Saturday, April 23, 2011


IT IS A WEEK TO THE DAY OF THE SARAWAK ELECTIONS. About 45% of the less than one million Sarawakian voters voted for the opposition. The well-meaning pundits had their say. Problems were highlighted and SOLUTIONS were volunteered, some doable, some scholarly donnish. Solutions for a problem can be plucked from anywhere if the CAUSE of the problem is not identified, scrutinized and dissected into probable cause or most likely cause. Working from ground zero in Sibu and communicating with the others in Kuching and Miri it is beyond a doubt that the negation of a two-third majority by Pakatan Rakyat was solely because the ELECTION COMMISSION BLATANTLY STOLE THE ELECTIONS FOR TAIB AND THEIR MASTER, THE BN. I do not need to go into details of what I wrote about in my 12 day sojourn in Sibu – the sudden increase of postal votes, stairway dealings, blackouts in postal votes counting centres, refusal of a recount, money bags and blatant bribing of Tuai Rumahs (HERE) …..and the EC with their army of rabid rats are of course instructed and trained to be oblivious of these sinful acts.

Police reports of these daylight transgressions have been made but we already know how our kangaroo judges will hop-along masturbating away their integrity kow-towing to their slave-master.

We know BN will cheat big time with their array of ammunition and weapons at their disposal – chief of which is their whoring Election Commission. So it is the EC that is our numero uno ENEMY. Cripple the EC I say. Shame them! You and I and BERSIH 2.0 must do this. Bersih 2.0 is our best ally.

Hunker down into the bunkers and plan this assault. Cripple and CASTRATE the EC and you have a headless bleeding BN flapping about in death throes. It is time for Bersih 2.0 to mobilize People Power. Nip off whatever is left of the little pricks of the Eunuchs.



Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I read on Marina's blog that a certain software can be used to monitor elections.

Pls go to the URL below and I have cut-and-pasted the appropriate paragraph below.

Pls have a read... Thanks.

Another interesting presentation was by David Kobia, one of the founders of an internet platform called Ushahidi, which uses crowdsourcing to gather information. Ushahidi was begun to monitor the elections in Kenya and now it has been used to do the same in many countries as well as for disaster relief work, for example in Haiti, Queensland and Japan. In Egypt, it has been used to develop a map to monitor cases of street sexual harassment. (I have been wondering if anyone used Ushahidi in the Sarawak elections. If not, this is something that Bersih 2.0 should consider for the next GE.)

zorro said...

Yes I did read Marin's piece in her blog whilst in Sibu on 16 April.For sure Bersih would be looking into ushahidi. Thanks.

zorro said...

SHOULD rather than Would.

najib manaukau said...

After 53 years of deceit sure Umno has learned to become big time in cheating and corruption nothing else.
The children famous for being the by products of incest relationship is the cause for the country to remain in the third world and most of all about to go bankrupt !
Go borrow some more to cover for the huge deficit ,typical of what you are and join Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh just to name a few Asian countries. You all have two things in common.
Corruption and the faith you believe in . I wonder why ?

sct said...

Was it only last Saturday we had the Sarawak State Election? It seems so long ago.
Truly, like Harold Wilson said, "A week is a long time in politics."

Anonymous said...

"CASTRATE the EC and you have a headless bleeding BN flapping about in death throes."

- if its Castrate, then it would be DICKLESS bleeding BN. Perhaps we might want to behead the EC - err.. it's headless anyway.


Malaysian said...

Castrate the BN Eunuchs? That's just being kind!

I guess many of us who can only watch the campaigns and election from afar was flabbergasted, outraged and infuriated at the way those eunuchs dashed the hopes, spirit and aspirations of many Sarawakians who wanted UBAH!!!

But then, how to cripple the EC when they have their master to protect them?

Anonymous said...

Bersih 1 was the percusor to Pakatan's tsunami Mar 2008. Yes, Bersih 2 shud start today ! Plse make it happen

Anonymous said...

ec alredy said. EC is to ensure UMNO to remain in power. what else will EC not to do.

Anonymous said...


Bersih 2.0 make sense but with nuts like RPK who thinks he can handle anything under the sun, it's damn frustrating.

He screwed up not because of what he said in his interview with TV3. He may well know how to play with words during the interview. He screwed up because he actually gave the interview with TV3. We all know TV3 is not in any way a "Media" organisation (by any definition) but a propagande machine of Barisan. They will use every technology and paid the best evil brains (e.g. XXCO) to manipulate the interview and use it to Barisan's benefit. How naive can RPK be!!!

