Sunday, April 10, 2011


Not only the Sarawak Report, Radio Free Sarawak too, is not accessible.


Claire Rewcastle and Peter John Jaban have done enough damage to Taib, such that the Prime Minister is rolling into town with loads of money to buy Sarawakians!

The Prime Minister and his BN cohorts believe that Sarawakians CAN be bought!



Only Sarawakians can truthfully answer that damning question.

Only 2 people, Claire and Peter John Jaban who goes by the call-name Papa Orang Utan in Radio Free Sarawak have stuck out their necks for Sarawak.


You have to assure Claire and Peter Jaban that their efforts and sacrifices are not in vain.

Prove it:





That is one way to say THANK YOU to Claire and Peter John Jaban.

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Anonymous said...

Even anil netto blog is down.....What the hell is this?

Anonymous said...

This is 2011...

The Sarawakians must vote for clean drinking water... for a start.

Enuf is enuf... Say NO to rainwater, taik-water & najis-water !

Anonymous said...

Zorro, PR must step up the pace as
Evil BN gomen led by Najib has come to town to wheel & deal with "you tolong gua, I tolong you " strategy. It may sound crappy to us but a few hundred ringgit/rations/electrical goods is like a windfall to many in rural Sarawak; and the DPM has the gall to say that this is not a form of bribe!

Another threat that evil BN gomen has up its sleeves is the postal votes; wondered why WongChinHuat on behalf of BERSIH was not allowed to enter S'wak? The EC will be up to their magic tricks by conjuring "Xtra" votes for BN and they do not want this to be exposed by BERSIH!

Please warn your PR friends to be prepared and implement counter-measures to prevent election fraud as this is BN's joker to shoot UBAH from its maiden flight to freedom.

We in Pen Mal wish you god-speed and good luck, uncle !

Anonymous said...

Men have laboured and planned. So now it's the time we leave the final justice in the hands of a just God.

God's correction is our hope for a better future.

In the twinkling of an eye , Hornbill Land will be changed.

We saw the sign !!!

bumi-non-malay said...

When Genocide murderers UMNO-BN starts to Panic a bit, Malaysia Today, Rasio Free Sarawak, some sides goes down.....While their RTM (Radio TIPU Malaysia) go on the attack Big time. Neutralised them and Bring those Transmitter down or leave Sarawak with no ELECTRICITY....... When you INCONVENIENCE/DISRUPT Sarawak the current Ruling party losses a few more votes.

But these votes can be made up with 4-5000 postal votes ...... wonder when you BURN down the Electoral Commission HQ, many postal votes are destroyed??.....Maybe they are kept in Police Lockup...then Burn that Police station down.....Go check and see if Police station have Kotak Undi or not....

Think where else can these Evil hide their Illegal FIX Deposit to win a seat......If its illegal Burn them. You are doing right in terms of Law.....Like COUNTERFEIT Ringgit...... Actually those Bribes maybe also Counterfeit Ringgit.....spread the word...beware of SCAMS t - 5. Maybe some power failure and no TV is the order of the day.....or burn those news paper printers + take down all those UMNO-BN Racist Election Posters + burn them...... Don't wait do it NOW!!...Call it the AWAKENING / REBELLION of Sarawakians to show Rakyat is BOSS Forever. Taib - Sultan all figure head to serve the PEOPLE Interest. Show Malaysia Change can happen EVERYONE VOTE EARLY...and after that Disrupt UMNO-BN Stronghold....

cancan said...

Zorro, I would like to suggest that Pakatan Rakyat uses the following slogan for its ceramah during this last week of campaign in Sarawak:

Wake-up Sarawak,Wake-up Malaysia

The people have been in slumber and taken things for granted for far too long.

najib manaukau said...

The people of Sarawak please don't sell your future for the empty promises or for a few dollars of your own money to these corrupted ones.
Remember they have 47 years to do all that and yet they are still promising you. Taib and company must think you are bloody fools !

Jong said...

Pakatan crowd at ceramahs are indeed troubling and worrisome for Taib, Najib and BN!

Next, they may need to ban radios and internet to stop expose of blatant corruption, abuse of power and thefts of land and balak, and truth from reaching the interior of Sarawak! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Now the Kuching Stutong market area is jammed because they are bussing in 1Malaysia Tees wearer to meet Najib......hehehehe they go to the extend of doing this to patronize themselves....shiok sendiri

Anonymous said...

Clare and Peter can be assured that Sarawakians will not let them down. You are right that they have done more than anyone else in this fight against a corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians are a bunch of jokers. They not only can be bought, they are willing to sell their souls to the cheapest bidder.

pinsysu said...

sarawakians pls bite the bullets ... dun sell your souls to the white hair devil ... if BN_pehmoh retains power in sarawak, taib has all the excuse to stay on & that promise of leaderhip change is plain bullshit! dun subscribe to BN's lies anymore pleeeeeeeeeeeasssseee!!

Jong said...

Malaysiakini reports a mad
scramble for tupperware goodie-bags distributed by BN on Prime Minister Najib's "Lu tolong Gua, Gua tolong Lu" buy-Sarawak mission!

Hahaha, wonder who's the tupperware agent here? ..Mak Bulat? Never know, hardly surprising, huh?!!

Anonymous said...

