Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A communiqué from LYNAS:

Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd, is a subsidiary of Lynas Corporation Ltd, a multi-national, public listed company registered with the Australian Stock Exchange (code LYC). Our primary focus is to develop and lead the growth of the global Rare Earths industry by creating a reliable, fully integrated supply from mine direct to our customers. To realize our vision to be the world leader in Rare Earths, we are now constructing Lynas Advance Materials Plant (LAMP) within the Gebeng Industrial Estate (GIE) in Kuantan, Pahang to process the ore from our mine in Mt Weld. Towards this end, we would like to invite applicants to join our lunatic dynamic team in this very exciting phase of carving Malaysia’s name to lead the growth in the Rare Earths industry.

“carving Malaysia’s name to lead the growth in the Rare Earths industry”

And some idiots in Kuantan convinced another clutch of idiots in PutraJaya to allow what the Australian and Chinese governments did not allow…..refining rare earth in their land. For money our idiots say SELAMAT DATANG!

You know what this means? It is akin to allowing your daughter to marry a full-blown AIDS suitor just for the money. If this is not idiotic, then it must be LUNACY in its full-blown glory!

And the latest:

Lynas said that the radioactive waste will be stored in its plant until it can identify together with the Atomic Energy Licensing Board a suitable waste disposal site.

How could the Department of Environment and the AELB accept such an unconvincing disposal approach?

DOE and AELB and all the other ABBREVIATION circus going around, we can solve the problem whilst you decision makers blow your minds looking for a rat-brain solution of a suitable waste disposal site! Dang, Kuantanites are as mad as a cut snake. They are telling Lynas, politely, to rack off! Take your technicolor yawn (vomit) back to Oz.

The people of Kuantan will purchase a plot next to the Menteri Besar’s residence, design and pay for the storage bunker. Should he be dislodged at the impending GE13, the new Government will send the whole shebang back to Mount Weld in WA.




I have been thinking that the Fart Chamber will still be maintained for minor offenders. For incorrigible, recalcitrant and clinically chronic offenders a radioactive storage dump might permanently cure these incurables!

As such I am appealing to the following to design one such receptacle as part of SERVICE TO THE NATION:

Reggie Lee,



Daniel YKL,

Benny Loh

Johnny Ong.

and any undiscovered talent….


And Art Harun and Donplaypuks will write up the rationale for this dump site.

Can yah?


I already have one candidate on the waiting list. He wrote this comment(in pathetic English too):

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,
My Sunday was ruined by you guys. You people cause massive traffic jams and I was caught in it. Next time, maybe you should do you protests or whatever after midnight when there are less traffic.

April 26, 2011 9:12 PM


Anonymous said...

Your idiotic article about idiots just shows what other people think of idiot Malaysians.

We crashed when the British left us. Pretender developed status cannot now be faked. The rotten fruits are now falling. Thanks to Malaysian politicians ( pirates of Malaya)

Anonymous said...

Look no more. Putrajaya is the best location for Lyna's dumpsite. Afterall there only donkeys living there and we can afford to have them contaminated with the radioactive waste material.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

You see, some goons in UMNO took the money from lynas and now have to cough out the factory site one way or another.

It will take a dumb international panel to judge that such a factory is safe ... common sense tells you that if that factory is safe, you will build it in your backyard (i.e. Australia) and not ship stuff to some country thousands of miles away.

We dumb Malaysians are still having this 4th world mentality that anything foreign is darn good for us ... even radioactive waste.

M.A.R said...

Why the idea of 1 Bumiputra has cropped up now i.e. after 50 odd years of independence? Why hasn’t years of political dominance of the Malays translate into economic power over the other Malaysian races? Do the Malays need another 50 odd years to be awakened to the realities that have them much poorer than their forefathers? I think it is already too late because 2020 is just around the corner. And even if the nation can achieve a develop nation status by that time; it has little meaning for the Malays. It is going to be the very few elite Malays that will be made rich, and I am not quite sure of the others.

My simple answer to the woes that is troubling the Malays today is in the weakness of the Malays themselves. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask this simple and direct question…………what’s wrong with me? The answer that you will get is also fairly simple and direct i.e. you have been spoon fed and relied on quick success without wanting to think of helping others of your kind. Malays are easily corrupt and there is too much of back stabbing.

ketuanan samseng said...

I have a simple question for the terrorists: have we stopped importing and manufacturing building materials and pipes that incorporate asbestos? Yes or no?

Saleem said...

"Utusan Malaysia accused DAP today of harbouring an agenda to incite racial hatred at a time when the Malays were split, even as the paper faces criticisms for propagating the controversial “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” movement."

A great example of the phrase "kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak nampak"

johnny ong said...

Pls check email for my sketch 2u.TQ. Johnny ong

Anonymous said...

Is UMNO and MCA saying that only a Malay can represent the Malays and only a Chinese can represent the Chinese? If that is what they are thinking then it is more reason to evict them out of Putrajaya.

Malaysians, regardless of race, should and can be represented by anybody regardless of race. MCA presence in BN has not meant a thing to the Chinese other than those connected.

Malaysia must move beyond race. Najib is a confuse man and he is his own antagonist to his 1Malaysia slogan.