Thursday, April 14, 2011


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BM Punk said...

WhI cannot understand why Malaysian citizen working overseas are not allowed to use the post to vote.

Why is it that only Military Personnel and those who will definitely vote for BN allow to use the postal votes.

neena said...

Thanks for posting these pictures and all your other posts on Sarawak. Ubah is a great mascot for this campaign.God speed Ubah !

Anonymous said...

BM Punk, if the goons somehow know that the malaysian working overseas will definately vote for BN, then miraculously they too will be allowed to postal vote, hehehe

So let's not wonder any more, ok?

Anonymous said...

I think the red Ubah t-shirts can be best-sellers at Petaling street. Tourists will buy it too to show support.

Gelombang Ubah akan menelan BN!