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you. The people need to take to the street to show their discontent with the EC. EC is a shameless Umno stooge and has little credibility left. There were numerous examples of blatant cheating in the Sarawak election and the EC was in the thick of it. Besih should take the initiative and lead the way. Do it simultaneously in all ley locations. Sarawakians will be with you on this one.

Arif said...

Zorro can now go to Bangkok (via AirAsia?) to meet your sifu RPK. said...

Najib’s “meek stance” was unacceptable as the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement was clearly an affront to his 1 Malaysia policy, which calls for inclusiveness among all races. It is tantamount to an open slap in the face of the prime minister’s signature concept.

If any Chinese daily had suggested a “1Chinese” campaign, it would have been shut down immediately and its editor slapped with a sedition charge.

If the Cabinet is silent on Utusan Malaysia’s ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’, it could only mean that Najib’s 1 Malaysia policy is sheer hypocrisy and chicanery costing Malaysian taxpayers RM70 million for APCO to package it as the greatest gift by Najib to Malaysians.

ketuanan samseng said...

Barisan Neraka = Bengkrapsi Negara

Anonymous said...

It looks like Najib is turning to be a lame-duck PM. Abdul Taib Mahmud is supreme in Sarawak and Najib can’t shake him. His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is 1Melayu first and Utusan can just spew racist utterances daily without any fear of repercussion. 1Malaysia, my foot, its all talk and talk only PM.
Seems that Umno has a large say in what Utusan publishes. But it does look increasingly obvious that the PM is not always able to control his soldiers, including his deputy. One of the reasons he just “dudok diam diam” on all these racialistic huha by his men is he fears he will lose the support of the ultra-Malays, many of whom are staunch supporters of Umno.
And now he introduced the 1Malaysia email, only to quickly claim that it is a private venture. The educated can see through this – we know we’re going to pay for it, we’re just not sure how.

Anonymous said...


if you are in the mood to castrate, then go castrate that traitor, Raja Petra. Fucker is full of cock and bull. Talk cock only ... phooooi

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprise that 1Melayu, 1Bumiputra and 1 Malaysia are all the same. Najib's 1Malaysia can always be interpreted as Malay special rights, Malay rules and everything that the bigots are screaming about. Did you not realise that Najib has been vague about what 1 Malaysia is even until now. He has NEVER explain in any detail what 1 MAlaysia means.

SetiaSelalu said...

There is no doubt there has been 'well managed and hidden FRAUD esp in the postal votes' in the recent Sarawak Elections.
The THIEF Minister ,yes THIEF Minister cum Finance-me and family Minister Taib Mahmud STOLE again-this time the wishes of the People of Sarawak for a CHANGE in Govt.
The THIEF Minister is now an illegitmate CM but legitimate THIEF!.
Sarawak people,we salute you for voting in more opposition-its a good start for the future of our children & generation to come !.
We all need to speak out and do our part,however small to ensure
that our Country belong to the Rakyat and not to umnoputras, Umnoputras,Mcaputras,Micputras,
Bnputras only.
Say NO to Corruption,Postal Votes Cheating, Racism, Injustice !

zorro said...

Arif, I know you tried to make me laugh. I tried my best to laugh but instead broke wind...farted, that is. Thanks get back to your village who missed their village clown/idiot.

zorro said...

Anon445pm...castration and amputation is for those who steal. I don't remember Pete stealing anything...and I believe there must be four witnesses to his ascribed crime. Be patient lah....don't cast the first stone.Read Haris' account of what transpired:
or click People's Parliament on my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

yes, we walk again. i will show up. i am no longer a coward. walk - that's the least i could do.

being it on, u umno mofos....


Anonymous said...

There is a sign of real desperation on the part of BN and their cohorts aka Utusan & Perkasa. They have to resort to inflame things so that they could have their own way.

Awang Selamat of Utusan is merely trying to insult the intelligence of all Malaysians. Lim Guan Eng is doing a good job in Penang and this is the REAL nightmare to you not the racial politics you are fantasizing about.

What is happening in the Middle East is really worrying people like you, Ibrahim Ali and the so called Dr.M who must be worried sick. The end is just around the corner and I suggest you look for bolt hole to escape as you are so irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek labelled as crazy by his own MCA Branch in Penang: - urban voters in Sarawak voted for PR and DAP not on race but because they wanted good governance, an end to widespread corruption and Taib Mahmud's misrule

Urban voters in Sarawak voted for PR and DAP not on race but because they wanted good governance, an end to widespread corruption and Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's misrule. DAP would not have won the four seats of Kidurong, Meradong, Batu Kawah and Dudong without strong Iban support as these seats have either slightly more than 50% of Chinese voters or even slightly more than 50% of Iban voters.

