Saturday, April 9, 2011


The DPM said in Kuching yesterday: Why ‘Change’ when BN can ‘transform’.

That means we HAVE to WAIT, yah?

In an effort to express change, the DPM tried to impress with transformation.

We change what we don’t like: change clothes, change underwear, change car, change wives if she does not lie down as expected, change school, change job. Transformation cannot work for these. Maybe Mooheedeen has the magic…..we don’t have time for magic.

We transform whatever is defective….why waste time spending millions to transform….just chuck into the dustbin and buy a new one… is sometimes more expensive to transform (repair?) often with no warranty.

So just dump it or give it as donation to some rural folks as gifts from a generous government….better still give it to crony to “transform” and look new to hoodwink the less discerning raykyat….its easy….BN has done it many times….it is their form of recycling, reuse and resell at a huge profit….like some RM40k equipment sold to the government.

Transform the rukunegara into 1Malaysia and what do you get….

APCO gets fattened….

Ibrahim Ali transforms 1Malaysia into Perkesa, and

Mooohideen declares that he is Malay first and Malaysian second!

Transform the ACA into the MACC and you get – 2 fatalities.

Transform Felda and Risda and you get – felon Chairmen!

Transform the Judiciary with a new head who used to bribe, and you get the selective prosecution.

Transform Penal code 292 and you can show porn in 5 star Carcosa.

What do you get when Dr Jekyll transformed into Mr Hyde or vice versa>

Change: shifting position in the deck-chair so that you can remain comfortable.

Transformation: getting out of the chair because it is uncomfortable or about to collapse.

We don’t need to transform the world. We do need to change – as drastic as getting a new “set” of eyes that see the world.

Transformation is an excuse to slow down the process because of one’s inadequacies, indecisiveness, tardiness, or plain stalling with the age-old “I will look into it” platitude.

Transformation is delay hoping it will fade with time.

You can transform your Formula 1 car but it is of no use if you cannot change gears.

Change is immediate! Just do it.





Cut off.


Dispose of.



That is what this COUNTRY needs to get rid of the pervasive cancer that is eating up body Malaysia.

So just keep to your transformation…..transform UMNO because our warlords will never allow you to CHANGE UMNO.



Anonymous said...

How to tranform when it is already "BER" = Beyond Economical Repair.

In another words it cheaper to change to new ones than to make total repair to the old ones(Transform).

Therefore, Sarawak need to change for the better with the new TEAM as there are no guarantee the tranformation of the old ones can make the difference. Remember one habits are hard to change!

Says Dragon King

Bollox2Moo.cum said...

Sure, BN will transform into the Federal Opposition very soon.

pinsysu said...

ubah! ubah! ubah! vote the BN out of Sarawak!

Jong said...

This Mooh is an idiot alright! He thinks as deputy PM he needs to say something but has he ever said anything concrete?

Anonymous said...

If Moo , Din , Jibe , Kasa & the gang keep quiet at least we dont know tis guys are like what Pek Mo said to them-

Stupid Idea !! Tak Bolih Tahan !!

God bless Blunder-Land.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
It goes to show how idiotic,incompetent, shallow and inadequate a minister we have.
He and all the rest of the cabinet minister consists of BN politician don't want to change not will never change.
What is he talking about transforming into? Is it into a more subtle and conniving, more potent and venomous BN.
Lies is what we are getting from these goons, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Transform into an excuse UMNO style

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha...

I find the DPM is a funnyman.

Have a look at the Australia last month New South Wales State election. After 16 years in power, the Labour Government said the same thing. Fortunately the people in NSW are not that stupid, and voted them out!

DPM, the people in Sarawak are not dump and stupido!

From the Moron-wormy guy!

WD said...

Yes, we must transform, from RM100b of corruption deal to RM500b. Wow!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


There's need for change before you can transform
Too much damage had been done and you need to reform
Quickly before the situation becomes permanently deformed
With so many urgent and necessary things yet to be performed

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun. 10th Apr. 2011.

najib manaukau said...

Umno has 53 years to make the change or transform, why talk now ? Especially just before the election but has to wait for another 53 years ?
Umno may be very slow to change or transform but even the hare can walk faster than Umno.
Please tell that to corrupted Taib on his corruption and his children too. It is chicken feed to donate one month of his pay, not even if he donates ten years of his pay. Please don't insult the peoples' intelligence because of your own stupidity !

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with DPM - why must we change if things are so good to us...we VIPs got worshipped like god by talking nonsense only no need to work as supposed to,we are immuned to law,we do as we please, we get big bucks,sexy girlfriends,big bangalows,overseas trips,branded shopping.....So tell me why should we change?

Jong said...

....yeah transform and upgrade, another 5 more years for them to move bank accounts from Singapore to Switzerland!

Anonymous said...

The ArmedNo/BeEnd leaders must shift in the gear to their brain (I wonder if they have one) before opening their shit mouth. They had spilled out so much bullshit over the years the Malaysian can NOW smell it miles away. They can talk and talk but they do not practice what they preached.

We, Sarawakians have enough of it, NOW is the time to vote them out and least we have have a chance for us to have a fresh start. It is better to be late than never.

Anak SarawakTULIN & SULING

Anonymous said...

one commonality between Mo and Pek Moh.
Both are good in land grabbings, no?

najib manaukau said...

The DPM does not know the meaning of transformation ! So stop using word that a descendant of Indonesians does not comprehend and please remember we are not just like you. You can fool the stupid and the corrupted ones but not the educated ones. What a minister of education !

Anonymous said...

MACC needs more manpower, to jaga the windows while its staff can surf porn in peace.