Monday, April 11, 2011


FOLLOWING ARE SOME ENCOURAGING RESPONSES FROM IS NAJIB COMING IN TO BUY SARAWAKIANS. If they mirror the mood of Sarawakians, Ubah’s mission is gaining momentum.

When you vote, vote for anyone other than Barisan Nasional. You are taking the 1st small step to change your children's future for the better. You owe them that!
small people can change the future. There's an African proverb ( I think) that goes something like this "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try the mosquito"

With over 50% of Sarawakians being Christians, imagine the scenario when the Saints come marching in! Yes, its time for the march by saints, angels, devas and all to mirror the spirits of the Sarawakians! Taib and his horde of shamans, witches, bomohs, will not be able to withstand the light of truth. Yes, let Sarawak join Tunisia, Egypt, Libya in overthrowing the tyrants.
May your God bless you all.


Clare and Peter can be assured that Sarawakians will not let them down. You are right that they have done more than anyone else in this fight against a corrupt regime.

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Anonymous said...

I am deeply disappointed with the daily ‘Analisis Sarawak’ report on Astro Awani (channel 501) as the panelists are clearly supporting BN. They should be providing objective report and analysis. Their views are so inclined towards BN. So I have stopped watching the program.

Anonymous said...


Is your friend Patrick Teoh currently under NTV7 probation such that he cannot niamah on his blog?

Anonymous said...

BN helicopter crashed at Sibu.
A very bad omen for BN indeed.

Najib please be careful of the helicopter you are taking. Brutusyidin is plotting something.

Anonymous said...

Lets start “Vote PR Into Putrajaya by Sarawak State….”"
To Majority of All Poor Sarawak People…Pls spread this good PR message and Responsible for yr dearest family , friends,colleagues and saudara2.
Now Pakatan Rakyat would like to Ask you All this Question to check yr heart .
“”Do you really reponsible for yr future survival in Malaysia for good and concern yr family generation livlihood of Fair Employment opportunity,Harmonious racial equality,and a Free democratic society ?? ..
or You still want to live under UMNO BN Oppressive Aggressive and Represive Ruling fist of the Malay Keris???
And BTW how much improvement in Ba kalalan, Niah Subuti,Miri- Pujut Piasau Senadin Lambir Sibu Kapit, Simanggang,Limbang ,Marudi ,Song and Kuching-Pending Batu Kawa Padungan,Batu Lintang if were to compare to Penang governed by PR -Pearl of the Orient today ??
Whats Najib 1 Malaysia Slogan concept??
We All Know >>Najib1 Malusia slogan indeed a Political Weapon for Umno Malay to remain in Power forever thus to fulfil their Aspiration of becoming RICH MILLIONAIRE with their MORONIC WAYs to rob smarter and silently from us Taxpayers>>By right all your income taxes money are meant for building more schools and universities instead for the Kelabit ,Chinese Iban ,Kayan Kenyah,Murut and Malay.. that you all togehter future will have Brighter Tommorrow.
Unfortunately All the Poor Sarawak People were cheated by PBB Taib and SUPP George Chan( they build their Private Unviersities to collect more incomes for themselves.
Today PR Must defence this ingenuity “”nonsense 1 Malaysia crap “” by looking at it thus create further disharmony and disunity among Malaysians of all races.
It should “”Malaysia Our Home Our Nation and Our Future””. Does1Malaysia add anything to support the constitution in declaring that this is a multiracial country where people are equal before the law, that they are free to practice religion of their choice, and that there is no discrimination based on race, as practised by NEP? 1Malaysia does nothing of that sort…So lets drop this Slogan message once for all.
Really Hope that you beleived >>1Malaysia ….therefore its a Not Genuine Message ….its a Faked Slogan for BN to gain more political support and its copied from other nation like Singapore ,Israel.

Look >See> Go to >>Singapore has have No Racial Discrimination in All Governtment Insttutions and can find all human races in every way ,Immigration officers Custom Officer ,Post Officer ,Military services, School teachers all well mixed in proportion….no racial biased.

bumi-non-malay said...

Pity....Malaysian who still thinks the local media whether Astro, Racist Television Malaysia, Radio would provideobjective analysis must be Living in A Fantasy world. Police, Election Commission, MACC(Murderous Action Creator CompanY), RELA, Judiciary, Agong/Sultan, Govenor...are all SCUMS that uses rakyat as SLAVES..

Time to have REVOLUTION and CHANGE.....Wake up to the Fact that UMNO-BN Racist will not Evolve to an Angel..... Their EVIL and Rot started to gather Momentum during Tun Dr. Genocide Penan Killer Mahathir Reign with Taib agreement.......

