Monday, April 18, 2011


Dr M mocked the presence of several Malays in DAP as mere window dressing.

In the Sibu by-elections in mid May of 2010 I had the distinct honor of the company of TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ, DAP National Vice Chairman (HERE)for breakfast every morning whilst waiting for our transport. I was humbled that a man of such international stature took residence at our Rm34 a day, walkup (56steps) hotel in Jalan Lanang, Sibu.

Just last week ZAIRIL KHIR JOHARI,(HERE) Political Secretary to Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, shared a make-shift table with me whilst I went “live” for the two mammoth ceremahs in Sibu. On polling day Zairil helped when I went “Live” on the results.

And Dr M who must have the last word describes these two Malay gentlemen as window dressing when accusing the opposition party of spreading its racist disease to Sarawak. Putting it mildly I think Dr M is at the edge of delusional descension into geriatric geezerhood!

I would be thrilled if Tunku Abdul Aziz and Zairil will "window dress" this blog by responding to Dr M’s senile taunts. No obligations, comrade saudara. I will understand.


Pst…pst… The National Chairman is a SIKH.

The National Vice Chairman is MALAY.

The Political Secretary of Penang Chief Minister, is a MALAY too!

How RACIST can DAP be?

But the supreme Patron of Perkasa says DAP is a racist party.


Anonymous said...

The world knows who is the real racist. Rest assured that we are not confused yet. I guess age must have caught up on him.

Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

why are you surprised? did you really expect anything else....

Yeo Eng Khean said...

Tabek & Bravo to BRAVE-HEARTS Tunku & Zainal ... CAN 1Malaysia UMNO have a Sikh as its President, Chinese as Deputy President, Indian as Vice President ... DAP is truly MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA ... unlike racist bigot UMNO !

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Well said Sir. Conscise. Precise. Factual. Rational. But as we all know, the Tun Dr M2 is not senile. He is the provocator of Agenda-3, i.e. how to put someone he has been silently grooming to take over from where Najib exits. I have yet to run into ONE single comment that solidly backs the Tun's divisive, derogatory and slighting statements. If this was Egypt, Tunisia or Libya, by now thousands would have camped outside his retirement palatial banglow demenading justice.

hasilox said...

Nothing geriatric about that. Just a crook driving his crooked mind overtime.

The real motive is to stir up the malays. How the hell such creature is allowed to swindle the country for so long?

Anonymous said...

cut the bullshit here zorro !,dap is run by sinocentric mindsets in the should known this by now.but if dishonesty is the "thing " now for bloggers such as yourself,forget about changing this country .

Anonymous said...

While I admire your incessant yet tedious long winded response to the tiresome expired old man, dun you know his words has no effect on readers of your Blog ?

Only some Bumi previledged cacats or hypocrites take his words seriously.

Seriously tho, many Bumis cannot be trusted. You can see this trend in Anwars "trusted friends" who have no qualms whatsoever to stab him from the back. Remember Zaid plus many more ?

I will ask that you learn from Anwar about Friends & comrades. Essential training


Anonymous said...

Just keep reminding that evil old man that the law will catch with him, his family, cronies and agents.

Anonymous said...

Ayoyo of course lah Kutty have to be racist otherwise the AMNO ppl will ask his son to join MIC where he belongs than how to dream of being PM.

Old Fart said...

Well, you have got to give the old man credit. Obviously if a vast number of Malays do believe him and believe in the fear that he has instilled in them, his lies obviously work. He does not see humans. He sees Malays and he sees their enemies. He cannot see Malaysians. He does not know they exist.

Anonymous said...

The ex-PM is definitely racist but he is surely not senile. He is nothing more than a evil shit stirrer. When he goes to Hell, you can bet he will stir shit in Hell and cause trouble for Satan since he intends to take over Satan's role.

Anonymous said...

He embarrassed all right-thinking Malaysians by declaring that
"Jews rule the world by proxy" at the OIC conference held in Putrajaya just before he stepped down as Prime Minister.

Patron of the racists/fascists in Perkasa and an outright anti-Semite to boot. And he accuses others of racism!

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Mahathir had done a lot of harm to the country legal and administrative systems during his 22 years highhanded rule. Once a reporter asked him if he's a Malay. He said 'yes' constitutionally. Anyone knows what does he mean? It's an insult to many highly respected Malays when he described their presence in DAP are only 'window dressing'. Notwithstanding the nasty remarks by the senile Mahathir, there're hundreds of thousands of real Malays in PKR and PAS working cordially with DAP.

BCTan266 said...

TDM adds another acronym to his name (now that we are in the era of ETP, GTPm NKRI, NKRA etc) IT's GG...

I like that Geriatric Geezerhood! And how true indeed. He should be behaving with more wisdom and dignity befitting his status as an elder statesman...

