Monday, April 11, 2011


Good attendance at Pakatan ceramah is encouraging and it gives a sense that people are listening and want to and willing to listen. Essentially the “feel good” feel helps.

This is the 17 elections I have covered and I would like to volunteer an observation…. maybe make a stand, why not!


The electorate come to your ceremahs. They come with their umbrellas. Some come with their own plastic stools to sit out the 3-4 hours of speeches. This can be taxing. They made the effort to COME TO YOU. Reciprocate by GOING DOWN TO THEM. SHOW THEM THAT YOU CARE. They have been listening to you….it is your turn to give them your EARS.

Husting and Stumping, aka ceremahs affords only a one-way communication. When you go down to the people, you go to where they live, know the conditions they live under, and the environment shaping their day to day living. That is real and feedback is firsthand. I am saying that in between going to the hustings….candidates should do walk-abouts at least twice a day. That is one way you send the message to your voters, (some of whom have not made up their minds,) that you appreciate the effort they made coming out at night for ceremahs and your visits to them is to reciprocate their spending time with you during your ceremahs. Nothing like “pressing flesh” and being able to listen to them in their surroundings.

Just my thoughts……if it is of any worth.




Anonymous said...

You are dead right, and the opposition candidates better do it before it's too late.

Jong said...

HahaHa! In defiance, Taib now tells it straight to Najib's face - that he has no intention to quit now, only in a few years' time!
This is as good as telling the Prime Minister: "Go fly kite, I'll do it at my own pace!" shot of declaring war, no?

Anonymous said...

Bernard Artic here have been supporting from finland, well there is something very interesting which my wife brought up, Does Taib wife have a Malaysian / sarawakian id, if so what? Is it an automatic citizenship, try to find out, because irrespective of whoever you are the spouse visa has to follow procedure. Hit taib on his lebabese wife, is she an automatic bumiputra whereas the penans cannot even get I.C.
Mondiah you met in old skool

zorro said...

Hi Arctic mundiah....yes we last met and you have been missing from this comment box far too long!

A capital observation from Mrs Arctic in Finland. You bet i will stir the necessary shit. the Mrs. please.

najib manaukau said...

That is why they are politicians from Malaysia !

pinsysu said...


Jong said...

Najib conveniently rides on Pakatan's call for Taib to leave the political scene - all for his own self interest!
But never play play with Pek Moh. "Jangan kurang ajar" - that was the message and he minces no words that he won't tolerate any intrusion from Najib and his thugs.

He says he will go at his own convenience, in his own pace and not at their command, but by the Sarawak people to vote him out.
Fair enough, but will they? Will YOU do it, Sarawakians?

He knows there’ll be trouble if he goes and double if he doesn’t!
We also know it's not only Taib who has to leave but the whole Najib government must also GO.
Prime Minister Najib must take full responsibility for the loss of public funds and the BIG mess BN has created in recent years, with many conveiently remain unresolved, and to name a few....

PKFZ corruption

French scorpene Submarine deals at Ministry of Defence worth US$1.2b

Gruesome murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu by C4 explosives

MACC "sudden deaths"
- dap's Teoh Beng Hock and
Customs Officer Ahmad Sarbani.

Police brutality - deaths whilst in detention.
Uncontrolled influx of foreign/sex workers in country
Abuse of power and blatant corruption by BN politicians and top BN civil servants!

54/47 years - this UMNO-led BN government has practically destroyed Malaysia.
It has to go or be sent into oblivion forever!

One Sarawakian blogger sent me this, sharing…

Anonymous said...

Historian Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi has accused Datin Paduka Professor Dr Ramlah Adam of contradicting herself in asserting that the current history textbooks were “well-balanced” and for belittling the contribution of non-Malays.

We all know that our Sejarah has been altered in the SPM syllabus to suit the ketuanan concepts of BN.

Blame our Education Minister (DPM) who has failed miserably in this matter besides Interlok.

Anonymous said...

Good advice from Zorro.

By the way, can you keep us posted on the dirty tactics by BN in their desperate move?

passion1 said...

Uncle Zorro, it would be unfortunate if the opposition could not win 2/3 this time.
Why didn't they take pro-active actions after Sibu win?
They should have known better that the difficult areas are in the rural long houses.
I have heard from Sarawak friends that the inland people cannot read or write,so they vote by recognizing the symbol of BN 'Dacing'.
In fact they only know of ONE symbol.
How sad.