Everyday from now...just de-commission 10 police car and their impact to stop people from voting and to carry PHANTOM VOTES is reduced..

Actually I am suprise MCLM Diam aje...kena Con by SNAP now doing some soul searching?? Also Zaid Diam?? Also How come Melayu DIAM also as to how Sultan of Kelantan Can Derhaka Bapa and steal this the Budaya UMNO-BN no need change and can Transform >>> FOR the WORST.

When Figure Head like Defender of Islam in Kelantan can Transform and Derhaka Bapak and Rakyat Melayu Diam2......we then need a LORD CROMWELL in the form of SARAWAK to Set Malaysia on the PATH of PEOPLE IS BOSS!! Elected to Serve People, King to Serve People, Govenor to serve people.....Police/macc to serve People...and not MURDER under UMNO Orders!! AYUH...turun Padang!!

zorro said...

Anon325pm....he is OK and he explained his silence.That reminds me i mean to ask Patrick to do a piece for me for the Sarawak elections.

francess raymundo said...

If Justice is for All in Barisan N. and other political parties -with the Malaysian Bar- support excellence, glory, and distinction, how come this simple legal rut shows a 23 year old Malaysian Youth facing death penalty with zero to none probability of being granted the charitable gift of wise judgment: case dismissed because of the following logical conjunctions:

1. The Malaysian boy's representative lawyer obviously has no excellence in him; he did not approach the legal rut of a Youth in a scientific manner because the boy's very small problem is simply drug-related.

2. The boy's lawyers owes it to Allah to give his very best as a representative of the entire body of lawyers who believe in what the Malaysian bar stands for. The Malaysian boy is Malaysian and he is not governed by the laws of Singapore because he is not granted citizenship when he enters Singapore, he is given a social pass. A social pass if given to audible speech would say, " You are allowed to enter."; it does not scream and roar, " You are now a Singaporean for at the very least a month."


francess raymundo said...

3. Am I the only person who sees why every detail matters when a life is at stake for the sake of retaining the purity of the word / penalize/ and the compound word /capital punishment/ ? There is no case against the Malaysian boy. The boy's lawyer should simply declare, ' This boy is Malaysian and he is governed by our laws because he is not a Singaporean. Matter of fact, Singapore had no right to put him to the test of legal trial , legal investigation, and a consequent judgment that might as well negate Malaysia's socio-political, economic, and diplomatic relations with Singapore, completely. The boy is Malaysian. He belongs to Malaysia. It is for Malaysia's lawyers and judges to decide what is to become of this boy because he is not Singaporean. I can accurately bet a laut, the word laut (mind you!)
that the boy's lawyer did not beg the question of, " Seeing the world by visiting Singapore is strictly prohibited in the Koran" and I can accurately bet another word (mind you! ) Ais, that the boy's lawyer did not argue the essential merit to be found in ' Ice will suffice'. Why ice? Where is the poetry in the logic of Malaysian laws as a language that exists for the purpose of defending and of saving lives? Robert Frost. Hatred is what a person can perceive in this idiotic legal rut. Poor Malaysian boy, 23 years young. Who hates who? Is it Malaysia that hates Singapore or is it Singapore who hates Malaysia or is it Malaysia that hates Malaysia. Dante cannot speak to and speak with Dante. Dante who? Dante Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell are states of minds. The boy visits Singapore and is raised poorly with little education. For the sake of the many years where Malaysia has been constantly forging socio-political, economic, and diplomatic relations -as allied economies- with Singapore vis-a-vis the trade winds laws, how does a person suppose that Singaporean government cannot and will not consider logic, religion, charity, and ya, economic stock knowledge that belongs in Asian History?

4. Return the boy to Malaysia because Singapore had no right to terrorize a mere visitor who made a very small blunder or Singapore has to come to terms with the possibility of Malaysia declaring Singapore as "Hell has no Fury as a Kingdom scorned" enemy territory. Truth is beauty. There is no truth more beautiful than the beautiful truth that the Malaysian boy is not Singaporean and should have been returned to Malaysia on the same day that the boy was 'caught' with something contraband - a drug-related case, lacking in detail, should ask all Singaporeans to answer what to them is a drug: something that you need in order to live, in order to heal, in order to preserve life, is what a drug is. What is not clear in it is for Malaysia to decide what to do with the boy who got caught in so very little mischief, too little to be considered as absolute mischief.

~salam ingatan lagi

re: Singapore's highest court on Monday affirmed a death sentence imposed on a 23 years old Malaysian youth convicted of drug trafficking, which could pave the way for his execution by hanging.

Anonymous said...