Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Many have asked me why I have not condemned anyone of late into my FART CHAMBER! I told them that I am still waiting for a STINKO to appear. This stinker really deserves a long stay. His crime? He said that my friend Raja Petra sold out to UMNO. Like all of us, we have our little faults….but Pete is a trueblue PATRIOT. Patriots don’t sell out and neither do they hop into another pond when UNWANTED.









Anonymous said...

The country is being raped and you people are busy fighting among yourselves.

If Chua Jui Meng is dirty, flush him out and kick him out of Pakatan. Simple as that.

Stop playing this men thing of daring each other. Those are for kids! Wanna play this game, do the serious one, go for a duel, the traditional cowboy way like in the movies. If you have no guts to do that, then shut up and focus on dealing with those who are raping the country.

Anonymous said...

Awww, screw Pete. His arrogance and smarty pants attitude is getting sickening. He behaves very much like MamakKutty anyway, he's the one who is always right and everyone else is stupid and wrong.

Charlie Oscar said...

Zorro better get your judgement reclibrated. You are wrong in supporting Zaid who is 'Mari Kita hentam DAP'. How could you still trust RPK? My Oh My!

Asril Sani said...

Hi Uncle

Chua Jui Meng looks like Anwar in the photo, haha. But you gave him more muscles than he has in person.
Wonder he shares the same hobby as Anwar.
As for RPK, I don't care about about him and never believe in him.
It's time you do the same, uncle.

Anonymous said...

Zorro should justify RPK's action before condemning CJM.

Zorro has yet to tell us his position on Zaid.

Failureto to do the above means Zorro is no different from them, i.e. BN's mole.

Anonymous said...

Since the we the Press Club kakis days sometime 2007-08 things have become very bad, as it shud be, what is called true colors.

I did warn ya, this fake drubken euphoria wont last !

Now we have RPK dying a slow death - Malaysia's Don Quixote.

Politics r for the really devious.

Good man like you shud just relax in Sids with true kakis like me n the rest, for soon RPK will do a Zaid n it aint good

Jong said...

Zorro, I think you had been too hash and rather hasty on Chua Jui Meng. Yes, he uttered those words to accuse RPK and I'm surprised it came from CJM himself.

I suppose someone in the party had to do the dirty job and it was CJM's turn for frontline attack in defense of Anwar, no?

Isn't it common knowledge in PKR, blabbermouths are aplenty to get noticed - Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Saifuddin Nasution even its former dp Syed Husin Ali wanted his last shot before retiring!

Monkeys see monkeys do in PKR, everyone wants to be Mr Popular while enjoying their celebrity status and feel important(while they can!) except for the demure president Wan Azizah quietly and contentedly sitting at one corner, only seen faithfully accompanying her beloved hubby to court.

zorro fan club said...

no no no uncle zorro

pls dont do that,you might be wrong again trusting this mclm guys..wait for further information.
look at zaid,snap and ask malik imtiaz..

zorro said...

Charlie, prove to me When, Where, How did I still support Zaid after he quit PKR. I stopped writing about Zaid since then. I will still hold Zaid as a former comrade until he proves otherwise. As a parting shot from a friend I did tell Zaid to assess his advisors and mouthpiece.... hangers on are aplenty!

zorro said...

Asril/Charlie...since the spinning of the TV3 outbreak I have not commented about RPK. I stand by what I say because I know that man. He may have his missteps like all of us fallible creatures, but selling out is not RPK. I WILL STAND IN FRONT OF HIM TO TAKE THE FIRST BULLET. Period.

Anonymous said...

Before you stand in front to take the bullet, consider that he might no longer be the RPK you know

People change, we know that.

Anwar was a cocky DPM before he went to jail. Has he changed ?

You were a simpleton before Knowing Rocky, RPK, Tony, Shanghai etc. Have you changed ?

Remember your buddy sessions with Zaid ?

Anonymous said...

An article to incite racist emotions gets such a muted responses from Ministers; especially the "I am Malay first" chap who aspires to become the PM of 1Malaysia.
It is time all Malaysians demanded more say into who gets chosen to lead Malaysia.

Utusan articles contain enough venom to be charged for sedition but since it is the official UMNO mouthpiece, Ministers like Rais are pussyfooting instead of adopting a bold stance.
Well he does believe that one can write rubbish in one's thesis.

troubadour said...

Good Day Zorro,

I am inclined to believe that RPK has lost his zest for fighting for freedom for Malaysia. He is tired and seem to wanting to move back to comfort zone. This sort of thing happens when one is fighting alone and refuses to listen to anyone. His Bangkok fiasco proved that he needs friends but he quickly revert back to comfort zone by hitting Chua Jui Ming...

