Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ceremahs last night in Kuching, Miri and Sibu had an unprecedented and unexpected perfect start off the blocks .

As always, Penang’s Chief Minister and DAP’s Sec. Gen. inevitably a crowd-puller like his old man, was exuberantly thrilled by an enthusiastic and responsive audience of 5,000 normally unexpected especially on Day 1 of the campaign. The atmosphere at KUCHING’s Premier 101 Commercial Centre was explosive.

Over in MIRI organizers faced the double-standards often inflicted on opposition parties at ceremahs. They attempted to stop the rally on the grounds that DAP’s application for a public assembly had been revoked because SUPP was holding another function at a restaurant nearby. Ceremah organisers demand that the police act fairly and stop the SUPP function as well. After the police backed down, the rally proceeded smoothly and the audience increased to close to 2000 despite a slight drizzle. Teresa Kok remarked that campaigning 5 years ago in Miri, attracting a crowd of 200 was considered good. Of course the speakers played their role. Of course PKR VPs Nurul Izzah and Tian Chua, PAS Khalid Samad and DAP’s Anthony Loke and Gobind and former DAP Kuching MP Sim Kwang Yang spun their magic.

In SIBU, 2000 rally participants spilled over into the street as they attempted to follow speeches by Sarawak DAP chief Wong Ho Leng YB Kit Siang and the three Sibu calons. So elated was the DAP Supremo that he repeatedly tweeted that ceremah attendances at Kuching, Miri and Sibu was not only a good start for Pakatan Rakyat, but a record of sorts.

Local reporters also told Malaysiakini that the mood among the rally goers appeared to be more determined this time as compared to the 2006 state election.

I recalled Kit Siang making this remark during the press conference immediately after the morning’s Nomination exercise: 2006 paved the way for the 2010 Sibu Miracle. This 2011 Sarawak Elections could well predict the outcome of GE13. Maybe!





Liew Chin Tong

Ngeh Koo Ham

Teng Kok Liang


4 Candidates:

Alice Lau

Wong Ho Leng

David Wong

Yap Hoi Liong

Organisers are braced for the eventuality that the authorities will come up with some restrictions to prevent an expected large crowd.

The cabbie I took this morning talked about last night at the Oya Lane ceremah and urged me to attend the ceremah at Rajan Park tonight. I promised him I would.


donplaypuks said...

My hats off to you crusading lot. You're doing what I only think of. One day the nation will reward you for bringing about the Govt we want to power!

God bless you all.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

mob1900 said...

Nice turnout, looks exciting over there, keep the momentum going though it's long way to go!

Anonymous said...

any news abt PKR and PAS ceramahs?

Anonymous said...

dap will always be sinocentric party !words and promises utter by dap politicians are just as bad as the current government.

Eric said...

Dap have to start learning on how to be more inclusive right now ,try not just being " Chinese alternative party ".

They're not going to win solely on Chinese vote. It's only 16 or so but not more than 20 are Chinese majority area out of 71 in total.

Speaking-native speaking like Chiew Chin Sing in Kidurong and ex Batu Lintang Voon Lee San is a good example. They're embracing the right one - inclusiveness.

Just my worthless 2 cent

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting, Zorro. There seem to be a lack of updates unlike previous election. Where are all the political blocks?

The feeling on the ground is that this is going to be another tsunami probably on a higher Richter scale than the previous one. Taib may not be completely routed out but he's going to be spent force soon. As for SUPP, it's going to be grand send-off funeral for them. The possible spoiler could be Snap. They will not get many seats but a few to spoil Pakatan chances maybe. Or maybe not. Let's hope for the later.

telur dua said...

For a better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Quoted "dap will always be sinocentric party !words and promises utter by dap politicians are just as bad as the current government."

Sorry, we have PENANG to prove. What has BN got to prove. NOTHING except Lies, scandals, corruption and sex.

Anonymous said...

wah..all PR big guns are there................

Anonymous said...

Good news. But can you translate big crowd into votes?

Anonymous said...

my heart now fills with hope for the poor people of Sarawak.

the oppressed Dayaks, Melanaus, Chinese, Penans, you have hope now.

bumi-non-malay said...

Meanwhile Never Forget that the KILLERS of Bumiputera PENAN is Pendatang TAIB - UMNO-BN Racist corrupted Muslim MUNAFIK Leaders.

Like MACC those soldiers and police who did the Killing are roaming the streets as hired body guard....Now older and less where you walk every night.....we will do to one to send a message to the rest.....Like those interviewing MACC officer.... tough men can cry like baby like stress when your masters desert you like Plague. Having used up your Blood Money now try to show a soft and humble side......too late!! We take racist down and why no Perkasa and 3 Lines Goons in Sarawak......? Not home turf eh?? Cowards!!

Ejen Nora said...

Zorro keep up the good job.

You eed to reach out to the Sarawkians via their own bloggers.

Also it is a shame that that 1Malaysia NGO is making its round in Sarawak offering bribes.

TheWhisperer said...

Uncle B,

That surely sounds like the euphoria we all had in Penang during Tsunami 2008 when Gerakan dropped like ten pins into oblivion.

Please take good care of my mascot and do get one for Claire too..

6 for 20 on me tonight

Sharizat said...

I really pity the wife (sex slave)of Ibrahim Ali who has to satisfy his sexual needs 24/7 at his command.

Anonymous said...

Your posting has failed to mentioned other ceremahs (BN, SUPP etc) numbers etc.......

It may be good news for these major towns/cities for DAP.... but will it enough to win the election for PR??

Anonymous said...

May God bless this election, open the eye of the public, let us vote for the candidates with righteousness, not only suap for their crony, it's enough. Give us a change, turn around the situation from darkness to bright!

Anonymous said...

Yea, together let's make a change, turn the darkness to the bright!

Nonentity said...

Thank you, sir.My hope lies only in DAP. Without DAP,I would have migrated long.

Anonymous said...

The SUPP leadership must be damned sore to see the large crowd of audiences in the DAP rallies in Kuching, Sibu and Miri which were exactly the scenes of their bygone days fighting for independent Sarawak. Gone were the nostalgic memories and fast fading.