Friday, April 22, 2011


“If the people really feel strongly about it (protest against Lynas), then we can recommend for a total closure of Gebeng, and we shall see the reaction of the 20,000 people working there and that of their families,” the Menteri Besar, Adnan said, citing that every industry in Gebeng, the nation's chemical and petrochemical hub, produced some form of emission.

Yes, this was his challenge to the people of Gebeng. He had the gall to exhibit his haughtiness and conceitedness. In one disdainful sweep of his broom he has swept the residents of Gebeng like dirt by pompously challenging the 20,000 families in Gebeng. He smugly wants a reaction to his supercilious and audacious threat to close down Gebeng! Like as though God has spoken through his snootily cocky chosen messenger.

This is intriguing! Remember another Australian organization and Bukit Koman….the Aussies who uses cynide to extract gold tailings? As such this begs some questions:

a. Why Pahang?

b. Is it because it is the PM home-state?

c. Was the Sultan ever consulted?

For a start, just these three questions. More of course will follow…..that’s a promise.


Anonymous said...

The 20,000 people in Gebeng should be told that their Menteri Besar believe their lives are miserable and worthless.

I thought you only see such person in the movies but seems that Barisan Nasional are filled with them.

Obviously his parents did not teach him about humanity, honesty, kindness and every value that make a person human. In Bahasa Malaysia, this is called "KURANG AJAR". In Hokkien, this is called "BOH KAR SI".

Anonymous said...

wat , lynas cancelled ah ? ...damn ... ....@#$%^&* , my commissions oso GONE lah , ...@#$%^&* ...puxx ...!!

looes74 said...

Uncle Bernard,
Do publish these shows....Yes Minister (The Greasy Pole)

TheWhisperer said...

An Open Letter To Datuk Seri Adnan Yaccob – MB Of Pahang

Salam from the Kuantan folks,
Thank you for organising the forum,
And the opportunity to hear your talks, opinions and outbursts in the news,

You say, we are blindly following the opposition,
We say, you have insulted the intelligence of Kuantan folks. In fact we are so cool that the forum panel can't answer our questions.

You challenge us to gather 1000 folks to the forum and you will bring in 10,000
We say, it sounds like a threat, only gangster do that.

You say, only the Chinese object to this project,
We say, all the 'rakyat' reject Lynas, regardless of race, religion and region.

You throw a tantrum in the State Assembly, threatened to close up all the factories in Gebeng,
We say please go ahead for we know even if you want to, Pahang has no money to compensate them.

And now you say, you can't close down Lynas, it's Federal Government's call,
We say, you must have mastered the art of Tai Chi, passing the bug to Federal,

You say, you will bring in more experts from all over the world to convince us,
We say, look no further, the victims and experts from Bukit Merah had more than convinced us,

Well, let us tell you this,
As long as the Lynas issue is not resolved,
We'll never give up in our efforts to STOP LYNAS and SAVE KUANTAN,
We'll stay the course till our objective is achieved.
For we do not want to inherit any radioactive waste from Australia. - PH Chin

Jong said...

Why do you think the Prime Minister who is Member of Parliament for Pahang was conferred the Honorary PhD award by Australia's Monash U last month?

Charlie Oscar said...


As RPK has sold himself to MediaPrima, do your hantus still able to provide some insights to these unanswered questions:

1.What were the motives of the two police officers convicted of killing Altantuya as they appear to have no earlier connection or previous knowledge of her?

2.How did they obtain the C4 explosives and who approved the release of this strictly restricted materiel to them?

3.The third accused Abdul Razak Baginda – who was acquitted of the charge against him – is a political analyst with known ties to Najib. A transcript had surfaced of alleged text messages between them. What did the sms exchanges imply?

4.Why was DSP Musa Safri never investigated when he gave orders to his officer Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri to help Razak Baginda? Azilah had testified in court that Musa told him Razak had a problem because someone threatened him and he [Azilah] was to lend assistance to Razak.

5.Why was Altantuya’s record of entry missing from the immigration records? Have the immigration officers responsible provided a credible explanation as to how Altantuya’s entry details seemingly disappeared?

6.Why has the immigration department not carried out an internal inquiry, and the other higher authorities carried out an independent inquiry, into this serious breach or if they did, the report not made public?

7.Why were the three affidavits and video interview of P. Balasubramaniam, who was engaged by Abdul Razak Baginda as private investigator and who has since vanished, not investigated?

$$$ is so powerful.
It can be a ghostbuster to your hantus.

Mukris said...