I do not know Jui Ming but of late his move to PKR is welcome. His conscience simply tells him to tolerate no more of the BN stupidity.

Too many people I know have stopped trusting and reading malaysia-today. I know RPK personally but even if I tell him this, he will simply brush off.. Sad days indeed for enemies of BN.

sampalee said...

It is all about knowing a person first hand.RPK really cared for the Rakyat and only tolerated the politicians.

Asril Sani said...


Even if I may not like you for being anti-BN, I admire you for your loyalty fo RPK.
But he outplayed his friends like Uncle Din.
I would have ditched him if I were you. Don't know when he will stab you in the back.

Anonymous said...


zorro said...

Asril, get back to your books and bottle up your infantile ejaculations. " I would have ditched him if I were you." Who are you, Tiny?

Troubadour...his hit at Jui Meng is reflex action. That is a commendable trait. Took a mighty long time for Chua to realise the stupid MCA company he kept, yah?

Anon1116am....who hasn't changed is a dummy...we change with the weather, the company we keep...then we change by working on separating the grain from the chaff....a natural process that needs some soul-searching, no? Thanks for your comment.

Free Malaysia said...


You jumped the gun on this CJM.

You may want to re-look at your own judgement as well. You thought that Zaid Ibrahim was all for justice and reforms. Look what happened?

Check out RPK's emails to KTC, that RPK was full of arrogance. He thinks we Malaysians depend on him for our freedom. RPK thinks too highly of himself and just because you are his friend dont mean, he cant be bought over.

We dont need arrogant cunts like RPK. The man can fuck off.

Shan said...

Zorro, those may be your famous last words. Talk is cheap and so is undefined loyalty. Perhaps you gained too Zorro, it's hard to say. If others' that are in your group, have sold out, why not you too? I wish that you would engage a person, rather than make personal insults. That is the mark of a man without intellect and short of arguments to stand by his views. You were a nobody, you are still a nobody, but being in the presence of RPK, Anwar, Zaid, etc. makes you pretend that you are somebody.
RPK doesn't use arguments or intellect to get to the point, he uses something that happened 10 years' ago, to hit out at Chua Jui Meng. Remember RPK's revelation about the AG screwing his own staff, no one even gives a damn about his revelations anynore, but considers it the ramblings of a man in need of attention. His own doing, isn't it. And spineless people like Zorro, follow blindly. Uncle you think RPK's sponsors will take you to UK too is it? RPK is on a warpath, because people have seen through him, he is like a wounded tiger, and he wants Anwar's blood, more than Najib and Rosmah do. That is his f__king ego. "How can you tell me off, I am the self appointed protector of the people", seems to be RPK,s thinking now, about Anwar. RPK, I challenge you to do even 5% of what Anwar has done, then stand beside that man, otherwise f__k off into the wilderness. If you have a positive contribution, then make it, otherwise just shut the f__k up. You and Zorro, and the likes of you both.

Anonymous said...

Does look like we the under,mis,over-informed bored to death readers are the judge & jury on RPK, Zaid, CJM & Zorro himself ! Isn't there something fresh, anymore ?

Your esteemed aging Blog within a Blog within blogosphere has finally reached coffeeshop gossip status, joining the ranks of awful cut & paste journalism

RPK right or wrong ? Good or bad ? Zorro good or bad ? lets have another drink ! Cheers !

jimmy said...

And now, as reported in MKini, RPK said the following about TV3's interview with him: "Airing the full recording would clear the air about his purported U-turn on claims linked to the Altantuya murder." Oh, that's rich! I mean, the idiocy of it. All these years people have been saying don't trust the MSM, boycott them. Well, RPK may yet say: But I have never ever written in all my blog postings that we should not trust MSM and that we should boycott them.

Keong said...

And now, as reported in MKINI, RPK said: Airing the full recording would clear the air about his purported U-turn on claims linked to the Altantuya murder.
How, very rich! The idiocy of it I mean. All these years people have been saying not to trust MSM and boycott MSM. I guess RPK will say but never in my blog postings have I ever written that we not trust MSM or that we boycott MSM.
Zaid Ibrahim, the lawyer who sees sex videos as documentaries, now is already clearing a path for RPK with his post that is now available on Malaysia Today as well. Zaid says that RPk is not a BN hater merely a reformer.
What now? RPK will soon say, yeah, I never ever written that I am a BN hater.
Way to go! Malaysia boleh indeed.

Anonymous said...

"I will stand infront of the man ..." Hey Zorro, dont talk cock la. you are one pathetic sod, wiping RPK's arse.

RPK is full of himself. Like you, he is full of crap. If you guys really think you can do it, then stand for elections and let the people decide.