With over 50% of Sarawakians being Christians, imagine the scenario when the Saints come marching in! Yes, its time for the march by saints, angels, devas and all to mirror the spirits of the Sarawakians! Taib and his horde of shamans, witches, bomohs, will not be able to withstand the light of truth. Yes, let Sarawak join Tunisia, Egypt, Libya in overthrowing the tyrants.
May your God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear people of Sarawak

If Barisan Nasional gives you food, money and goodies, by all means take them, take as much as you can. Barisan Nasional robbed these from you. They are yours in the first place! You paid for it with your children's future!

When you vote, vote for anyone other than Barisan Nasional. You are taking the 1st small step to change your children's future for the better. You owe them that!

Yes, small people can change the future. There's an African proverb ( I think) that goes something like this "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try the mosquito"

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians, please play it smart. Accept whatever the BN / Umno gives you whether in cash or kind but when you are in the voting booth, please vote for Pakatan Rakyat for the sake of your present and future generations. Change we can. Together we can do it.

Shankly said...

Voters of Sarawak, the time has come for action! Cast your vote for Pakatan Rakyat! Remember, SNAP is not part of Pakatan Rakyat and may be a trojan horse! Make sure all SNAP candidates lose their deposits. Remember, Sarawakians, the main aim is to deny the BN their 2/3 majority, and SNAP is a spanner in the works.

Christians of Sarawak, you must show your displeasure with the defacements of your Holy Bible, you MUST demand that the PM drop the appeal of the judgment of the High Court where the Christians can use the word Allah in their prayers! This drop of appeal must be done before 16th of April, or all Christians in Sarawak, wake up and vote Pakatan Rakyat! If after the Sarawak election, and the appeal against the High Court decision is reversed, will it not be probable that your Holy Bible may be recalled or consficated?

If you are not further antagonized by the arrogance of a Government that never learn, read this article. Just why is the Government allowing someone to threaten and intimidate the minority? Do not allow ourselves to be divided by race and religion. Tell this to BN in no uncertain terms! Show it through your votes, vote out BN in as many consituency as possible and remember come the next GE, deliver the 35-40 winnable seats to Pakatan Rakyat and Malaysians will see the dawn of a new era.

It is going to rain money all over Sarawak, demand, demand and demand! Do not be happy to accept RM50 which is an insult to Sarawakians. Demand a minimum of 500 ringgits per person, they will pay, they are desperate. Remember, the PM is in Sarawak, and also he is the Finance Minister. The money belongs to the people, YOU!
Again, be reminded, the going rate should be at least RM500 per person, take the money and COME POLLING DAY, VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAT!

I attach an article for you reading pleasures and for you to make a stand. Do you wish to be threatened this way, majority Sarawakians?

elizabeth said...

At GE 308, senior citizens who are of affluent background, had defied the threats of another 513 issued by none other than our 'trusted' MCA ministers, came to vote BN out. Their passionate plea was, lets do it for our children and their children. Let them do what they can with us, but if we do nothing, there will be no future for them. Sarawakians, rise up, this is your moment. Make the change, for the sake of your children. Do not, for a few dollars, sell their birthright.

Anonymous said...

Taib Mahmud is semi insane and has turned his back on his religion and is now receiving advices from his Bomohs rather than his cabinet ministers.The Malay voters will have to asked themselves if Taib Mahmud had cast a spell on them to support him (Taib) mindlessly for 30 years. Search your souls and pray for an answer before April 16 2011.

Anonymous said...

It might be possible before but not anymore. The Iban/Dayak youth will sms the outside events to their longhouse folks and next of kins in the remote interior. They have DVDs and shortwave radios to listen to Radio Free Sarawak's daily broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Najib is embarking on 6-day 'I Help You, You Help Me' blitz in Sarawak. This is clearly a desperate move from Najib.

Najib knows that if Sarawak were to lose two-thirds majority; even worse, losing the state to Pakatan, then Umno may put the blame on him. Dpm Muhyiddin Yassin stands to gain the most from this defeat (which does not altered the power of the federal government). Muhyiddin is not younger than Najib, so it is not possible for him to wait until Najib retires. Dpm could be sabotaging Najib given such opportunity?

For Najib, it is a 'do or die' fight for his own survival. But the door is beginning to open for Dpm?

najib manaukau said...

That is the only way he knows how and what politics is all about !

Anonymous said...

What a stupid shit comments by all this ppls....Haloooooo...pls do not look down on ppls are making it looks like the sarawakians ppls are stupid...dont teach us what to sarawakians ppls...pls do not listen to what they said...use your own sentiments to vote....choose the correct party that you think will bring prosperity to our country...

elizabeth said...

KLCI down more than 16 points as of 4.30pm today. I think not only BN panics, the investors also panic.

Anonymous said...

The Long House chiefs are easily bought with crates of liquor and beers by BN Pkimaks. How to get around this?

Anonymous said...

BN knows that it is easy to buy the rural folk. It doesn't take much money. A tiny fraction of what they have stolen - and wallah! - The votes will be for BN. This is the biggest hurdle that the Pakatan have to cross. If Najib is there dishing out the goodies - then there is good chance that Sarawak will remain in BN's hands ...sigh! Sarawakians will deserve what they get I suppose! I just feel sorry for people like Clare etc - the amount of time and effort they have put into trying to free the people - only to be thwarted by a few hundred bucks per household! God bless you all.