Everybody knows that UMNO owns Utusan and that Utusan is the mouthpiece of UMNO. Does anybody, other than the UMNO President, believe that the '1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement, is the personal opinion of Utusan but not UMNO?

mh said...

Why aren't people taking their concerns to the Australian High Commission?
There must be some good rea$on for Najib's callous,fatuous remarks. As for Adnan Yaakob he is a well qualified uncouth bully & thug.

I am still Iban said...


We need to do more than just blogging to stop LYNAS. I am living thousands kilo away from Lynas but if we need to camp there, I will spare all my time for just that!
Let us know where we go from here...

I am still Iban!

Anonymous said...

The people in the PM's state must unite and show their disgust via the ballot box. That will be interesting!

Anonymous said...


Since it is impossible to get a police permit to hold a ceramah for the 20,000 Gebeng folks to educate them on the dangers of the thorium and rare earth wastes, has anyone thought of distributing flyers in malay, chinese and tamil language to the 20,000 Gebeng folks on this matter affecting their health and safety? Seems to be this would be the logical thing to do and then let the 20,000 Gebeng folks decide for themselves if getting employment in Lynas is worth exposing themselves to the contamination risks. As I see today, there are only pockets of few people protesting against the refinery which we all know will come to nought in 1Pahang, 1Malaysia.

donplaypuks said...

Bastard! If the radioactive project is unsafe, why should others who were doing safe business at Gebeng have to go?

Because of 1 man's arrogance and ego?

If it is so safe, let them set up the plant next to the MB's house or Sultan's Palace! The they can release the tailings "in the air" as stupidly suggested by an Atomic Energy Board spokesman.

Put up or shut up, you fake MB!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Lok Ming Xian said...

Anon Apr 22 4:29pm

Get yourself a copy of today's (22 April) Guang Ming Daily that has the headline report of the ill effects of rare earth, a true account from the victims:

telur dua said...

We should not get angry with a guy of such low IQ.

When challenged, people like him only knows how to sulk and threaten and becomes incoherent.

But when it comes to showing vulgar hand signs he has no equal.

bumi-non-malay said...

I am still Iban said...

Just visit my blog site and do the least you can anywhere...low level internet attack.....forward it to 10 people you know and ask those 10 to another 10.... I want to disrupt Malaysia UMNO-BN cronies until they are not only sacked but in Jail....

As for the folks at Gerbang.... I saw the script already....

1. small protest by Chinese Only (make it a race issues first). Send Malays thugs to try to provoke May 13 type scenerio...not knowing the after effect is a New Malaysia possibly without Sultan and Agong...

2. If #1 don't work and people of all race come to protest in "small" numbers..MB will hold talk while the other hand sign COMMISION CONTRACT.

3. Update Sultan & Son their % cut in this approval.

4. If people protest are too BIG to be Ignored...send FRU to disperse....

5. If protest continues daily...send SULTAN out to PRETEND to be on the People side and say "Unhappy he was not CONSULTED" on the matter...

6. People Disperse..thinking project put on hold but 6 months later start experiencing sickness, vomitting....18 months later child defect.....meanwhile MB & SUltan sailing and flying in 747...enjoying the high life...while you suffer daily.

7. 2 Years later Sham Royal Commission!

8. 4 years later company close shop and cabut, Royal Commission inconclusive evidence like Teoh Death........and the next project is Brogas....Burning of Waste to generate Electricity in a surburb near you and back to #1

Only solution is to Disrupt and Do Not be Obedient to Racism, Murderers, ISA and No freedom of Religion.....Make UMNO-BN yield to the Well Being of the people...

Fadilah said...

International Trade & Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed said this:

"We will never compromise the public interest in the handling of the Lynas issue. The health and safety of our people and the environment will continue to receive the highest priority in our deliberations in this regard.”

This is a slap to the face of MB Adnan Yaccob who earlier have said that the plant posed no risk. MB Adnan should resign now!

zorro said...

Charlie, I read Koon Yew Hin's piece in CPI. Three items to note:
1. your comment has no relation to this post.
2. It is not fair to accuse RPK of having sold out to Media Corp unless there is proof. TV3 made use of him and I fault him for giving the interview.
3. Why burden hantus when those specific allegations were consistently highlighted by them are directed at the authorities who should be giving us answers.

zorro said...

Saudara Iban, if you go into facebook and under Search seek out LYNAS and you will see groups mobilising. Most are organising themselves and the time will come when more concrete steps will be taken. Thank you for your commitment.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, Zorro is right. you are off topic. I would however, chip in with one to your list of questions : what has happened to the 2 police officers since their conviction? Were they sentenced to death and was the death sentence actually carried out? The MSM and people like Zorro were surprisingly quiet in the aftermath of the 2 police officers being found guilty and even now. Perhaps they walked out the back door of the prison and is living a life of luxury???