Well,we try to bestow upon him that title of elder statesman but he does not seem to want live up to it, this geriatric geezer!

KoSong Cafe said...

It all started with racist Umno. Just imagine if there were no race discrimination to start with, would the non-Malays react to the unfair policies? We know how NEP was abused to serve Umnoputras and selected non-Malay cronies. Had the government been fair, opposition parties would not have been able to gain ground in reaction.

Anonymous said...

UMNO/BN are so racist that they don't even bother to "Window Dress".

How about appointing MCA and MIC president as the DPM?

They don't even bother to "window Dress" because to them, MCA and MIC are just their low-ranked machai.

azhanjihadi said...

Next general election we will have Malay candidates representing DAP in Chinese majority stronghold seats like Bukit Bintang, Jelutong, Ipoh Barat etc,!

or will we?

Anonymous said...

We hardly touch on Race issues not until this toon kutty comes around.

So who is the father of Racist ?
He has the personal agenda to do so to protect himself and the goons.

Desperado always play up to Race Issue as the last resort and he knows that's the only easy way out to get a huge following by championing himself as the Hero of the particular race.

In his twilight year if he does not relying on race issue then what do you think he has anything left in the sleeve ? So Die die also must bang on Race sentiment to keep survive lah.

What to do with a man who even hide his origin for so long ? Reserve a place in the FART CHAMBER specially designed (multi-flavour) for the Father of Racist cos he only tasted one flavour all his life.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


There are none so blind
As those with eyes that can't see
Refusing to accept that peoples can bind
Themselves together even if they were from four seas

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 19th Apr. 2011.

Anonymous said...

Aiiyoyooo zorro and the rest... Dr M was right about window dressing! Don’t shy to accept critics and facts. Any words from Dr M seem to be a needle in your backside. Why?
Most of you that against his window dressing remark are obviously not Malays (i say most of you). Now, just by having a father and son 'murtad' Sikh, and a ‘Tunku’ and a (bin) ‘Ton’ in the National leader’s line-up is definitely seen as a ‘dressing’. Don’t hide facts lah zorro and Political Secretary to LGE, you know its part of political strategy, being a CM in a state that DAP too depends on PKR+PAS winning seats to form a government. I don’t think your knowledge is so shallow, you just being one sided.
Dr M is being honest and truthful and as you always know, the truth is always bitter to swallow.

For the rest, check out this link and spot the Malays....

4 questions for zorro;

1. Any Malay candidate in the Sarawak recent election under DAP flag? Maybe your reason is; it’s Chinese majority area, so is that racist or what? Or you call it strategy?
2. How much power do you think a person like Tunku has in the party? Say, if he call for Penang CM to be rotated (once like Sabah), 2 years by Chinese, 2 years by Malay and 2 by India/Sikh, will he get enough support from the rest of the majority Chinese committee in the party? Again, don’t bullshit me zoro, you know the answer!
3. Will DAP willing to put their Malay candidate in a Chinese majority this coming GE? Just like BN did, putting MCA in a Malay majority?
4. Last but not least, it has been almost a month since the Ahmad Sarbani tragic death in the SPRM office, DAP & the gang as usual plays the Hero and claiming it’s another TBH tragedy, but sadly until now there is no ‘Ahmad Sarbani Trusted Fund’ launched or initiated similar to TBH in the party website. Maybe his a malay and moreover his a civil servant. But trust me zorro, if Ahmad is a Chinese, the scenario will be totally different. The whole DAP National leaders and thousands party members will be camping ... (don’t know where and how long)

There are a lot more clear evidences that DAP is a Chinese party and racist and Dr M is right in telling the truth.
Zoro, if you are not bias in your articles, I trust you will own good respect by both, your supporters and the opposite.

Anonymous said...

hi zorro, running away from the still hot topic of the Sarawak election result?

"...Dr M’s senile taunts" So why the hell you take his remark so seriously and publish? I thought it's about time you will leave Dr M alone..

You're not running away from topic or run out of topics?

nstman said...

The Supreme Racist suffers from Cock in the Mouth disease which has spread beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

zorro - maybe you should retire too...

Anonymous said...

It's time the suffering people turn to this half breed indian for payback.
Don't ever let him escape his wrong deeds, those millions he stole with his cronies and families....
Perhaps its time for you bloggers to remind the mass his wrong doings...he did it to the Sultans..
Time to put him in place where he belongs and that is the Sg. Buloh prison for crimes against the sure we can dig up alot of those crimes....Make this bastard pay and don't let him sleep easy..remind him everyday of his fcuking life...he stole the wealth of the country by bailing out his cronies and his son especially...

zorro said...

Anon1011am...some good news for you.Cannot retire yet national service to do...and enjoying like hell irritating people like you. Jerks like you who contribute nothing makes me want to blog more. Its fun smoking out rats.

