means the donations also went up by 100% or more as compared to last election? This should give us some indication on the feelings of the local.

From that moron-wormy guy

telur dua said...

Some car bumper stickers are more meaningful. But they still insist on selling a hollow and meaningless slogan.

APCO is laughing all the way to the bank and also at us.

Tiger said...

BN must be running scared.
1 harmless fella also denied entry.

Anonymous said...

Will the tsunami hit Sarawak this election...nah....i doubt it!

ketuanan samseng said...

Quotes from Dr. Wong Chin Huat, nutgraph website, 2009, adapted:

"A state is similar to organised crime in controlling territory, dominating the populace, suppressing rebels and extracting money. It differs only in holding elections."

"A government is like a drug: you consume… just enough to beat off the virus, not to get addicted. People who believe in authoritarianism and unconstrained coercive means... are like drug addicts." - Wong CH, article, Nut Graph website, 2009

"Civil disobedience is an attempt to win the middle ground in conservative society. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., it forces the state to restrain itself and concede the democratic space, or to expose its violent nature. The citizenry that the state really wants is a 'silent majority', not a 'peace-loving majority'. Can the law against 'sedition' coexist with democracy?"

Jong said...

You bet, a tsunami is fast approaching and gaining speed to sweep across the South China Sea with Land of the Hornbills all set for CHANGE! More reason to get rid of Pek Moh/BN now.

Stop abuse of power, corruption, curi tanah, curi balak – Down with BN!

Jong said...

Who gave the orders? We rakyat yang raja have the right to know and we demand answers from Immigration Kuching.

Don't be teloq kecut, comeon owe up and out with it! ...waiting.

Anonymous said...

We feverishly hope that this coming elections will be the defining moments of the history of Malaysia, where we finally get rid of the repressive and corrupt regime!With the scumbags gone,we hope that the people will genuinely feel proud to be called Malaysians again!We hope that the millions of talented citizens who are presently working overseas will return to contribute passionately to a bright and modern future Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Chin Huat's barred from entering Sarawak because of his role in Bersih 2.0? Were his two assistants allowed to be in? Pakatan's polling agents need to be more vigilant of EC's highly usual role in conducting the election. Vote counting was allegedly not conducted at the polling stations in Batang Ai by-election. The unusual increase in the postal votes in certain DUN constituencies and yet tens of thousands of Iban/Dayak in West Malaysia are not given the benefit of postal vote facilities? Phantom voters, many centenarians in some electoral rolls, etc?

Jong said...

oops sorry, 2:01PM should read:

"own up"

Anonymous said...

Is it only me, or is someone trying very hard to block people from going to Sarawak Report site???? Guys, help me out here!

Anonymous said...

The very fact that the Sarawak gomen prevented Wong Chin Huat from entering Sarawak should raised the RED flag among the opposition parties !
This meant that the corrupt Sarawak gomen don't want BERSIH to monitor the voting process !
Why? Because there will be a lot of rigging of votes thats why!
If the opposition are smart they better initiate preventive measures to reduce this mass rigging from occuring for if not Ubah will definitely crash & burn from its trajectory ! BE FORWARNED !

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


A house can never be called a real home
When all the rooms you can't freely roam
Picking old bones still with a fine comb
We're still living with an ancient 'time bomb'

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun. 10th Apr. 2011.

Jong said...

Anon 5:16PM,

Sarawak Report and Radiofreesarawak have both been disabled!

Dirty tactics, BN is pee-ing in the pants!