Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I remember following YB Kit Siang to this Sanyan Building on the night of 16 May 2010 to query over the delay in polling results. Postal votes were holding up the results as late as 9:30pm. I witnessed a fracas created by an overly aggressive Returning Officer. Postal vote returns are always the first results to be announced because Postal voting is executed days ahead of the official polling day. HERE They were stalling the results, hoping for some BN black magic. Realizing that it was futile getting anything from these cheats, an 8 car convoy headed for the official counting centre to await the final results. An angry crowd of some 3000 Sibuan were waiting in a slight drizzle. RTM announced the results even before an official announcement was made by the counting centre. It was a night of shame for BN machinery who tried the everything to steal the results from the Sibu electorate.



What can these ladies be doing in the staircase of Sanyan Building. What is that schoolgirl still in uniform learning from her mother? That thin looking man looks pimpy sneaky. He wanted to snatch Hantu’s cell phone. Hantu’s size frightened him off and he heads back into his rat-hole. Scene on the sinister staircase shows envelops being exchanged. What really is happening? A few floors in Sanyan Building are occupied by the Sibu Municipal Council and doubles as the Postal Votes counting centre. It has spacious offices. So why is this man doing with a group of ladies along a staircase. Wait until husbands watch this YouTube. The children of this thin sneak will have questions for their father. Meantime what will be will be…..after a police report is lodged.


845pm: received this from one of the ladies in the video: "I am a teacher and I am traumatized that I was caught on video". Mam, WTF were you doing on the stairway. During my time we teachers in the National Union of Teachers went on strike against the government in 1967. Sleep well tonight....tomorrow you students will be full of questions.


Anonymous said...

No surprise people from BN claiming islamic nation is cheating and lying to win through postal votes.

Anonymous said...

Are they selling their souls? They are really disgusting!!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, maybe that fella is really a pimp directing/deciding for his ayams who to X for. Ayams don't dare to decide mah otherwise they don't get paid for services rendered.

Jong said...

What could those ladies be doing with that pimpy slimy squit that they had to be so bloody kuaisi-kuaisi?

Was he was paying for something he desperately needs and they?
Hohoho, you won't want to know what I'm thinking right now, it's definitely not nice!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why the UMNOputras dare call the MCA and GERAKAN Chinese as pimps ever ready to sell their womenfolk for a few (is it millions) ringgit and a Latuk title thrown in for good measure.

When you have Chu Soil Leg campainging for the Satan Pek Moh together with his Tuans from BN, what message does that send?

Anything and everything for a few million and or for a Latuk, Tan Silly or even a Toon.

Not enough they have bartered away the rights and privileges of the Chinese to the UMNOputras in Peninsular Malaysia and now they are persuading the Sarawakians especially the Chinese to sell their soul to the rapist, murderers and pirates.

Expose all these scumbags and shame them.

Anonymous said...


Yes, exposed these traitors and let their husbands/students/children see how despicable their wives/teachers/mothers really are. Selling their votes for money, how low can these women go.

But what about the thin specky guy? Surely there must be someone who can accurately identify who the specky pimp is. Expose him too.

elizabeth said...

My heart aches to see, what BN has done to reduce good decent people to such a state. I am not sure if these ladies gave up their ballot for the sake of money, maybe it is more to do with fear... Oh God, we must put this evil regime to an end, before Malaysians lose our dignity. And to the lady in the video, maybe you feel traumatised now, but I hope the emotion you feel is that of remorse. You may redeem yourself, by becoming a whistle blower. You will be protected by the whistle blower act. Your employer cannot transfer you to god forsaken place, simply because you squeal on them. The Malaysian civil society will give your employer no rest, if they do that...

Anonymous said...

My sources told me that SUPP is getting desperate. They are defacing their own posters to blame DAP, and cried on TV to gain sympathy vote.

Sarawakians should not fall for this trap!

Anonymous said...

Speaking from a neutral point of view, I don't see anything in this video. First of all, it is not clear. Secondly, there is no solid evidence that they are doing something illegal. Thirdly, I would have imagine, even an innocent person would avoid the camera if suddenly a stranger point the camera at him/her. All in all, let us be more objective when it comes to news given. As for the coming election, vote wisely. We have heard of the many hidden news. Make your choice, but let's do justice to the video. U really think that is evidence?

Anonymous said...

Hello anon 3.20 either you are too stupid or you must be blind. Ask you a simple question, why did they disperse so desperatly. WHy were they so scared and guilty, was a pedophile ring, the school child was being sold? SOmetimes if so stupid, don't open mouthlah that way nobody know you bodoh bin banggang mah, chee sin.

zorro said...

Anon645pm....thanks for response to Anon320. I normally don't response to such comments as they are shallow and lack credibility and understanding of the situation.Thanks again.