Anonymous said...

Tun M as we all know, is the number 1 racist, except when it comes trusting people with his businesses. Three of his most trusted proxies are non malays, Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Ananda Krishnan, and some lesser known ones'.
He is trying so hard to be "more malay than the actual malays" and that I reckon is because he is too conscious of his indian heritage. He is trying to project his "malayness", so that people will forget the "indianess" in his blood. How could a human being be so ashamed of own heritage, which by the way is so rich in culture and tradition. That is like being ashamed of his own grandparents.
He inherited a very united Malaysia from Tun Hussein Onn. He thought that if all the races are united, then he will not, like Tun Hussein, be in power that long, because, 1) the malays will realise he is not a 100% malay and get rid him and 2) when people are happy, you can't manipulate them too much. So he did what all racists do, divide everyone, with him as the King. Quite like what Hitler did really. So to convince the malays that he will fight for them, he became more malay than them. So even when the malays were willing to give in and share certain benefits with the non malays, as they did under Tun Hussein Onn, the fake malay in Tun M convinced them otherwise. Having convinced the malays that he is for them 100%, he went about taking things away from them, and giving it to Vincent Tan, Ananda, Francis Yeoh, Lim Kok Wing, etc. Just to digress a little, Vincent Tan, Ananda, Francis Yeoh and the likes of them, think that they have greater business acumen than others', but the truth is that they had stole from the ordinary Malaysians. It wasn't their ability that made them the money, it was because the PM then, Tun M, encouraged them to steal even more. And when the PM tells you to steal and cheat even more, which regulating agency would dare to take action.
Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Ananda Krishnan, and the likes of them would never have thrived under Tun Hussein, not what they are today anyway.
And because Lee Kuan Yew did more for Singapore, than Tun M could ever do for Malaysia, he is so envious of that man. When LKY travels to The USA, no less than the likes of Henry Kissinger, former Presidents, senior members of the Senate and Representatives, past and present, Secretaries of State, past and present, CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, etc. are eager to meet with the ex PM of Singapore, whereas Tun M had to pay to meet with the President. That my friends, is partly Tun M. A man so lacking in shame. That he is still the divisive person that he was, is even more shameful. I wonder how many people just can't wait to spit on his grave. If I had a chance, I know I would.

Anonymous said...

Geriatric Geezer, an apt description Sir. Now, I will definitely pee on his grave, this Racist Mahathir.

A Tojo

Aramis said...

Whatever mahathir said would be carried by its propaganda agents like Utusan, RTM, TV3, NST and Astro Awani (channel with perspective berat sebelah).

However, the young people will no longer believe in these channels as we hve internet access for alternaive views like Zorro's blog.

So the government is using Khidmat Negara to 'BTNize' the teenagers. It is also using Sejarah SPM and Interlok to indoctrined the young minds with the ketuanan concepts.

We must avoid BN at all cost. MCA and MIC are ueseless and they will follow SUPP and Gerlakan into oblivion by the voters.

Lok Ming Xian said...

Chua Soi Lek should not follow Utusan Malaysia's tactics of racialising the results of the Sarawak General Elections, when the key issue is about change not about whether voters want Chinese representation in government

Jong said...

Hi Zorro,

Thank you and welcome back! Much appreiciate what you did - keeping us informed on the ground at Sarawak state election.
What you did was admireable and you have put to shame those half your age!

So that 'racist extraordinarie' and hate-monger carToon is up to no good again? Why waste space on him here when many can't wait to pee on his grave!

Anonymous said...

looks like BN is spending a lot of our money hiring bloggers to post brainless comments all over the internet.

men may not know it, but Allah knows. the day will come when the wicked will be judge. and I guarantee you that your dirty money cannot save you.

Anonymous said...

Toon Kutty is suffering from a rare form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia.
He has passed the first stage of selective amnesia!Soon he will rant like mad man in delusion!

Anonymous said...


Seems like you have quite a few readers who do not share your views about Malaysian politics and of course, Mahathir.

Really good to know that they actually read and respond to what you write (no doubt, some are uttering gibberish) which means they are intelligent people whom you have a chance of convincing them to your line of thinking.

Stay true to your cause and stay positive!

By the way, please do not desecrate your site with any write-up about Mahathir. He is evil. Evil feeds on attention given to it. Malaysians should just consign him to the rubbish dump and forget about him. If all Malaysians start to ignore him and not publicise what he says, very soon, he will just be an old man standing at the corner of the neighbourhood pasar ranting and raving while people go about their lives. I hope he becomes someone like that soon. Don't you?

I am more concern about making the Malaysia that our young people, including our children and grand-children, will inherit, a place that they are proud of and united regardless of race or religion.