To see you whacking Chua Jui Meng over RPK is very sad la. you poor old drunkard.

zorro said...

Shan, you sound frustrated.I hope this blog is not the cause. Should it be, then if you are intelligent enough, you need to migrate to other healthier blogs. I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my... you know where. At the end of the day Shan, it is mind over matter. I don't mind, because you don't matter.

zorro said...

Free Malaysia....People can't say that you have absolutely nothing. After all, you seem to have inferiority! You need to go for a self esteem overhaul.

zorro said...

Anon951pm....thanks for the compliments.If Moses had seen you, there would have been another commandment! Don't lose sleep over this yah....while I yammmmmsenggggg!

Anonymous said...

Salute you Senor. The day you put Anwar Ibrahim into your FART CHAMBER will be the day when I'll give you a standing ovation.

Anonymous said...

Gee Zorro, is that your best effort? Sarcasm, no matter how witty it seems, is never a substitute for intelligence. An intelligent response to my posting requires thinking, something Sir, that is seemingly beyond you.
I can respond to an intelligent reply to my post, but yours' Sir, is fit for the bin.
Hang around the likes of RPK, Harris and Zaid perhaps you may get a free beer, which at the end of the day, is more than your intellect is worth.
Happy bitching Zorro

Anonymous said...

The whole issue is not who is bad and
corrupted all or almost all of them needs money to be politician. RPK is totally out of him mind he thinks that he is smart and famous , Just this back hitting at his ego to go even is not gentleman enough. He is a real fool to walk into TV3 interview knowing it is BN owned and the spin will be left for BN to make gain. Now the gas chamber should rightly be for non other then the biggest fool of all that is RPK.

Anonymous said...

After Zaid and RPK, it is not to difficult to see the next one out to sabotage Pakatan.

RM is appreciating and is now talking louder.

I hope Zorro can be true to the cause and do not blindly worship these scums.

Forget Pete said...

RPK has shown himself to be an irresponsible and unreliable person. He makes wild allegations which he himself does not believe - and says he is merely reporting what he heard. Then, he accuses Anwar Ibrahim as the man behind his SD.

The unkindest cut of all, he gives away the names of his informants exposing them to prosecution. A person with that kind of nobility will not betray his friend and his sources in the first place.

How come the street-wise RPK didn't know that when he gave the interview to them? It's obvious that RPK went into the 'trap' willingly. The end result is RPK makes Pakatan bad in the eyes of the public just before the Sarawak state election. That's not acceptable, and that is why the public now are cautious about the integrity of RPK.

zorro said...

Shan, don't be presumtive. I never intended to and you dont deserve an intelligent response....didn't I say you don't matter?

Shan said...

Of course I am not presumptuous Zorro. And I also know I don't matter to you, simply because you don't have an intelligent reply, neither can you argue with me on the points that I have raised.
You, and the likes of you, can only use sarcasm to attack someone. Why can't you engage me in a reasonable discussion, rather than insult me and run away.
Grow up man, defend yourself intellectually, not by being a coward. Fart chamber indeed. Sheesh, such childishness, such cowardice.

zorro said...

Shan, you posted comments 1136am and 137pm again. Don't you read (your comments)what I have been courteous enough to post.As such I am not posting them again. Have some respect for this comment page. Is that too much to ask? I never prided myself of being intelligent. Don't you get it....must I say it again that you don't matter and you do not deserve an intellectual reply. Better to be CALLED a coward and still live than be a dead hero, yah?

Anonymous said...

Support the cause, never the man. In Egypt, no single person is the hero. The people and the principles they stand for were the hero.

Albert Einstein once said that we should not idolise, worship or admire a person so much that we lose sight of what is central: the principles, not the man.

Fight for Malaysian freedom, justice and love for the innocent people. Stand on your own. Don't lean on any other personality or celebrity.

Don't fight for and declare allegiance to RPK. Fight for and declare allegiance to the truth, love and strength within you.

I support the Malaysian people. I support political change for the better. I am involved in a few NGOs to make the life of Malaysians an improvement in a practical way.

RPK unfortunately talks a lot. He has not shown us what he can do to make the life of ordinary Malaysians become better in a practical way. RPK cannot make millions of BN voters suddenly vote for Pakatan and change government. This is a fact we must accept.

What we need is gradual, practical hard work on the ground to change hearts and minds for a better Malaysia.

Also it's always good to be at least a little cautious about people like RPK.

And we shouldn't worry too much about Zorro or Haris Ibrahim. With time comes wisdom. People will, in time, arrive at an improved realisation. This we all know as a fact of life. Euphoria and some sensational cause always blinds people, young and old, in the near term.