Awie said...

Malaysians seem to be possessed by an insatiable curiosity about what happens in other people’s bedrooms.

Malaysian also seem to be possessed by an insatiable curiosity about what happens in other people’s toilet? Then got more shit evidence and shit DNA to prove along with i bra him’s another 3 Big shits.When will be the day the government can put all the priority issues above all this trivial, political conspiration and shit till lau sai more issues??

We must‘Change The Government’… Otherwise our beloved canland will be so perfect for international sex industry filming hub.

Sinar Jati said...

BN has transformed Zaid into an anti-DAP tool.

Voters are in no mood to gamble on any third party (other than BN or Pakatan) as proven in the Sarawak elections where Snap was totally decimated.

MCLM will meet with the same fate should it decide to contest as a spoiler and split the votes. Voters are now very smart. If MCLM is sincere to change the government, then it should wait for the next round.

Same goes for Kita and Parti Cinta Malaysia.

What say you, Zorro?

Ti Kiat said...



Anonymous said...

DAP, Don’t be hasty and let success go to your head. Please put in “EXTRA” effort “now” on the seats you have just won, starting from one week ago until the next GE. The people of Sarawak will know what to do then, but before that you have to prove yourself worthy first !!!

Your efforts whether poor or good will travel by “Word of mouth” and this is more believable than mere slogans like “DAP eying more Dayak seats”. Show us your goods and we will buy them ; provided they are good. If you sell rotten goods, you can bet that come the next GE, you will be scorned and what you have won will all be lost. Pride cometh before a fall…

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

In a deck of playing cards there are jokers. Value of jokers varies.
Perkasa is one of the joker.(of course there are invisible jokers in the guise of palaces ,judiciary and police)
Should PR manages to defeat umno in the coming 13th G.E.
This is where the jokers will "helps" umno.
Instilling the May13th fear and using religion as their main core weapons.
3 out of the 4 jokers stole Perak under voters noses.

Anonymous said...

After reading Arif's comment, I am not sure as to why or how he deserved to be called a village clown or an idiot. Perhaps I am missing something there. I see not harm in Arif's comment, perhaps some sarcasm here. Even that, one does not deserved to be called an idiot, right? Perhaps Arif's welcome here is long over due. In that case, then why bother to approve his posting? Why not ban him all together once and for all? As I can see is that this site is only for those who toll the line and must all agreed to whatever topics is posted (yes man! no man, correct man!), or else you will be an outcast. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression without fear or reprisal? Isn't that we are all trying to achieve, instead of reading those name calling craps?

Well, I have been called a moron here before, I am proud of speaking my mind. Just because you do not agreed to my opinion, can I called you a moron instead? Hmmm.... better go back to my collection...ahhhh, banknotes, you are so beautiful, and you never talk bad about me. You never called me moron either and I love you so much money... money in the poor man's world.

If you can dish it out, take is back as a man!


Anonymous said...

Anon. 11:02

DAP put in EXTRA effort? May I ask, how much money will you be contributing to assisting them to achieve this? RM100, RM10,000 or perhaps millions? Are you saying that should they do nothing, are you going to vote BN at the next election? What has BN representative been doing to benefit you apart from building up their own retirement funds?

Even if DAP/PR do nothing, bring no development to my own hometown, I will still give them my vote. That is because, as an opposition party, there is very little they can do, apart from raising issues that concern the people.


Anonymous said...

Khun Pana

Joker or no joker, let's hope that PR regains Perak, my home State at the next election. It would be interesting to see how the voting trends go this time. Whether the voters have short term memory, time will tell. For one, if that Hee (ex DAP) is starting for re election (that would be a very brave move), the bookies should have odds on her as to how many votes she will get this time!


Anonymous said...

UMNO is pressing the panic button. They are now trying very hard to win Malays votes by all means and saying that the Chinese is abandoning BN. The urban Malays are not naive and are very discerning. Why are so many Malays are not supporting UMNO? UMNO should know the reason by now. CORRUPTION AT HIGH PLACES. The poor Malays have lost billions since Merdeka.

Walafiat said...

Quote of the day:

"Whatever needs to be exposed, we will expose, whatever we need not expose, we will not expose."

Anonymous said...

Monday, 01 August 2011 09:00

GE-13: Only one chance to vote out BN

Written by Kenny Gan, Malaysia Chronicle