GobloKing said...

My dear Z! U are using very big words on very SMALL people like that MB.

Small words like "Moron" is so much easier for simians like him to understand.

And on that note: Does he have the demeanour of a gangster & does he resemble my favorite Bung or does Aunty need to check her eyes again?

& If I were his spinmeister, I would tell him to flip that bird again. That way we would be reminded that his mental age is actually 13 & not 60

looes74 said...

Auntie Gobloking,
Like what Mahathir said to George Soro nong nong time ago

malaysianatheart said...

Dear Zorro,

Yes Charlie's comment is not relevant to your post. However I think it is amazing that you and a few of our more prominent cyber warriors have been defeaningly silent about RPK's tryst with TV3. You must realize that all of you have voluntarily made yourselves "public property". We lesser mortals rely on you and all our cyber warriors for our daily dose of information, analysis, opinions and most importantly the strength and inspiration to keep the faith and fight on. We NEED TO KNOW that you guys are all still out there doing the right thing, fighting the good fight. Whether you like it or not - all of you now owe the rest of us a public duty and responsibility to come out and say it like it is. So all this crap about there being no proof on RPK etc .... please la bro ... then you tell us what we should make of it. Remaining silent and hoping the issue will go away does not make any of you look brilliant to the rest of us.

What have you HONESTLY got to say about it? Don't friggin sugar quote it so you don't hurt your friends - just give it to us straight!

Anonymous said...

Follow the link Lynas, Raub Australian Gold Mine and the dancing MP

Ken Loo said...

After the failed 'Ketuanan Melayu', now the '1 Bumiputra' is to be launch motivated by the racist Ibrahim Ali. The situation in Malaysia is becoming from good to bad to worst.

Where is the rukun negara which says 'Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju'? This is another topic being created as to eluding the real truth about the 'Unfaithful corrupted UMNO bad guys with their dirty and filthy doing that may further damage this beautiful country. People had enough is enough and want the change.

Mahathir disagrees with Perkasa, calling their 1Melayu, 1 Bumi Movement disastrous. I wonder how many Malaysians believe him since he also rejects Najib's 1Malaysia and propagates 'Ketuanan Melayu' We can call this another UNMO sandiwara if he does not prove his sincerity by resigning as patron of Perkasa.

UNMO plays the good guy while Perkasa and other UNMO-sponsored NGO's play the guy so that UNMO appears to be a moderate party to win over the support of the non-Malays. Using the same old and silly script to fool a new generation of educated and intelligent Malaysians?
No way, man.

Boliao said...

Will MCA President Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek dare to ask UMNO to direct its paper Utusan Malaysia to withdraw and apologise to all Malaysians for practicing a form of apartheid by inciting racial segregation and hatred in calling for 1Melayu, 1 Bumi movement?

Anonymous said...

i assured all kuantan folks that the lynas plant is safe n everything is ok - so dont protest , go back n sleep well. we are a responsible administration- we build the plant n give you jobsa n food ok n no protest as this is not a malaysian way or culture said the great 1

Anonymous said...

We have a real stupid Mafia MB and talks and behave like one.Not caring at all. He thinks he owns Pahang state. Typical UMNO character MB.Dump 2 trucks of waste in his compound for a start and see what happens. Bodoh!!

Anonymous said...

Reliably informed that reps of industries and factories around Gebeng have been summoned to Pahang MB's officed and told to urge their employees not to protest LYNAS with veiled threat about facoing certain sanctions and pressures on their operations there. Incredible? Not at all...very true

Anonymous said...

Have been reliably informrd that reps of industries and factories have been summoned to Pahang MB's office and ordered to urge their employees not to protest L or else face sanctions and other pressures on their operations there! Incredible you think?

chinxiang said...

Another good report on the effects of rare-earth hazards:

Anonymous said...

As a contractor myself, I think the BEST way is to get all the subcontractor in M'sia not to take on this job. If we can achieve this, that's no way this project will ever b completed.

Anonymous said...

EC is demonstrating utter contempt for free and fair elections by parroting lies by Barisan Nasional leaders to denigrate the DAP, without an iota of evidence

In the Utusan Malaysia column by Zulkifli Jalil "Kekang sentiment cauvinis" today, he quoted Deputy Commissioner of Election Commission (EC), Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar as having accused DAP of running a racist campaign in the recently concluded Sarawak elections.