Mahathir won't want to see this in his lifetime ... I trust we don't have too long to wait out that lifetime. Let's all be patient and continue doing our good work.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

The Perkasa Patron gone NYANYOK already lah. Just ignore him! We just have to pray to GOD that we will not end up old age life as him.

Take care!

Li Huat Chai said...

Zorro, is Raja Petra changed now? I could not believe it he agreed to be interviewed by TV3. I think all is fake except $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Please tell Tun M and son that we do not need mca or supp or gerakan to represent chinese in cabinet as stooges to umno. We rather vote for opposition like DAP.

Ubah is good.
Nest stop Johor!

Padungan Kitten said...

Bridget Walsh spoke of a new Sarawak “that voters across races, across geographic areas and especially the state’s future are no longer supporting the BN to the same degree. While the two-thirds may not have been broken, profound political change did come to Sarawak.”

Suhaimi Awani said...

Now BN is wasting RM50 million to give malaysians each a 1Malaysia email account.

Like that they can snoop on you easily, and to send you sex video clips directly to you!

BN must first come clean on a number of issues. The first of which is - can the BN Government be trusted to be fair, just and will it uphold the universal principes of human rights? Judging by its track record, the BN government cannot be trusted.

During the Sarawak state elections, the Malaysiakini website, The Malaysian Insider and Radio Free Sarawak were subject to massive DOS (Denial of Service) attacks. For a start the Najib government can come clean on this. Who did it? Who were the culprits? If you cannot come clean then - the free emails will be just another chapter from George Orwell's 1984 - "big brother is watching you!"

Anonymous said...

If a stray dog barks at you, you'd simply ignore it. This half-bred pretender, who failed in everything he started (with taxpayer money), is no better than a stray. He will forever be hero-worshiped by the semi-literate majority, but that does not mean you should take him seriously. Take him serially instead ...whenever you need a chuckle and a pint.


Anonymous said...

Much has been said about the land grab. But the largest land grab was when Malaya took Sarawak land mass into the Federation in 1963, taking advantage of 5 semi-literate community leaders. Then there was the 1974 Petroleum Development Act which provides Mahathir with much public money to expand Malaya’s economy through public infrastructure spending. As everyone know by actual public spending analysis, little of that petrodollars benefit Sarawakian – contrary to Tengku Razaleigh promise to the nation – that the PDO was design to distribute Petrodollars among all Malaysians.

So BN has screwed Sarawak for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.38

You are a damn racist. Why only a few malays join DAP but many chinese join PKR and even PAS? DAP is open to all but UMNO shut the door to whom? Only people like you behave like Peh Moh to frighten the rural Dayaks. DAP have Indian MPs in Ipoh Barat and Teluk Intan and Jelutong.

When mention of chinese becoming DPM, UMNO and you scare out of shit because you are just like mahatail being racist

As for TBH, again you have a racist mind like UMNO and Utusan try to bring down a state government. That is what UMNO is trying to use MACC to bring down a state government after they have done to Perak. Imagine, how can you call people voting for PR when MACC did not lift a finger at Taib for billions of ringgits but quickly act when hundreds of ringgits are investigate.

TBH works politically for PR but Ahmad Sabarina for KERAJAAN. Now please folow your UMNO political masters not to polticalise this Issue as Ahmad is a government servant.

Lynas said...

Have you registered for your free email account?

zorro said... late father always told me to be wary of anything free from the government. Did you get the same advice from your pa? I am sure he is an honest

Jong said...


Didn't one witness at TBH Inquiry claimed that TBH when met before his death, informed him that MACC forced him(TBH) to part with his email address and password. I'm sure TBH refused and was tortured, no?

Now you are excited over free #1Malaysia email account?

Anonymous said...


Some newly set-up government department will have great fun reading all your emails on the 1Malaysia account. Better still, they get paid with your tax money (if you pay tax). If they don't like what they read, they will arrest you and your family in the name of national security for what is in your email account.

Well, I'm not excited about that. Are you?

Anonymous said...


I am intrigued by the MACC security guard who said he would only perform his duty based on the direction from God.

Perhaps TBH should have asked the same before he entered the MACC building.

Jong said...

Anon 10:31 AM,

Intrigued? I'm suspicious! I think he knows something, he's in fear and he's not telling.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oppsss Zorro...

ZAIRIL KHIR JOHARI is actually...biologically...undeniably Chinese....

but u still got it rite with TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ...50% correct is still not bad for an old man like u

Mr. Anonymus

火箭升天 said...


Anonymous said...

Mahatir is a medical doctor. Ask him how can he change his race after he was born???
He is the greastest fraudster and unashamed one too!
Talk of the woes and inadequacies of the Malays for over forty years. How come after 40 years he and his "Daddy kasih" children become billionaires and other Malays still living in poverty?
Ask HIM!!!